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Yamaha XV950 2014 Review, Specs, Price

Yamaha has provided a choice to every rider of this bike to personalize it according to their requirements. It going to be the new advancement in the future as far as reviewing the past launches is concerned.
The newest form of bike named Yamaha XV950 2014 Model intends to be released in UK in September this year as per a confirmed by Yamaha UK. Yamaha XV950 2014 is a new line-up and is Bobber styled, intended to be released as “Bolt” being called the name for this version. The best part of it is that it’s providing its customers with a great range so they can make a choice according to their feasibility. Being bike lovers we always have an appetite to have a bike aesthetically classic but cover the advanced motorized working and to declare proudly Yamaha XV950 2014 is a complete package. Air cooled V-twin 942cc engine was made known five years back.You can read a comprehensive article about Yamaha XV950 2014 Review, Specs and Price.

yamaha xv 950 2014-4

Harley-Davidson’s Vs Yamaha:

The Yamaha XV950 2014 is indented to capture the same market as by Harley-Davidson’s sports releases. But the plus point that lies within Yamaha is that it is a few thousand pounds low in price as well as light weight so handled easily, anticipated to be the winter winner this year.
Yamaha XV950 2014 features to provide a light and conscious feeling. The way this model is designed it attributes to “neo retro Japanese look”.

Sales Price £7100
Colors Competition white , midnight Black
Availability September 2013


yamaha xv 950 2014

yamaha xv 950 2014-2

XV950 and XV950R:

The bike Yamaha XV950 2014 is constructed in such a way which helps in substituting the parts easily in few minutes. There exist two models naming Yamaha XV950 2014 and XV950R. Although both have the 942cc air-cooled engine but there lays a slight difference attached to XV950R in reference to the standard model like

  • Piggy back shocks
  • Flat paint
  • Suede seat
  • Way of ABS

yamaha xv 950 2014-3

The engine of the XV950 bike gives out 52 Brake Horsepower
For the stable and easy going delivery driving belt is used in construction
Without even having a balancer shaft engine still appears to be fir tightly in frame giving out perfect work out
Diminishes weakness of the one riding that bike by a rubber damped clutch
Wheels having 12-spoke
No measurement of rotation speed of a shaft or disk  is involved resulting no revolution counter
The layoff appears to be smooth at front and hard/rigid at rear with a short interruption stroke giving out a hard tail look to the bike
For smooth handling a double crib frame
Air box placed rightly helping you in bashing your knee on it
Only a single brake disc can control the bike for the forks that are comfortable and soft supports that in pushing  the weight of bike on front wheel resulting in getting enough using that single brake even weighting 250kg
Wave style brake rotors of 298mm
The tank appear to be a little thrifty with the capacity of 12.2 liter
Air cooled 60-degree SOHC V-twin engine
For excellent efficiency improved intake system provided
Improving work of torque it adds a compact system of cleaning air
Exhaust pipes 2-inti-1
Have skinny tyres resulting in proper bending without being enforced
Covers made of stainless steel
The bike intends to have an ability of roaming easily around the town by the light clutch and with a smooth and comfortable response
XV950 is easy to get controlled by anyone over 5’8 due to its low seat height 690mm , keeping both feet rigidly on the ground


yamaha xv 950 2014-6

Yamaha XV950 2014 Distinct features:

Keeping a touch of innovation in constructing motor bikes according to new and advanced technology, the experienced professionals over the entire world make the use of typical engineering techniques of Japanese as the base for such innovative developments. Each bike represents itself the riders’ personality and choice, as per as what is required by the rider approving the factor of versatility. But back inside from the core the engineering principals as told earlier are fully driven out and modeled in each Yamaha motorcycle.

Ride and Handling:

As it is having wide bars, small centre of gravity and steering geometry it is pleasingly easy and comfortable for action and plot.

yamaha xv 950 2014-5

Amount Charged:

The Yamaha XV950 2014 is comparatively economical to use and plot, with having no intention of buying the spare parts provided the belt to drive to have a maintenance free option. For keeping the cruiser aesthetically updated, you don’t have to spend your money in buying modern quantities of chrome cleaner.

Aesthetic (Look And Feel):

With respect to the LA launch Yamaha has done an excellent job by providing the cool and artistic looks of Yamaha XV950 2014. With the other models like XJR1300 and V-Max, now XV950 is considered to be a dominant member of Sports Heritage line Firm.


Yamaha made XV model to be the base for developing large number of accessories related to the same version. Involves adding up the following

  • Touring Ability along with screen
  • Saddle-bags
  • Vintage look with fork gaiters
  • Wire-spooked wheels
  • Lights and Speedo details

Yamaha visions that this would be plea to the crazy young bike lovers having attention to use advanced bobber style but lack the ability to make a custom bike and even can’t manage the burst out on a hand made creation being developed by increasing number of specialized professionals.

yamaha xv 950 2014 -1

Why should you buy??

It intends to be a cool bike aesthetically having a plus point that it rides well; bounding the attachments will include a personal touch. Although it would appear to be true custom bike but it will prove to be the best thing coming forth.
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Article written by: Shekinah Edwin

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