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Women Motorcycle Riding in Indonesia is Against the Sharia Law

Women motorcycle riding in Indonesia is Against the Sharia lawThere are 89% Muslims out of total Indonesian population and Islam is the main religion in there. Moreover, Indonesia is not a secular state but a complete Islamic country. There are Islamic rules and regulations abide by the people living there too. And due to these mentioned facts women in Indonesia are not permitted to ride a bike.

In this Islamic country women cannot ride a bike because it is contrary to Sharia, or better the Lhokseumawe which is also the second largest city, in the Indonesian province of Aceh.
Imposition is the mayor, who says: “Climb on the bike or a scooter behind the man for the woman is inappropriate and unsuitable and against the precepts of sharia law Indonesia” and it is said to be wrong totally. People believe that to drive a bike is not a feminine activity it is strongly and highly a masculine one and it looks in appropriate on seeing any women riding the bike. Moreover it is against the Sharia law of Indonesia. So is why the bike ride is prohibited for women of Indonesia.
The fact is mystifying and perplexing for few of the people who belong to Indonesia, but in fact Indonesia is a country which comprises the good percentage of Muslim population with respect to the rest of the people, Although with a strong Christian and Buddhist, has a secular constitution, then do not risk such surprises, despite the vaunted integrals affecting the world.

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