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Yamaha Morpheus vs. Vespa 250 GTS Comparison Review

Todays article is about the comparison review of Yamaha Morpheus vs. Vespa 250 GTS. Nowadays many people do not know the importance of modern scooters, riding on a scooter can be the easiest way to travel, especially if the roads or tracks are narrow or not suitable for SUV, trucks, or cars. Having scooters can save you bucks over a weekend-long drive. The invention of fossil fuel has helped in many ways by reducing the cost of small wheel vehicles. Due to this reason, Piaggio’s recent return climb the charts of profit. And they also became popular Hollywood props.

Free-way friendly bikes like Aprilia, Honda, Piaggio, Suzuki, Vespa, and Yamaha, the US buyers contain around two dozen and four-stroke models. These bikes carrying auto-clutch continuous variable transmission aside plus with two wheels and engine that displaces more than 49cc is a motorcycle.

In 2006 Yamaha Morpheus and the Vespa 250 GTS were examined, and both were known as the motorcycle because they both require two-wheel endorsement on the license. The GTS is faster than the Vespa, and the Morpheus is Cadillac like length is more stylist than Vespa. So, lets out who will win the battle between Yamaha Morpheus vs. Vespa 250 GTS.

Yamaha Morpheus vs. Vespa 250 GTS – Comparison Review

Yamaha Morpheus vs. Vespa 250 GTS

Engine Comparison

Fuel-injected with 250s, but they both arrive at their respected place. Liquid-cooled of the Bore and stroke, done, four-valve, 244cc Vespa uses a short-stroke 72.0 multiply by 60.00mm and Yamaha uses under square 66.0 multiply by 73.0mm combination with 249cc. The Power of the GTS is about 15.9 horsepower, and Morpheus horsepower is about 14.5 more than enough.

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Vespa is 3.4 seconds faster in throttle pegged than Vespa zips 0-60mph in 12.9 sec. GTS is about 245 pounds in weight, still 50 pounds less than Yamaha.

Yamaha Morpheus vs. Vespa 250 GTS
Yamaha Morpheus

Yamaha Morpheus vs. Vespa 250 GTS – Dimension Comparison

Both of these are quite different in the terms Acceleration because the Vespa measures around like a sport bike 55 inches between the axles and rolls in smaller on 12-inch hoops and the Yamaha having a longer wheelbase of 64.5 inches and the diameter is larger with 13-inch wheels and it is incredibly steady and grapy.

Yamaha’s matureness is the telescopic fork, which, like its hydraulically actuated disc brakes, works good enough and is reliable. But the Vespa’s uses a single-sided trailing-arm front end. Brakes are hydraulic discs. And in the Yamaha, right lever works the front; the left activates the rear.

The duel shock on Vespa is not so much adjustable even if you want to add more weight in the back, and especially if you’re going to add another person, it will just make it very hard. Both of these have another difference of seat height, Vespa is 25.5 inches and Yamaha is 6 inches lower than its seat.

Morpheus handlebars are angled downward making it crock pit and troublesome for those who are around 6 feet. And Vespa handles are easily handled to grip no matter how tall or small you are.

Comfort Comparison

Comfort is one of the primary characters in each motorcycle because a ride is pleasant if the seat and overall, the bike is comfortable and reliable. After all, while riding a motorcycle, all the weight of your body comes on your tail bone and backbone spine, both of these bikes position may look good in the showroom but it’s not so comfortable because of the low windscreen seats. Vespa is one of those package meaning what you see is what you get mainly. The passenger in the back is not so comfortable while sitting.

Morpheus also has a storage ranking as the ABC and trunk A is the glove box underneath handlebar and B and C are under the seat storage .and the usual trunks style in the rear of the bike. Even though Yamaha claims to be too small to keep so much room, probably not more than rain suits for example.

Yamaha Morpheus vs. Vespa 250 GTS
Vespa 250 GTS

But in standard form, Vespa has two storage locking sections, a small glovebox, and a big under-seat box or bin, which can easily be accessible to the engine. But reaching the driver for the Yamaha is a bit complicated by removing both under-seat storage sections which are secure by Allen head bolt.

Yamaha Morpheus vs. Vespa 250 GTS – Price Comparison

Piaggio, while introducing the Vespa brand in the US some year ago, give the retail price making sure that the buyer would provide the premium for any opportunity to keep this Italian machine. The retail price of this is $5700 still more than Morpheus which $600 less. The amount of Vespa is a victory itself, even though GTS is faster and more comfortable and more fuel-efficient. And much better and enjoyable to ride.


This article provides the complete comparison review of Yamaha Morpheus vs. Vespa 250 GTS, and we hope that most of you agree with us. Those who have ridden either of these bikes should let us know about their experience with these bikes.

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