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YZ250X 2019 Yamaha Motocross Review Specs Price

The YZ250X 2019 Yamaha Motocross is one of the best and authentic dirt bike of all time. The 2-stroke YZ250X has all the reliability and durability you expect from Yamaha and are born to win off-road competitions. Furthermore, a full review of YZ250X 2019 Yamaha Dirt Bike with its price and specifications are given below.

YZ250X 2019 Yamaha Motocross – Features and Price

The Main Functions

The YZ250X is optimized for the unique needs of the hare fight and GNCC racing. The 249cc two-stroke engine equipped with YPVS combined with a wide-ratio five-speed transmission can be used in the ultimate off-road power plant.

YZ250X 2019 Yamaha Motocross

The ultra-light YZ250X 2019 Yamaha Motocross specification frame uses a carefully designed combination of aluminum castings, forgings, and extrusions to achieve the perfect balance of rigidity and flexibility, and has been tested by the industry-leading fully adjustable KYB speed-sensitive spring suspension, and Specifically adjusted for the following needs: off-road racer.

The YZ250X inherits the racing tradition of the YZ250 off-road motorcycle. It uses a basic shape from the front fender to the rear brake protection device and is ready to drive out of the box. It is equipped with aluminum tapered handlebar and YZ-F type nails: grip seats, and Dunlop tires for off-road use.

YZ250X 2019 Yamaha Motocross

The new 18-inch rear wheels, sealed O-ring chain, wide transmission ratio, narrow expansion chamber, off-road tires and suspension provides incredible performance—one of the other hand side standard side brackets, and fuel tank throttle in the standby position. The large 270mm front disc brakes combined with high-performance liner materials provide excellent machine control and performance, as well as extraordinary braking force and controllability.


Based on the well-known YZ250 249cc water-cooled-stage two-speed dual-engine, the YZ250X features improved compression ratio, downtime port, improved Yamaha Power Valve System time, and a more straightforward CDI unit. All focused on designing the largest, it is transformed into the power of a special kind of cross-country race.

YZ250X 2019 Yamaha Motocross

The YZ250X 2019 Yamaha Motocross enhances the Yamaha Power Valve System – with an open torque rating compared to the YZ250’s electric power – combining bottom-end with a solid midrange and eye-opening top-end. The unique compact exit-control room design is designed specifically for the YZ250X, improving both vertical and horizontal positioning in a robust, professional manner, while still providing excellent tire performance.

The new 38mm Keihin PWK carburetor has a throttle position sensor that provides real fuel/air contact and crisp throttle response within the bandwidth. Manufactured carbon fiber reed-valve petals improve throttle response and engine performance at full rpm speed. Transverse-turning, five-speed, multi-level transport sees sufficient visibility from reliable wood circuits to open fire roads.

YZ250X 2019 Yamaha Motocross

A large-capacity radiator exhibits a 10-row core with four strips of high-temperature efficiency. The CDI digital withdrawal system offers a real back-to-back, robust response anywhere within the electronic band, customized for the YZ250X.

Chassis / Suspension

The specially designed aluminum engine and swingarm offer the YZ250X 2019 Yamaha Motocross which is known to handle enabled by the race-winning YZ250 motocross machine on the world-class kits. It removes the aluminum back socket made of a large-section tube for weight reduction.

The large 270mm upper disc brake combined with a wealth of performance pad offers excellent machine control and performance, with varying power of suspension and controllability. An all-new Industry-leading, fully adjustable KYB spring-type fork has a high-speed transmission that uses piston acceleration to control the force of steering with smooth running. It ensures to have ah minimal loss of stroke or quick shock to the rider – all designed for the necessary cross-country racing.

YZ250X 2019 Yamaha Motocross

At the rear, it fully accommodates the KYB shock features travel, 4 4 inches by 20 feet, 4 inches by 4 feet, 4 inches, 4 inches, 4 inches, 4 inches, and 4 inches. Cross-country-spec Dunlop Geomax AT81 tires on the front and back are ready to drive straight to the car. 18-inch rear tire has a long sidewall to improve comfort and reduce pinch frames.

Other Features

A racy “gripper” type seat with a narrow fuel tank to integrate with the tapered aluminum handle and adjustable mounts to enhance freedom of movement and more comfortable ergonomics for passengers. Off-road front tires with 18 “rear wheel, full-size traction, usual part stop, sealed O-rings, and gasoline storage.

YZ250X 2019 Yamaha Motocross – Price

The 2019 YZ250X is available at $7,499 in the Team Yamaha Blue color option.

YZ250X 2019 Yamaha Motocross – Technical Specifications


Engine Type 249cc, liquid-cooled, 2-stroke, reed-valve inducted
Bore x Stroke 66.4 mm × 72 mm
Compression Ratio 7.9~9.4:1
Fuel Delivery Keihin® PWK38S
Ignition CDI
Transmission Constant-mesh 5-speed; multi-plate wet clutch
Final Drive Chain

You may need to have these Spare Parts and Accessories.

Trail Tech Kickstand Yamaha YZ125 / YZ250 / YZ250X 2005-2020
Price = $149.95
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Acerbis Off-Road Skid Plate Yamaha YZ250 / YZ250X 2005-2020
Price = $71.96
[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://www.anrdoezrs.net/click-8815181-13548403?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.revzilla.com%2Fmotocross%2Facerbis-off-road-skid-plate-yamaha-yz250-yz250x-2005-2019&cjsku=1304847″ ]
Hinson Billetproof Inner Hub Yamaha YZ250 / YZ250X 1993-2020
Price = $319.99
[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://www.dpbolvw.net/click-8815181-13548403?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.revzilla.com%2Fmotorcycle%2Fhinson-billetproof-inner-hub-yamaha-yz250-yz250x-1993-2016&cjsku=1194588″ ]
Rekluse Core Manual Clutch Kit Yamaha YZ250 / YZ250X 1999-2020
Price = $539
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YZ250X 2019 Yamaha Motocross Specs


Suspension / Front KYB® Speed-Sensitive System inverted fork; fully adjustable, 11.8 inches travel
Suspension / Rear KYB® single shock; fully adjustable, 12.4 inches travel
Brakes / Front Hydraulic disc, 270 mm
Brakes / Rear Hydraulic disc, 245 mm
Tires / Front 90/90-21 Dunlop® AT81F
Tires / Rear 110/100-18 Dunlop® AT81

Some more Accessories and Spare Parts.

Cycra Powerflow Radiator Shrouds Yamaha YZ125 / YZ250 / YZ250X 2005-20
Price = $71.38
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IMS Fuel Tank Yamaha YZ125 / YZ250 / YZ250X 2002-2020
Price = $325
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Rekluse Core EXP 3.0 Clutch Kit Yamaha YZ250 / YZ250X 1999-2020
Price = $949
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Zeta Case Saver With Cover Kit Yamaha YZ250 / YZ250X 2013-2019
Price = $47.95
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YZ250X 2019 Yamaha Motocross Specs


L x W x H 86 inches x 32.5 inches x 50.8 inches
Seat Height 38.2 inches
Wheelbase 58.5 inches
Rake (Caster Angle) 27.7°
Trail 4.8 inches
Ground Clearance 14.2 inches
Fuel Capacity 2.1 gallons
Wet Weight 229 lb

YZ250X 2019 Yamaha Motocross Specs

You should wear a proper protective gears during ride.

Alpinestars Supertech-R Boots
Price = $499.95
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Spidi Squared Gloves
Price = $44.9
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LS2 Xtra Yard Carbon Helmet
Price = $429.98
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Biltwell Overland 2.0 Goggles
Price = $79.95
[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://www.jdoqocy.com/click-8815181-13548403?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.revzilla.com%2Fmotorcycle%2Fbiltwell-overland-20-goggles&cjsku=1312940″ ]


Warranty 30 Day (Limited Factory Warranty)


The YZ250X 2019 Yamaha Motocross is an exciting bike to ride and could be a GNCC race car with a few minor tweaks. If you are searching for a do-it-all bike, you can race motocross on the YZ250X as well. It’s always fun to go up two-step. If you ride four-limbs before they become popular, a two-lane ride will make you feel like a kid again.

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