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Triumph 2022 Tiger 1200 Rally Pro Adventure Bike Review Specs Price


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The new Triumph 2022 Tiger 1200 Rally Pro Adventure Bike gets a power boost from a slew of updates that enhance the motorcycle’s convenience, efficiency, and fun-to-ride factor. More than 55 pounds of weight were cut through careful planning and execution. Not only does it include new suspension parts, but it also has updated ergonomics. Extra precautions are taken to ensure the Rally Pro’s drivers’ safety and peace of mind by equipping their vehicles with specialized 21/18-inch wheels and cornering ABS.

Triumph 2022 Tiger 1200 Rally Pro Adventure Bike

Triumph 2022 Tiger 1200 Rally Pro Adventure Bike – Features and Specs


Regarding its general appearance, the new Tiger 1200 Rally Pro stays on the brand by adhering to the tried-and-true Tiger design ethos, emphasizing off-road performance with a focus on actual worldwide travel. The Rally Pro stands out from its contemporaries in large part because of its completely redesigned exterior, which comes in a variety of different colors.

The coverage was reduced at the factory to strike a compromise between function and drag at the front fender by limiting the volume of air that strikes it and so minimizing speed-robbing turbulence. The foil-shaped fender uprights aid in this endeavor by redirecting the slipstream outward, where it will not collide with the exhaust headers or the engine, reducing drag even more. It has the signature duckbill fairing is seen on Tigers, as well as angry-bird headlights that are equipped with LED projectors for increased nighttime visibility in both directions and LED daytime running lights for increased safety throughout the day.

Adaptive Cornering Lights are the cherry on top, directing the light pool where you need it for a more relaxing and secure nighttime ride, especially in unknown territory. The front LED turn signals are placed in a safe and elevated location, out of harm’s way. If you discover a means to knock them off, there are more problems than a missing blinker on your hands.

Protecting the rider and passenger from the elements is a transparent, well-ventilated windshield that can be adjusted with one hand. Due to the new twin radiators, the fairing’s cheek regions have been redesigned to provide broad shoulders that draw the rider’s legs under the vehicle for protection. Handguards and heated handgrips are standard equipment for your hamburger shovels. In addition, the Rally Pro has a heated seat as auxiliary equipment.

Triumph 2022 Tiger 1200 Rally Pro Adventure Bike

A brand new, enormous 7-inch TFT screen operates all of the instruments and serves as the rider interface for the higher electronics, all from behind the protective glass. In addition, the “My Triumph Connectivity System” (Triumph’s in-house infotainment setup) is installed, which includes built-in support for turn-by-turn navigation, allows you to play music from your phone, and allows you to use your phone while moving.

When paired with a short riser, this handlebar creates a natural, relaxed hand position that promotes an upright riding stance and allows the rider to stand and do technical tasks.

The lightweight 5.28-gallon gas tank is made of aluminum, and the seat height can be adjusted from 34.44 inches to 35.23 inches, providing the rider with maximum comfort regardless of size or stature. By purchasing the low seat from the available add-ons, you may reduce the height by additional 0.78 inches (20 mm). The passenger’s amenities include a raised pillion cushion, thick J.C. grips, and fold-down footrests.

You’ll be able to see oncoming traffic thanks to the rear LED lights, and the little mudguard doubles as a plate holder and hugger to corral the fly away from the rear hoop. Engine guards and a thick belly pan shield the bike’s heart. Unfortunately, at this price point, the TPMS is not standard.


The Tiger 1200 Rally Pro’s primary frame comprises tubular steel components and forged aluminum outriggers. It is then joined to an aluminum subframe in the rear and a stressed engine arrangement. Engineers put a premium on reducing weight, and it shows in the 11.9-pound weight drop of the chassis. This year’s swing arm is a whole yoke rather than a single-side swing arm; this change saves 3 pounds while still serving as a casing for the shaft-type final drive and bevel-box assembly. Overall, the end product is 50.11 pounds lighter than its forerunner, resulting in a more agile and responsive ride.

Metzeler Karoo Street rims with a lacing pattern roll on a 21-inch rim in front of an 18-inch rim. Michelin Anakee Wild tires, on the other hand, are better suited for extreme off-roading and are available as an upgrade.

Showa’s 49 mm USD stems are the first taste of high-end goods, with its electronic semi-active damping system providing automated, demand-driven suspension adjustments. The rear mono-shock is adjusted automatically for preload as well. Although it’s at the low end of the off-road spectrum, the 8.66-inch suspension travel provided by both ends is sufficient for rugged terrain.

New twin stops the front wheels, four-bore M4.30 Stylema monobloc calipers from Brembo biting into massive 320 mm discs, while the rear wheels are slowed by a single-pot anchor and a 282 mm disc. The Inertial Measurement Unit feeds data to the standard ABS, making it more responsive in corners.

When stopping on a gradient, a Hill Hold function is helpful since it allows the rider to keep their right foot firmly planted on the ground rather than the brake pedal, increasing their safety.

Triumph 2022 Tiger 1200 Rally Pro Adventure Bike


The Tiger 1200 Rally Pro’s gimmickry doesn’t end with the engine; it has lean-sensitive traction control and six different riding modes to let you express your individuality in an instant.

Triumph’s engine configuration is known as a T-Plane Triple. The normally aspirated, three-cylinder engine’s volumetric efficiency is optimized, and waste gases are scavenged for clean fuel-air charges utilizing dual overhead cams (DOHC) actuation for the quartet of poppets above each cylinder. The 180-270-270 firing sequence improves tractability on slippery terrain by delivering power in sporadic bursts.

It is impossible to use regular gas from the cheap pump without adding an octane booster due to the compression ratio of 13.2-to-1. While this doesn’t solve the problem entirely, it does help explain this year’s power rise. Compared to the previous year, the 1,160 cc motor now produces 147 Hp at 9,000 rpm and 95 lb-ft of torque at 7,000 rpm.

To further safeguard the rear contact patch, a slip-and-assist clutch ties engine power to the six-speed tranny. With Triumph’s Shift Assist, you can comfortably bang your way up and down the gears without using the clutch, and this is the last fast gear.

Triumph 2022 Tiger 1200 Rally Pro Adventure Bike – Price

You may choose from three different colors for each price point. The Snowdonia White has the lowest list price of the bunch at $22,500. The Sapphire Black model sells for an average of $22,700, while the Matte Khaki Green model is $22,825.

Tiger 1200 Rally Pro vs. BMW R 1250 GS Adventure

From its duck-bill front appendage and designed front fender to its hugger/mudguard/plate holder configuration in the rear, the Beemer hits many of the same high notes as its British equivalent, like a sister from another mister. Both variants include a bash plate and engine guards to shield the engine from damage in the event of a collision with the ground, and similar protection is provided to the rest of the chassis.

Triumph 2022 Tiger 1200 Rally Pro Adventure Bike

The Beemer breaks out from the pack with its innovative air/liquid-cooled boxer engine or flat/opposed twin if you choose. BMW claims 136 horsepower and 105 pounds of torque for the R 1250 GS Adventure, whereas Triumph claims 147 and 95 pounds. Thus the R 1250 GS Adventure has a slight size edge.

Regarding electronics, both vehicles are almost identical, except for the suspension system. Here, Beemer falls short since their electronic/automatic suspension control is an add-on that will increase your final price. BMW’s price tag of $20,345 is just beneath the competition, but in this price range, I doubt that the difference of a few thousand dollars would sway consumers’ preferences.

Triumph 2022 Tiger 1200 Rally Pro Adventure Bike – Technical Specifications

Engine & Drivetrain:

Engine: Liquid-cooled, 12 valves, DOHC, inline 3-cylinder
Displacement: 1,160 cc
Bore x Stroke: 3.54″ x 2.38″
Compression: 13.2:1
Max Power EC: 147 hp (110.4kW) at 9,000 rpm
Max Torque EC: 95 lb-ft (130 Nm) at 7,000 rpm
System: Multipoint sequential electronic fuel injection including electronic throttle control
Exhaust: Stainless steel 3-into-1 header system with underslung primary silencer and side-mounted secondary silencer
Final Drive: Shaft drive
Clutch: Hydraulic, wet, multi-plate, slip and assist
Gearbox: Six speed


Frame: Tubular steel frame with forged aluminum outriggers. Fabricated, bolt-on aluminum rear subframe.
Front Suspension/ Travel: Showa 49 mm, semi-active damping USD forks/ 8.66 inches
Rear Suspension/ Travel: Showa semi-active damping mono-shock, with automatic electronic preload adjustment/ 8.66 inches
Swingarm: Twin-sided “Tri-Link” aluminum swingarm with twin aluminum torque arms.
Rake: 23.7º
Trail: 4.4 inches
Front Wheel: Spoked (Tubeless). 21 x 2.15 inches
Rear Wheel: Spoked (Tubeless). 18 x 4.25 inches
Front Tire: Metzeler Karoo Street, 90/90-21 (M/C 54V TL)
Rear Tire: Metzeler Karoo Street, 150/70R18 (M/C 70V TL)
Front Brakes: Brembo M4.30 Stylema monoblock radial calipers, OC-ABS, twin 320 mm floating discs. Magura HC1 span adjustable radial master cylinder with separate reservoir.
Rear Brakes: Brembo single piston caliper, OC-ABS, single 282 mm disc. Rear master cylinder with remote reservoir.

Triumph 2022 Tiger 1200 Rally Pro Adventure Bike

Dimensions & Capacities:

Width: Handlebars 33.42 inches, Handguards 38.66 inches
Height Without Mirror: Low screen 58.54 inches, high screen 60.9 inches
Seat Height: Adjustable 34.44 inches to 35.23 inches
Wheelbase: 61.41 inches
Tank Capacity: 5.28 gallons
Wet Weight: 548.9 lbs


Instrument Display and Functions: Full-color 7-inch TFT instrument pack with My Triumph Connectivity System
Service Interval: 10,000 miles (16,000 km) /12 months, whichever comes first
Color: Snowdonia White, Sapphire Black, Matte Khaki Green
Price: White: $22,500, Black: $22,700, Color: $22,825

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