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Triumph 2019 Rocket TFC Concept Motorcycle Review

An industrial facility custom idea that changes the most significant generation cruiser motor on the planet into the thumping heart of a genuinely stunning is the Rocket TFC. The Triumph 2019 Rocket TFC Concept Motorcycle is an artful culmination of British buildings. What’s more, it’s not far off.

Triumph 2019 Rocket TFC Concept Motorcycle – Features

English Engineering Masterpiece

The Triumph 2019 Rocket TFC Concept Motorcycle idea exhibits the following dazzling TFC model to come and propelled on first May 2019 with full subtleties and determinations. Triumph’s unbelievable Rocket III propelled in 2004, was prestigious as an unadulterated unique. Rocket III surprises the world with more muscle, nearness, and force than any of the challenges.

With a mind-blowing cluster of custom subtleties, premium completions, and excellent down to earth contacts. The new Rocket TFC goes directly to the highest point of each motorcyclist’s list. The new Rocket TFC could be absolutely a definitive bike, with world-beating execution and unique designing advancements than the 2018 Triumph Rocket Motorcycle.

Triumph 2019 Rocket TFC Concept Motorcycle

The Concept Becomes Reality:

Global Launch

On May 1, 2019, Triumph launched the second Triumph TFC model to join this brand-new range, which is the fantastic Rocket TFC. On this date, the full specifications, the price, and the availability calendar for this minimal edition of only 750 copies released. Don’t miss the Triumph 2019 Rocket TFC Concept Motorcycle.

Exclusive and ultra-premium limited editions

Triumph offers a historic moment for British custom design, with an exclusive limited-edition range of ultra-premium motorcycles. Triumph 2019 Rocket TFC Concept Motorcycle is built to embody the ultimate in personalized Triumph design, with a unique level of performance, technology, engineering, and improved specifications and exquisite finish. The new range starts with the beautiful, more powerful, lighter, and even higher Thruxton TFC.

Triumph 2019 Rocket TFC Concept Motorcycle

New Personalized Triumph Factory Offer

The launch of the Triumph Factory custom offering reflects Triumph’s unrivaled impact on the custom scene. Which stems from a unique passion and expertise that lives within Triumph. It is a passion that has been demonstrated repeatedly with a multitude of unique motorcycles created in a dedicated factory design workshop.

From custom ambassador bikes to cinema and multiple racing bikes, from mountain bikes to track and racing motorcycles. The start of a new exceptional offer with the most beautiful, exclusive, and desirable Triumphs never made, with other TFC models to come. Each of the upcoming ultra-premium editions features a higher specification of technology, better performance, and custom design with first-rate details.

The story

The new story from Triumph Factory Custom represents the most beautiful, exclusive, and desirable motorcycles ever made. Designed and manufactured for the highest specification and finish standards. These motorcycles are ultra-premium limited editions. These motorcycles are inspired by a passion for the global custom scene and the absolute pinnacle of their genre. Advancing the way bikes are created has always been an essential part of Triumph’s success since 1902 from the very first historic No. 1 Triumph.

Triumph 2019 Rocket TFC Concept Motorcycle

New Triumph Factory Custom offer

  • New unique and beautifully designed models
  • Each limited to only 750-worldwide, individually numbered, and should never be repeated.
  • The ultimate in design, engineering, and craftsmanship from Triumph
  • Each with a more elevated level of execution, particular and finish.
  • Set a new benchmark for quality, with an exceptional level of personalized detail
  • Carefully crafted to be the most beautiful designed and desirable triumphs ever made.

TFC Rocket Concept

  • The concept of the next TFC model is a brand new TFC Rocket
  • The world’s largest production engine transformed, the ultimate motorcycle
  • All details and launch to follow on May 1, 2019.

Moto Triumph 2019 Rocket TFC Concept – Characteristics


With the planned global production of just 750 copies, it is an ultra-limited edition of the TFC concept from Triumph Motorcycles, designed to create the most desirable Triumphs ever.

Global Beauty

The largest production engine in the world is at the heart of the performance of the Rocket TFC category, but the new chassis and the braking and suspension configuration of this exceptional motorcycle offer the dynamic and precise handling of a first-class roadster.


The ultimate in “fully charged”; Cutting-edge technology is designed to combine with driver-focused capability, breathtaking style, and an incredibly muscular presence on the road.

Sound Band

Innovative engineering, style, and a magnificent three-head exhaust provide an incredible and luxurious new Rocket TFC rumble.


In 2004, the single Rocket III cruiser surprised the world. It has the world’s most significant generation cruiser motor. No other bike has coordinated its visual effect. Furthermore, its mind-blowing force, mobility, and execution guaranteed the incredible status of the Rocket from the beginning.

Beautiful Improvements

Each TFC motorcycle embodies the ultimate in handcrafted custom design, performance, technology, engineering, specification, and finish. These breathtaking motorcycles are unique, extraordinary, and beautiful.


A Triumph 2019 Rocket TFC Concept Motorcycle is a unique work of superior engineering with a one-of-a-kind custom design. Limited to just 750 copies, each one is numbered, exclusive, and never repeated.


The TFC line represents the best of Triumph motorcycles, including higher performance, higher specification equipment, and cutting-edge technology, as well as additional exclusive technical innovations.

A Culture of Excellence

Triumph’s unique culture, passion for motorcycle design, and long tradition of engineering excellence allow us to develop a world-class custom design capability at our Hinckley headquarters.

Tested Personalized Pedigree

With remarkable custom creations handcrafted at the factory for top Hollywood movies and motorcyclists ranging from icons like Jason Statham and Luke Evans to sports legends like David Beckham.

Triumph 2019 Rocket TFC Concept Motorcycle Specs

Triumph 2019 Rocket TFC Concept Motorcycle has a breathtaking design quality, with exceptional component finishes and personalized details. TFC motorcycles are carefully designed and manufactured to be the most beautiful, exclusive, and desirable triumphs ever made. Triumph Motorcycles continues to develop an internal class capacity world for custom design and motorcycle art.

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