Test HM CRF 300 R 2013

Test HM CRF 300 R 2013
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Faithful readers of the station, you know HM for its motorcycles of enduro but undoubtedly less for its motorcycles of cross-country race. And yet …When the Italians revisit a Honda 250 CRF, here what arrives: a HM Honda CRF 300 R far from being intimidated by its inspirer, and already under test on bikescatalog of course!

Test HM CRF 300 R: Character moreover!

Since the arrival of the KTM 350 SX-F, which quickly had business success, one expected that competition is engulfed in the breach. Well not: no motorcycle of Cross-country race came to compete with the last Austrian lucky found directly. Except at HM, with the HM CRF300R,  250 CRF equipped with a kit are a Honda rolls/piston which increases the cubic capacity and brings this key racing additional unknown factor on Honda standard.
If this motorcycle already shines in Enduro, the Italians would also believe in his potential in Cross-country race. We precisely ugly out of this HM CRF300R at the time of our comparative last 250 Cross-country races 2013, and thus did not miss the occasion to confront it with his/her nearer sister, Honda 250 CRF. Here our verdict is.

Test HM CRF 300 R: Character moreover!

Beautiful presentation

Not need to seek a very long time the differences with “the original one”. One always reproaches Honda Cross-country race their insipidity aesthetic, not to propose large thing to be put under the tooth level look: well HM answers this criticism directly! The general look of the HM CRF300R becomes much more flattering, not only into visual but also out of equipment, since one there find the true small ones more like the protect-hands, the hour meter, the kit holes hot, the disc before oversize and the driving shoe. In short, one appreciates.

Test HM CRF 300 R: Character moreover!

A Honda of haute couture

By taking seat on the saddle of the HM CRF300R, one will obviously not be disorientated compared to a Honda of origin. Even without the handlebar bar of the HM is very close to that of origin, so That one finds his brands in a little time.

Then, once tracks some, the refrain is known: sat like upright, one is as at home over the HM, any time the acclimatization is not necessary. The motorcycle is handy and player, but seems to lose a little in precision: a point which we will reconsider thereafter. No concern in the rapid and/or smashed, HM CRF300R keeps its course without driving.

The suspensions offer the progressiveness, the comfort and the security which made the success of Honda CRF 250. There is nevertheless one more compared to the latter: the front brake is much more powerful, which proves very appreciable on large braking. Thank you the oversize disc!

Test HM CRF 300 R: Character moreover!

Low and reinforced mid—modes

But it is on the level of the engine that the true difference between the HM and Honda is held. The HM CRF300R preserves the good points of its junior – like the facility of catch in hand and linear behavior – but one feels a profit of force as well.
Without becoming demonic, the engine re-examined by HM accepts a higher report in certain case. One can also do without the clutch more often than with the 250. And when one starts again mechanics with the left lever, the answer is done more virile.
If one appreciates more than of To Have and trunk character on the HM 300 that ‘Does not offer more one-piece for lengthening as much. It would be believed almost that there is less! One of the assets of the 250 CRF is that it saves its pilot. But on the 300, it is less the case: it is nevertheless necessary to be essential on the mill and to pay attention to additional inertia. And it is precisely here that one loses in precision of piloting: one feels the “surplus well” and one tends to be made a little involve with braking. One also feels a little more “blow of piston”, but it is especially the starting which possesses problem.
It is well necessary to acknowledge that the motorcycle is recalcitrant, it is necessary to take the skilled of boot.

Test HM CRF 300 R: Character moreover!

Assessment: More fun!

It is simple: HM CRF300R, it is the racing spirit which was missed in Honda 250 CRF. The excess of typically Japanese sobriety is not any more setting: one is in front of a motorcycle equipped well and pleasant with the eye.
The frame offers a very healthy behavior in any circumstances, and the additional cubic centimeters bring the driving character which is lacking for the 250 CRF.
Here is a motorcycle providing certainly more fun, but which will be appropriate to the beginners: the HM CRF300R is more demanding technically – since it is necessary to apply more – but also physically.

Test HM CRF 300 R: Character moreover!

Then, the HM do 300 Cross-country races have its place of category MX1, in the middle of the 350 and 450? Yes, because the performances are there and one sees it very well competing with the “grosses”.
Remain like the cubic capacity, the rate increases as compared to that of 250 Honda: 8,399 € for the HM 300CRF in rate Red Riders against 7,890 € for Honda. A partly justified increase but nevertheless, that hurt! The more so as the kit parts disappear on the way in Italy…

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