2013 Honda CRF450R Specification, Review


The 2013 Honda CRF450R belongs as the first member to a series named CRF, it is basically a line of four-stroke motocross and motorcycles that are being developed and marketed by Honda. After the launch of Honda XR series , CRF series was launched in 2002. Up to the full range of the motocross they were supplied all in all with liquid-cooled, single-cylinder four-stroke engines having availability ranges 149cc to 449 cc. The availability range 50cc to 230cc implies to the purpose for easy and friendly drive to the one trying it for first time. This Honda CRF450R is credited to be the first in this series succeeded by CRF250R, earlier in 2004. More over CRF450X and CRF250X were launched, being advised as the best motorcycle of that class.
Getting on to cope with 2009-2012 generation CRF450R, Honda pounded to its up-to-the-minute “13 version” and this time for all of the bikes we have gone with this has turn out to be the one that is all-purpose and fully skilled even on scraggy off roads or even in deserts.

2013 honda crf450r 2
2013 Honda CRF450R Being featured describes the elegant attachment of the strength of tune in order to be efficient in looking for the variations in spring rate. This is being done by the point of putting more or less amount of air, the fork commonly known as pneumatic fork seems to be conscious toward pressure and therefore a consistent focus is needed notably on a ride for longer time spans on rugged roads tracks. In order to get or to know more accurate measurements than we get from Honda-supplied pump to need to stick to a FOX SHOZ digital shock pump pricing about $69.99. The selected gadget have an ability to gives out the exact measurements of the air pressure in bar , kPa and in psi and more over for being more convenient it shows the value in half psi increments. We can vary the air pressure in between 31-36 psi using lower context anywhere, build upon the way where we are riding and harshness of the road tracks. Here you can read 2013 Honda CRF450R specification and review.

Can be converted into a racing replica

The layout is so fabulous to use somehow tolerant attitude is needed. For Air bubbles mitigation it has a system of heat gun or blow dryer. Tearing off the original one this design includes new seat cover having special grip material, installed with staple gun. To the shelling of rock , sand and dirt it has a layout which involves denser finish and it cops up well with it.

2013 honda crf450r

2013 Honda CRF450R Specifications

Honda has fused intelligently modern framework and improved engine a sixth-generation twin-spar aluminum frame and to lower down the bike’s center of gravity a swing arm is incorporated. The innovative parts in this series are sub frame and air box they are meant to be easier to maintain and user friendly.
2013 Honda CRF450R well supported for all new forks engineered in coordination with KYB. The cork uses pressurized air new piston that had lifted the compression ratio by half a point. More of the work s being done on clutch and it now gives out six. Spring design instead four, contributing excellent bond over all the time span of the bike.

Year 2013
Manufacturer Honda
Model CRF450R
Engine type  Single Cylinder ,Four Stroke, Unicam, Four Vavlve, 36mm Intake, Titanium
Engine Displacement 449cc
Bore And Stroke 96mm*62.1mm
Compression ratio 12.5:1
Cooling Liquid Cooled
Fuel System Programmed fuel Injection(PGM-FI),46mm throttle body
Ignition Full Transistor with Electronic Advance
Starting System N/A
Transmission Close Ratio five speed
Final Drive #520 chain 13T/48T
 Rake And Trial  27.04° / 4.57 in
 Wheel Base  58.7 in
 Seat Height  37.5 in
 Front Suspension  48mm inverted KYB PSF (Pneumatic Spring Fork) with rebound and compression
 Rear Suspension  Pro-Link KYB single shock with spring preload, rebound damping adjustability
 Front Brake  Single 240mm disc with twin-piston caliper
 Rear Brake  Single 240mm disc
 Front Tire  80/100-21 Dunlop MX51FA
 Rear Tire  120/80-19 MX51
 Fuel Capacity  1.66 gal
 Dry Weight  242.7 lbs
 MSRP  $8,440

Excellent Brakes

Honda bikes are all time being famous for providing excellent mechanism for brakes and this year it get up with front binders, working involves while compressing the right lever it results in slowing down the CRF rapidly. With a single drawback of the rear end being soft it is pushed to the 3rd position in ranking but it’s not a heavy let down for Honda motorcycle on observing the two KTM’s brakes Stellar performance. Honda upped the stake by 2013 CRF450R resulting in new followers.

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Honda Maintenance Costs

Months Service: 10
Accumulated Engine Hours: 42
Aftermarket Accessories Costs: $457.97
Maintenance Cost: $362


  • It appears to be much sharp and clean with all new design and structure and engine is being coordinated to enhance the performance.
  • It is observed to be the bike light in weight even with an add up of few pound, easy to drive on.
  •  The body and frame of the bike is smartly developed.
  •  Near future it would be the most comfortable ride for various categories of people.
  • It is drastically designed rider friendly and improved features headed in.
  • While on a drive with Honda SRF450R 2013 it makes variation from 2012 version in a positive manner.
  • When entering corners the clutch is easier to disengage.
  • As far as the motor of the bike is concerned, its not as fascinating as the whole bike but everyone is intended to feel at home during a ride and stable on track.
  •  But the most fascinating factor is the price remains the same as of the last model 2012.

2013 honda crf450r 4

Yoshimura Performance Camshaft

The camshaft for 2013 Honda CRF450R is layout in such a way that it gives an increase in lift as well as duration result an exact curve from mid to top-end power and torque, using the power available at the bottom end. By this a bigger kick is obtained form the top.

PIM 2 Engine Management System

For years Yoshimura has been known the best and the most leading company in EFI management. Featuring a long lasting and stable track for performance, efficiency, durability, stability and rider friendly.

Data Box

Data Box is just like a data kit that is a combination of the air fuel sensor and amplifier box needs to plug into PIM2 knowingly known as self-mapping for bikes. It means rider driving in closed course, open or anywhere Data Box is responsible to calculate the required fuel at each RPM automatically.

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Hard Parts

What ever the place is or where ever any one wants to ride , the most important what a rider wants is that his bike should be best aesthetically and even in better functioning and best in running. Yoshimura being famous for maintaining the quality performance and attention to detail and it includes the hard parts series having a variety of pieces that can give your machine the tricked-out the look you want.

Hope you will enjoy 2013 Honda CRF450R specification and review

Review and specification written by: Shekinah Edwin