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2013 Royal Enfield Musket 1000 V-twin

To create his Royal V-twin Enfield, the Musket preparer, first of all assembled two cylinders of Bullet 350 on a driving bottom house. This first version Musket V-Twin was made the cover picture of many specialized and dedicated magazines, and fed all the mechanical blogs of the planet Web. It was everywhere on internet and it somehow ruled the place completely. It has even through the Indian factory has to launch a market study.

News motorcycle 2013: Royal Enfield Musket 1000 V-twin

After two years of baited work, Royal Enfield presents the new toiling of its twin-cylinder: a block out of V tightened with 59° (70° on the 700) to be gone up within a steel framework that was originally derived from that of the Bullet 500. This new 1000 V-twin highly uses the engines of Bullet 500 and impressive chrome casings. As for the matter of sound of the animal (bike), we let you to judge some of them (sounds) with the video below. Be the first to watch it!!
What to dream of a Royal Enfield that comprises of great series been driven by such an engine one day. But it will not be like that immediately, even if the Indian leaders do not hide their interest for the subject. The next Enfield project is called Continental GT, and should arrive in concession during the course of the second half-year 2013. All in all, the new bike for 2013 i.e. 1000 V-twin is having all the features that are usually meant for the most innovative and amazing bike. It is stuffed with factors basis on the quality standards. Experts say that this is going to be a great and exciting addition in the bikes market. You can enjoy it and hope so this article is useful for you.

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