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Top Ten Used 600cc Sports Bikes in the World

In the 1990s and 2000s, the super sports 600 market was one of the highest demanded pitches in the world of motorcycles. Only in the UK could we find thousands of customers requesting such a beauty. Nowhere could we see the decreasing of this sports bike demand in the middleweight sales. So, find out the Top Ten Used 600cc Sports Bikes in the World.

Everything has its ending, even the goods we get in life; with this, it ended with the changes in economic conditions when the Japanese bike prices grew faster, overcoming the 600 from 7000 pounds in 2007 to 9000 pounds even more, with a shift in style.

With this, we get the results by an updated version of super sports bikes like Yamaha’s new YZR-R6 meeting with emission limits. Lots of bikes which were 600s in the showroom haven’t improved in many decades simply waiting to be sold in the market.

Below we are listing down the top 600cc super sports bikes which are highly affordable and available with specs. With the best price available in your range and your desired options are available in many fields.

Top Ten Used 600cc Sports Bikes in the World – Top Rated

10. Ducati 748/749

Top Ten Used 600cc Sports Bikes in the World

The rival four-cylinder bike with a bigger capacity of V twins, this super sports bike which is not in the range of 600, has the arrival of 848. This brand has left the market of excellent sports for good by handing over the 899 Panigale and the new 959 which are 1000cc superbikes. Both of these bikes which are 748 and 749, are available in the range of 3000 to 5000 pounds. The design of 748 cannot be overlooked, while the 749 troublesome in appearance but has chassis to offer which are improved.

9. MV Agusta F3 675

Top Ten Used 600cc Sports Bikes in the World

If we have the F3 800 in this list, this F3 675 would have been on the second, with an Italian appearance and amplified notched. Since we’re talking about the 675cc version, we may have some problems to mention here like the throttle response, and the price range is a little too high to afford right away about 7k pounds also the lowest range we find. The pros are it has a tremendous three-cylinder engine with excellent styling and let’s not forget about its advanced technology. The latest version has the ABS with a quick shifter. It is why buying a set of new bikes makes more sense in this era. Many errors have been ironed out.

8. Honda CBR650F

Top Ten Used 600cc Sports Bikes in the World

At its peak, the 600cc market of the UK was dominated by motorcycles that were true all-rounders; the old steel-framed Honda CBR600F, for instance, and bikes like the ZZR600 and Yamaha Thundercat. These were the hot hatchbacks of motorcycling, proposing practicality and performance, all with a low price. By the mid-’00s, though, the shift towards more track-focused 600s, like the Honda CBR600RR and the 06-on R6, meant riders wanting middleweight jacks-of-all-trades were left with a diminishing choice.

The 2011-on CBR600F and 2014-on CBR650F aimed to bring back a bit of that all-rounder appeal, with cheaper parts, lower costs and reduced performance than a ‘proper’ 600, but significantly more practicality. New sales have been pretty intense – outselling most of the sportier bikes in the class. It might feel like we’re pushing the definition of ‘Supersports,’ but Honda does market it in that category. If you pine for an old CBR600 from the steel-framed, pre-RR days but don’t want something of pensionable age, they’re a good choice. It’s got ABS and even brand-new the price, at £7,199, means most of its rivals are second-hand. Opt for a three-year-old 600cc version and you’ll be paying nearer £4k.

7. Honda CBR600RR (2003-6)

Top Ten Used 600cc Sports Bikes in the World

A modern template which track-focused and a race replica 600, without any arguments, this bike could be on the first here. With its great style and advanced technology then the dominant RC211 GP bike and giving us the most hardcore 600 superbikes in time. Available in an affordable range under 3000 pounds in a similar market.2005 and 2006 versions have been receiving updates with USD forks and radial calipers which are very cheap.

6. Honda CBR600F

Top Ten Used 600cc Sports Bikes in the World

We’re trying to aim here the 600s will. This one is at quite the bottom for the price tag. And for such a bike, lots of people have in mind the CBR600F. The resemblance of the 2002 model RR containing original steel frames from 1987 and fuel-injected aluminum frames shares a broad specialty mix. The CBR has been seen as the winner on tracks against the aluminum-framed rival. The price range goes from hundreds to thousands with an inserted alloy framed F4i variety from 2001 seen at 2000 pounds. Not so new in the market but yes, Honda has always been the highlight of such bikes and demanded looks and adaptability.

5. Suzuki GSX-R600 (2006-on)

Top Ten Used 600cc Sports Bikes in the World

To become the out and out track bikes from the all-rounder tag, this bike is the complete package from the 2006 group classic. Being one of the best machines to be made crashing the financial deal within two years helps deal the seal. New engine and noticeable design with new frames and handsome looking of all the GSX-R generations, all credits to its itchy exhaust and tight packaging. Great specs with radial brakes and a slipper clutch, at last, a roaring engine. Next to the 2016 version, as we can also see, people will still scuffle to tell which is a fresher machine. These days, £4k will get a low-mileage 2006 one, no problem.

4. Yamaha R6 (2006-on)

Top Ten Used 600cc Sports Bikes in the World

Yamaha R6 was also one of the known machines which were famous in 2006. Showcasing itself in the headlines with 17500 rpm redline twice even though the absolute limit was 15800 rpm. But rumors aside, you are still learning about the best bike of 600s and one of the best within that year the Yamaha R6. It was updated after two years from 2006, but till 2017, it took Yamaha to create another new R6 which does not even look the same. Highly advanced still nothing to match such a bike.

3. Triumph Daytona 675

Top Ten Used 600cc Sports Bikes in the World

A bike that had a lot to prove launched in 2006 with its efforts seen in the past for super sports bikes like TT600, Daytona 600 and Daytona 650 were still there to establish them as the superb attempt of Japanese markets. With a smaller cylinder count by a quarter designed out of the box, putting up the volume by an eighth. Becoming the winning creation at that time too. Giving us a better ride with loud four cylinders 600, the Daytona was more extensive and physically looked excellent and small. The latest version of this bike is still related to this bike. Ranging under 4000 pounds and could rise if the R version is there.

2. Honda CBR600RR (2007-on)

Top Ten Used 600cc Sports Bikes in the World

With many changes, this superbike was not so big of a deal, but it had enough games to be raised above the bars. Honda couldn’t stop making minor updates and tweaks within past years. Like adding the Combined ABS in 2009, firstly seen on any sports bike. Nowadays, the CBR bike looks a lot different but the chassis and engine are the same as the 2007 model. The price range is quite huge if ABS included version could cost you sub 5000 pounds which offer safety.

1. Kawasaki ZX-6R (2013-on)

Top Ten Used 600cc Sports Bikes in the World

This bike has one of the reasons to be noticed just by being absent from this list. This 600s was one of the market-leading bikes. But if we talk about launching the best, ZX-6R is still the best from the 2017 Yamaha R6. The pros are easy compared with other bikes tweaks. The 2013 ZX-R is new and modern with a chassis and revamped engine later built again to 636cc. Adding up more touch of torque and suppleness that others do not have. Kawasaki has been the leader in technology, with Showa BPF forks, multi-mode traction control, multiple engine maps and ABS. all the basics any sportbike person needs in its 600s kits. Ranges from the used market could be less than 6000 pounds.

Top Ten Used 600cc Sports Bikes in the World – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Used 600cc Sports Bikes in the World
1 Kawasaki ZX-6R (2013-on)
2 Honda CBR600RR (2007-on)
3 Triumph Daytona 675
4 Yamaha R6 (2006-on)
5 Suzuki GSX-R600 (2006-on)
6 Honda CBR600F
7 Honda CBR600RR (2003-6)
8 Honda CBR650F
9 MV Agusta F3 675
10 Ducati 748/749


Today’s list comprises of Best 600cc sports motorcycles that are very famous due to their powerful engine and stylish chassis. We hope that our readers will like our list and will share your valuable comments with us.

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