Review Price Specs of 2018 Kawasaki Z900 ABS Heavy Bike

2018 Kawasaki Z900 ABS Heavy Bike

The Kawasaki brand is one of the leading sports bike brands that manufacture the best sports motorcycle of all time. Its 2018 Kawasaki Z900 ABS Heavy Bike has won the heart of the number of riders. The rider can feel the power when he twists of the throttle, and he is rewarded with crispy and exhilarating acceleration with an ultra-lightweight chassis. The heavy bike is designed primarily to achieve maximum riding pleasure with an excellent balance of power and handling.

The Kawasaki Z900 ABS provides an outstanding super naked like performance that rider loves the most. Its powerful engine matches the distinctive Sugomi-inspired styling that makes this legendary 900 cc class machine the best performing bike of all times. The full review of Z900 ABS with its price and specifications are given below.

2018 Kawasaki Z900 ABS Heavy Bike – Features and Price

Engine Features

The 2018 Z900 ABS features a quiet and impressively powerful 948cc, 4-valve, liquid-cooled, DOHC cylinder engine. It provides smooth and linear power delivery offering an easy to control power supply, plus it contributes to ultimate rider comfort and confidence. The new die-cast cylinder block is exceptionally riding, featuring an open deck design that helps in saving weights. The pistons are formed by using the same casting process, which was used in Kawasaki Ninja H2 and Kawasaki Ninja H2 R. The process develops the hollow areas to achieve idealized thickness for reduced weight without sacrificing strength.

2018 Kawasaki Z900 ABS Heavy Bike

The engine features a new digital fuel injection that comprises up of the 36 mm of throttle bodies that gives a typical mid-range response. The sub-throttle valves are located behind the main throttle valves, and EC U controls them. So, the EFI has smoother and sensitive throttle response. The use of lightweight crankshaft design augments the engine’s quick-revving character. There is a secondary engine balancer that eliminates the excess vibration, although a desirable amount is left in that add in the overall bike’s character and acceleration feeling. The connecting passageways between the cylinders help in reducing the pumping loss, plus it improves the high-rpm performance.

There is the downdraft intake design that offers the best fuel mixture with the straightest and shortest path to the combustion chamber for better performance. Furthermore, intake valves of 29 mm and exhaust valves of 24 mm complement the port designs, plus it boosts the hard-hitting mid-range to high-rpm power feeling. The 35 mm of exhaust headers are tuned for top-end performance while lowering exhaust noise level at idle. The short gear ratios for first through fifth gears offer stronger acceleration in the mid-range. The sixth gear is an overdrive gear to ensure more relaxed highway cruising.

Chassis Features

The Kawasaki Z900 ABS features a lightweight and highly attractive frame that weighs only 30 pounds, and it contributes significantly to the bike’s light, agile handling. The frame components follow an ideal pipeline so that the edges of the frame are as straight as possible. When the bends were necessary, their angle was kept smaller, which results in an efficient design that disperses stress extremely well. There is the five-point rigidly-fixed engine, which is the stressed member that contributes significantly to weight saving. The twin-tube rear frame section provides in the low seat height and an easy reach to the ground while minimizing vibration being transferred through the seat.

There is a fully inverted front fork of 41 mm that features step-less rebound damping while the spring preload adjustability in the left fork tube. The linkage is placed on the top of the swingarm to achieve better mass centralization, plus it makes room for an exhaust pre-chamber. The lay-down shock absorber is further away from the exhaust so that its operation will not be affected by exhaust heat. The shock has adjustable preload and rebounds damping. An extruded aluminum swingarm is lightweight and rigid, while the suspension settings offer both sporty performance and comfort.

2018 Kawasaki Z900 ABS Heavy Bike

Dual opposed piston calipers clamp the new 300 mm dual front petal discs and 250 mm of rear petal disc with resin brake pads that deliver ample braking power. The linear brake touch facilitates control for riders of all skill levels. The ABS helps in preventing the wheel lock-up during sudden over-application of the brakes or braking on low-grip or slippery surfaces for an added degree of braking performance. The five-spoke star-pattern wheels are incredibly light in weight and have high rigidity that benefits handling. The silica-blend Dunlop D214 Sportmax tires give both enhanced wet-weather performance and increased tire life.


The 2018 Z900 ABS features an aggressive Z-styling, which is inspired by the sugomi styling concept. It describes an intense aura or energy given off by the person or object of greatness. An elegant bodywork was flowing from head to tail, giving minimalist coverage in the engine area. The headlight cowl and the meter visor help in slimmer and flowing lines from the top of the elegantly designed fuel tank for an aggressive appearance. The resin fuel tank cap does not contain any visible bolts for a cleaner look. The LED taillight lights up in the Z shape giving an eye-catching view better than 2017 Kawasaki Z900 ABS.

2018 Kawasaki Z900 ABS Heavy Bike – Price

The Kawasaki Z900 ABS is available in $8,799, while the Non-ABS is available in $8,399 only.

2018 Kawasaki Z900 ABS Heavy Bike

2018 Kawasaki Z900 ABS Heavy Bike – Technical Specifications


Engine 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 16-valve
Displacement 948 cc
Compression ratio 11.8:1
Bore x Stroke 73.4mm x 56mm
Fuel System DFI® including 36 mm Keihin throttle bodies
Final Drive Sealed chain
Ignition TCBI with an electronic advance
Transmission Six speeds with return shift

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2018 Kawasaki Z900 ABS Heavy Bike Specs


Front Suspension / Wheel Travel Inverted fork of 41 mm containing the spring preload and rebound damping adjustability/ 4.7-inch
Rear Suspension / Wheel Travel Horizontal back-link, step-less rebound damping, adjustable spring preload/ 5.5-inch
Tire/ Front 120/ 70 ZR-17 Dunlop Sportmax D 214F Z
Brake/ Front Dual petal-type rotors of 300 mm having four-piston calipers with ABS
Tire/ Rear 180/ 55 ZR-17 Dunlop Sportmax D 214 Z
Brake/ Rear The solo-petal-type rotor of 250 mm having single-piston caliper with ABS

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2018 Kawasaki Z900 ABS Heavy Bike Specs


Frame Type Trellis with high tensile steel
Rake/Trail 24.5-degree/ 4.1 inches
Overall Length 81.3-inch
Overall Width 32.5-inch
Overall Height 41.9-inch
Ground Clearance 5.1-inch
Seat Height 31.3-inch
Curb Weight 463.1 lb
Fuel Capacity 4.5 gallons
Wheelbase 57.1-inch
Color Options Pearl Mystic Gray/ Metallic Flat Spark Black, Candy Persimmon Red/Metallic Spark Black, Flat Ebony/Metallic Spark Black
Warranty 12 Months Limited Warranty
Kawasaki Protection Plus™ (optional) 12, 24, 36 or 48-month

You may need the safety gears during ride.

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2018 Kawasaki Z900 ABS Heavy Bike

Ending Remarks

The 2018 Kawasaki Z900 ABS Heavy Bike is an impressive sports bike in the eye of Bikes Catalog. This sports bike is not only high performing, but it gives a remarkable performance of all times. The engine delivers a massive amount of acceleration and torque under all conditions. The chassis is lightweight and extremely attractive, offering the superb riding pleasure of all times. The suspension and braking performance are extremely well that gives greater riding pleasure of all times.

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