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2013 Leonart Pilder 125 Review

Leonart Pilder 125 is the new project of Leonart. After the outline revealed on the official site of the Spanish brand, Leonart Pilder took the shape of a true prototype for the winter living rooms… but does not remain to expect the final stage and the marketing planned for the second half-year 2013.

News motorcycle 2013: Leonart Pilder 125

The bet to conceive rather radical bobbers in 125 Cm3 and 350 Cm3 was dared, but obviously, the market study was well conducted, and of beautiful prospects for success is offered from now on to Leonart. It will still be necessary for him to make sure of the serious distributors, a customer service solid and parts conveyed in time and hour, but the Spanish brand does not miss ideas. For 2013, it should make evolve its engines and especially complete the development of its splendid Leonart Pilder 125 2013.

News motorcycle 2013: Leonart Pilder 125

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Question asked mostly, Leonart did not haggle: long and low pace, tallies specific steel, will monograms, reversed fork, enormous Metzeler 210 mm broad in the back! To propel 140 announced dry kg of the animal, Leonart chose a one-cylinder Piaggio 4 times 4 valves of 125 Cm3 to liquid cooling.

News motorcycle 2013: Leonart Pilder 125Derived from the blocks of Derbi 125 Was in hiding and Mulhacen, it develops 15 horses. Leonart announces a maximum speed of 110 km/h. Leonart Pilder 125 2013 should arrive in concessions at the beginning of the second half-year of 2013 at a price close to 4,000 €… by hoping that a version 350 for the A2 licenses follows it quickly!

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