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Honda CB500F Review 2013

Honda if clearly being observed lies as the core for the immense product terribly. We are taken away with us is that Honda is providing us with a lot more of bikes but not too costly, they appears to have the same structure as the CBs. This new Honda is a highly scored bike, dashing, modish and absolutely a naked standard which beautifully combines an upright riding position, handlebar and foot pegs positioned for comfort, and may or may not have fairing or windscreen. In short, it’s the bike that is extraordinary is easy to ride for Honda had aimed to develop a safe motorcycle.

2013 CB500F 05

Honda CB500 Lineup

Up till now there are three CBs so far and amazingly all of them are new and different from the beginning. In Honda’s factory that is being located in Thailand integrates middleweights that probably use an unused liquid-cooled 471cc parallel twin and built from the top. They aesthetically have the same fit and finish as Honda motorcycle has always been famous for, additionally are packaged in a light, comfortable and easy-to-ride package that’s priced reasonably for sale .

History of Honda CB500:

Product of Honda being commonly known as a naked motorcycle unfolded to be produced from 1993 to 2003. Unfortunately the production of the original CB500 ceased in 2003 for its engine could not meet the regulations by Euro 2 emission.  Their major of being well known resides with riding schools, motorcycle couriers and is acceptable more as a Passenger bike. It is also famous for being raced in the United Kingdom in the Honda CB500 Cup. Later on from 1998 to 2003, a half-faired version called the Honda CB500S was built. A completely brand-new model for a global motorcycle was introduced in 2013, having distinction of three slightly different structures termed as CBR500R, CB500F, and CB500X which were to be sold world-wide with similar structures.


It’s the naked standard in the new CB500 lineup with innovative design extending riding lover options with a stylish, up-to-the-minute speedy 471cc sport bike. It is considered a perfect selection for riders ready to move up a displacement class as well as facilitating every category of rider valuing a great middleweight bike. It had move bike from the typical bikes attitude to a comfortable and convenient standard.

2013 CB500F 04

Basic Characteristics:

  1. 1.    Parallel Twin-Cylinder Engine:

With the use of pegs, seats and bars a successful upright and comfortable riding position was built found on CBR500R, however CB599F is a traditional bike by look and feel, providing safety by facilitating the riders to watch traffic easily. Once in progress the broad torque of the parallel-Twin means the rider can live all day below 6000 rpm while still being faster than and able to shoot through most traffic. Parallel twin engine provides accessible power with a convenient c ride.

 2013 CB500F 02

  1. 2.    Classic Riding Position:

Amazingly, CB500 provides a 30.9 inch seat height resulting in a classical riding posture and condition for every sort of rider’s .As well as implying to the idea of loaded attitude it continue to convey the satisfied degree of performance and diversity. 2013 Honda CB500F provides us with an easy sport riding position mobility around the town or out on the winding road.


  1. 3.    Practically Was Never So Much Fun :

The factors like low seat height, light in weight and an engine that is well familiar to rider makes 2013 Honda CB500F a brilliant option to be chosen for any category of rides even a common one , weed end special rides or having fun outside with friends.


  1. 4.    Honda Genuine Accessories:

2013 Honda CB500F is far more special too for it involves a full hand of genuine accessories of Honda like rear carrier, under cowl, rear tire hugger and carbon-look accents.



  1. Honda CB500F is being announced as the most convenient way for short ride having calm and soften posture for riding.
  2. Gives the best wind protection too.
  3. Required low-maintenance.2013 CB500F 03


As  far as the market for CB500 line up is concerned , American riders avoid using naked bikes so it is most probably expected that  R series Bike i.e. CB500R will outsell the series F bike i.e. CB500F . But the developers of Honda CB500f are hopeful that this series of bike version with CB500F would not experience the fate of 599’s.

CB500R vs. CB500F:

Honda CB500F is market more specifically to bit younger crowd aging 20–30 , having  minor familiarity and major concern to prices on other hand as far as the market for CB500R is concerned it ranges ages from 20–40.As per as the statement by Honda regarding  CB500F model they said that they have focused riders of age 20-30 having interests in social riding  but unfortunately not planned for piling on the miles.

On the other hand CB500R is for riders aging 20-40 having interests in super sport rides, they probably have more experience though preferring the value and worth.

On ride on CB500R which is famous for racing purposes than CB500F , its very convenient to ride on it , feeling relaxed and comfortable ride .



It involves a powerful engine specified as liquid cooled engine being rigidly mounted embedded specialties of an eight-valve head and a 180-degree crank, having a slightly over square structure, with a 67.0mm bore and a 66.8mm stroke. Fed on by twin 34mm throttle bodies, the motor is smooth and borderline too quiet, tuned to emphasize broad torque and high mpg (71!) over peak power.

On throwing your legs over the new CB500 bikes you came to know about its low seat height about 30.9 inches and are easy fro rider even of height 5’8 to touch ground with flatted feet.

It specifies a torque-rich continuous and straight power band, building up to the assigned hp peak right. Honda is often criticized as a part as being over engineered the soul out of an engine platform. It displays the master piece of working as an easy to ride engine platform.


2013 Honda CB500F Price:

Mentioning the price with the motorcycles launched so these are as follow The 2013 Honda CB500F will retail for $5499 with the sportier CBR500R going for $5999. So in the case of the F model, you can get a full-sized, quality built, fuel-injected, ABS-equipped motorcycle for a cup of coffee under $6000.

Instrumentation on the bikes:

The involves an average fuel consumption indicator specifying for letting you know what sort of fuel mileage you’re getting based on the way you’re riding. The oversized horn button on the left handlebar – right above the turn signal switch.


Color Choices:

The CBR500R is being launched in three different color choices naming Red, Black and Pearl White/Blue/Red. The CB500F is being launched in two different color choices naming Black and Pearl White. Both bikes also have an overflow of accessories to be selected being listed as seat cowls and rear trunks on the F version to sport screens and carbon fiber headlight covers on the R version.

2013 CB500F 01

2013 CB500F


It’s a biting factor of the CB500 lineup, the CB500R base model hangs on with a $5999 MSRP. Honda had successfully made a focused effort to factor affordability into cost of ownership too. The servicing costs are being reduced for permitting easier access for shim-valve adjustment incorporating help from dual overhead cam and four-valve head. The valve adjustments are widely spaced too with 16,000 miles after the initial 800-mile service adjustment. Honda is also interested to focus on the 500’s 71 mpg fuel efficiency.

Uphill now we have two choices today to try for an option CB500R and CB500F modules and one that is intended to be launched in near future Honda had proved the best in provision of  bikes with variations and modifications , provided consumer to have classy things with low costs at affordable prices. Your decision of choosing any one would not be in vain. Honda has done launching 500s in most effective and efficient way providing ease and convenience to every type of riser by its friendly riding. Hope you will enjoy Honda CB500F Review 2013.

Note : All pictures are taken from Honda‘s official website

Review written by: Shekinah Edwin

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