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Top Ten Awesome Innovations in Bikes

The latest ideas and technologies are always given importance at Bikes Catalog. The criteria are that they should work better than their rivals, it should include such innovations that are not found in their competitor’s machine then only it’s attractive. They also need a purpose to get selected. Like having different paint jobs and tools that make it unique. Here is the list of Top Ten Awesome Innovations in Bikes that are eligible enough to get into this list.

Top Ten Awesome Innovations in Bikes – Top Rated

10. Self-canceling indicators

Top Ten Awesome Innovations in Bikes

This innovation has been replaced by ‘push to cancel’ several times as manufacturers just couldn’t resist the fact that it works better. Honda has recently introduced this technology in its 2014 VFR800, which has a wide variety of speed, acceleration and inputs for you. However, the machine sometimes gets the wrong turn just like the human brain at times malfunctions, so compared to that it still works pretty well.

9. Hydraulic drive

Top Ten Awesome Innovations in Bikes

There are several options for transitions like chains, shafts or belts for final drives in bikes. These are stick to continuous variable transmissions, semi-autos or sequential manuals. Honda introduced the DN-01 made of hydraulic pressure for movement of the rear wheel and convert engine drive which faces many questions because it was not deemed to be worth it as the effect was similar to CVT straightforward from the seat of the driver.

8. Single sided swingarms

Top Ten Awesome Innovations in Bikes

For certain people single armrest is worth it because of their looks. They also had an important reason to exist which was fast wheel changing. But on the road, this innovation is not of use when you want the rear wheel to be swapped. They bend more and more massive compared to double-sided arms which makes them inferior and less stylish.

7. Under-seat exhausts

Top Ten Awesome Innovations in Bikes

Most of the bikes do not have ample space, and even if they have it’s as large as to fit in a U lock or maybe a sandwich which is only possible if you have a top box or pannier. For the extra space, you need under-seat exhaust for which the riders have a bear exhaust fumes and more than average warm bottom which is pretty uncomfortable. It means that this technology again focuses on style and not on the ease of its riders. The bikes hat have v twin or v fours have an excuse to use under-seat exhaust, but other than that for a standard bike it’s not very useful as it will make an addition of puzzles tuning, rear shock repositioning and no place to put your sandwich.

6. iPod docks

Top Ten Awesome Innovations in Bikes

Harley and Triumph introduced the innovation of adding iPhone docks. Most of the bikes even now use the iPhone connectors that are of old models and not the lightning dock. Another problem that occurs is that iPhones have a lifespan of about two years whereas bikes can be in good condition for more than a decade, this means that you will need an outdated accessory which will feel like using a Nokia to make your bike look useful and stylish. Another issue that occurs that a lot of producers are obsessed with adding iPhone apps to start their engines. It shows that maybe a few years later you will still require an old phone to start your engine.

5. Colour changing instruments

Top Ten Awesome Innovations in Bikes

Is it relevant to have a color-changing instrument for your bike? Honda Vultus has options of 25 colors and still this innovation is questioned.

4. Indicators in hand-guards

Top Ten Awesome Innovations in Bikes

The purpose of an indicator is to protect from branches to ruin your hands. And the symbols in handguards are usually cheap plastic and its part are also economical. But the question is, why do most of the firms still use the expensive fitting indicator when it breaks after hitting a branch and will be costly to replace.

3. G-meters

Top Ten Awesome Innovations in Bikes

Is it a good idea and what’s the point of introducing G meters as Yamaha did on its R1 dashboard. When you’re going through acceleration or break, do you want to see the high score you just beat? It would be a good idea if they were introduced in video games though.

2. Integrated sat-nav systems

Top Ten Awesome Innovations in Bikes

Very few bikes have the option of integrated sat-nav systems, which is a good idea because why would you want a technology that is not relevant and useful? Even though sat navs have low prices and the integrated ones are high priced. But this innovation will be outdated and useless just when the bike is on its last days. So you better use a fair budget sat nav that’s stand alone.

1. Keyless ignition

Top Ten Awesome Innovations in Bikes

The keyless ignition is a fantastic idea when your keys get lost in one of the bike pockets or you lose them somehow. Still, for safety reasons this innovation can be questionable as the bike just starts when the key is near and might be stolen or just start when it’s not asked to. It should include a warning light to let the rider know that the key is missing when you leave it somewhere you don’t remember. There are still specific bikes of Harley that require the old style of using keys. The keys that don’t fall from the ignition barrel are present from a long time, which makes it questionable that why the Harley Davidson continue with the system of Old fashioned key usage?

Top Ten Awesome Innovations in Bikes – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Awesome Innovations in Bikes
1 Keyless ignition
2 Integrated sat-nav systems
3 G-meters
4 Indicators in hand-guards
5 Colour changing instruments
6 iPod docks
7 Under-seat exhausts
8 Single-sided swingarms
9 Hydraulic drive
10 Self-canceling indicators


It’s not necessary to have such innovations that differentiate the bike from its rivals, but those technologies should also be user friendly and provide ease to its riders for them to select it over the competitors of those bikes

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