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2014 CVO Breakout Review

Here is the review of the year 2014 for the CVO breakout for Harley Davidson. Smashed and sliced fashion goes first-class in the 2014 CVO Breakout. The only thing low about it is its outline from dazzling facts and finishes to strapping supremacy. All the excellence, worth, value, significance and the quality are the heritage of Harley-Davidson. The traditional and practice along with the presentation that resides inside the Harley-Davidson make a distinction when compared with other bikes. And for that they hold a little self-importance. On only one custom machine you will find an engineering gale along with the style and fashion.  It’s especially manufactured for the road enthusiast not just for anyone. The long and low Breakout is the most up-to-date member of Harley-Davidson’s prestigious Vehicle Operation Line, and it is because this time it is featuring the Power plant i.e. dominant Screaming’ Eagle Twin Cam 110B.

2014 hd CVO Breakout
Breakout appears to be an impressive figure at the spotlights as it provides the openhanded scrape along with quite roomy wheelbase. The 2014 CVO Breakout of Harley Davidson involves a low front end, Turbine control wheels, chopped rear fender and slipstream control.  More of the technical details are given below for the CVO Breakout by Harley Davidson.

  • Low Front End

The bike under discussion intends to be designed in a way where it is raked from the front, modeled little low and for cranking up its traditional slammed look along with power it is chopped fender. For the guarantee of solid bearing on the road it is embedded with the set of forks along with the wide-standing wheel.

2014 cvo breakout harley davidson

  • Chopped Rear Fender:

The CVO breakout model is styled in fender chopped style that adds up a low traditional look of the bike. The fender supports are the one-piece bogus aluminum that is refined, cultured and chromed for having a considerable reduction in weight and looks along with definitive strength.

  • Hard Candy Custom™ Paint:

The paint used in CVO breakout model is just not paint only, it’s like a metal flake touch that was used in the traditional bikes of the 70’s that have an ionic rebel style. It is made gallant, dazzling and exceptional.

2014 CVO Breakout

  • Slipstream Collection Controls:

For featuring the look and feel of the 2014 CVO breakout the bike is embedded with the brake pedal, shifter along with the hand grips. The first class production of 2014 CVO breakout with slipstream control is a complete blend of style, comfort, trend and class. All of this plays an essential role in making the model at the highest level.

  • Super-slammed Console:

The 2014 CVO breakout is not only said to be a bang, it is the finest of the comforts we have ever punched to. The bike is incorporated with the electrical lines along with the ornamental utter. The lustrous outline of the holds its distinction among others.

harley davidson cvo breakout 2014

  • Contrast Chrome Turbine Wheels:

Bringing the sparkle and glitter to the 2014 CVO breakout makes it the top rated one due to its graceful and traditional sprocket and rotor of “turbine-style”. This dazzling and eye-catching view of the amazing wheels provides the rear end if the bike with utmost spotless metal effect ever. The highest quality and finest wheels are only available on 2014 CVO breakout Motorcycle 2014.

2014 Harley Davidson CVO Breakout Specifications:

harley davidson cvo breakout accessories

Year 2014
Manufacture Harley-Davidson
Model CVO Breakout
MSRP 2014 CVO Breakout Price $26,899
Paint Color Molten Silver and Black Diamond with Forged Iron
Cooling Air cooled
Freight $435
Rake and Trail Belt, 32/66 ratio
Front Suspension 67.3 inches
Rear Suspension 25.8 inches
Front Tire D408 130/60B21 63H
Rear Tire D407 240/40R18 79V
Engine Torque Testing Method J1349
Primary Drive Chain 34/46 ratio
Steering Head (Rake) 35 Degrees
Transmission Electric
Starting System Electronics
Right Lean Angle 25.3 Degrees
Laden Seat Height 24.8 inches
Unladen Seat Height 25.8 inches
Ground Clearance4 1 inch
Fuel Economy Combined City/Hwy 43 mpg
Oil Capacity 3.5 qt
Fuel Capacity 5 gallons
Fuel System Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection
Engine Torque (rpm) 3,500
Engine Torque 112.1 ft-lb
Front Wheels 9Contrast Chrome Turbine Custom Wheels
Rear Wheels Chrome Turbine Custom Wheels
Wheelbase 67.3 inches
Front Tire 130/60B21 63H
Rear Tire 240/40R18 79V
Dry Weight 728 lbs. (Wet)
Shipped Weight 698 lb
Running Order Weight 728 lb
Compression Ratio 2:1
Bore 4 inches
Stroke 4.374 inches
Bore & Stroke 101.6 mm x 111.1 mm
Compression Ratio 9.2:1
1st  Gear Ratio 9.311
2nd Gear Ratio 6.454
3rd Gear Ratio 4.793
4th Gear Ratio 3.882
5th Gear Ratio 3.307
6th Gear Ratio 2.79
Brakes front Caliper Type4-piston fixed
Brakes rear 2-piston floating
Displacement  of Engine 1801cc
Engine Air-cooled, Twin Cam 110B
Final Drive Six-speed Cruise Drive
Lights Indicator Lamps  for High-beam  for low oil pressure for turn signals for engine diagnostics for security system for low fuel warning and for cruise control along with ABS

harley davidson cvo

The 2014 CVO Breakout Harley Davidson is the bike of dreams that is enabled with all the significant characteristics in terms of its finest quality, style, class and being state-of-the-art. Remarkably engineered and lovely production makes it prominent while standing with others, The 2014 CVO Breakout appears to give really tough time to its competitors. Al in all it is the best of the bikes ever proving the highest level of comfort and most suitable for the crazy and enthusiastic road lovers. SO go for it and feel where the difference resides with Harley-Davidson experience.

Shekinah Edwin is the writer of 2014 CVO Breakout Review and pics are taken from the official website of Harley-Davidson.

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