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Top Ten Pretty Ugly Motorcycles in the World

Buying a motorcycle can be done for various reasons, including power, freedom, convenience, and divorce celebration. Of course, they look good too. Well, the majority do. Unfortunately, not all bikes are born with aesthetically pleasing features that look good in an Instagram gym selfie. Of course, what is considered beautiful depends on who looks at it – in general, only the creator. Here are the Top Ten Pretty Ugly Motorcycles in the World!

Top Ten Pretty Ugly Motorcycles in the World – Top Rated

R1200 C & CL BMW

Top Ten Pretty Ugly Motorcycles in the World

It is noteworthy how many cosmetically defective models for a brand that is very popular and liked have come out of the doors of the Munich Mark factory.

We already have four models on this list, but we could add more, like the weird K1 sports bike, at least in red and yellow, around the Noddy Toytown Turns around when she looks beautiful. But once K1 found its way into the vintage cult favorites, we finally decided.

F650 CS Scarver BMW

Top Ten Pretty Ugly Motorcycles in the World

The BMW F650 Scarver was undoubtedly the R1200CL made from a feverish dream when it was introduced at the time.

So through panels of different shapes and colors, instead of long, thin proportions, we get knotted proportions, old front adhesive goggle headlamps, and helicopter wheel trim, which are weird from every point of view.


Top Ten Pretty Ugly Motorcycles in the World

The BMW C1 is hard to forget. BMW’s C1 is a response to the question raised, as it was determined that a modest helmet “cruelly” deprives riders of the freedom to blow air into their hair as they close their eyes. Insects were trapped while spreading the socket—their teeth. However, no one cared so much.

The C1 looks like a bully with a roll hoop on the laughing little wheels, a crimpling zoning beak in front, and a granted (and we mean granted) tall, a curved roof that lets you pass under certain bridges. I feel hesitant.

Bimota’s mantra

Top Ten Pretty Ugly Motorcycles in the World

The modern KB4 and Tesi H2 are two examples of the more refined design elements for which Bimota is known, while the mantra written by Sacha Lakic was a nightmare.

Mantras are all the wrinkles, wrinkles, and motifs that travel on the opposite side of the road where you expect them to go as if it was built from the inside out and took the form of a motorcycle with scuba diving gear.

The mantra was introduced in the 1990s, and although we now look at the time with old memories, its appearance is somewhat outdated. Although double denim and cut hair are still unpleasant, you still wear them at fancy dress events.

Ducati 999

Top Ten Pretty Ugly Motorcycles in the World

I know I’ll find some flaws in it, but the Ducati 999 is an excellent example of how not to re-style one of the most recognizable features of motorcycle design.

Many devotees thought it was a mistake to emphasize the sleek lines of the 916 sports bike, so although the 999 still had a sporty, muscular shape, it was much heavier and less seductive.

Pierre Terblanche added stacked circular headlights, which made it look like an angry bug from the front as if it weren’t scary enough.

Hyabusa Suzuki

Top Ten Pretty Ugly Motorcycles in the World

Suzuki Hiabusa’s design is another polarizing design that is equally appreciated and despised. The heavy, mump-like shell of the high-speed tourer can be forgiven because the form is more important than the aerodynamic function, but you wouldn’t call it attractive at all.

The most recent model is undoubtedly faster and has more paint treatment, but it’s less than truly re-imagined as it’s just a careful update of the late 1990s design.

Buell Super Touring 1190

Top Ten Pretty Ugly Motorcycles in the World

The Buell 1190 SuperTouring is one of the oldest motorcycles on our list that seems to be the oldest motorcycle yet to go on sale, making it one of the most efficient motorcycles of the future.

Buell, who has emerged from the darkest corners of the motorcycle world and is now in his third life, resumed work late last year with the help of a completely redesigned model of his esteemed 1190 RX sports bike.

It is the 1190 Super Touring, so it’s the first completely new model, and, frankly, we’re not sure what to make of it.

125-Gallera CX

Top Ten Pretty Ugly Motorcycles in the World

The Gilera CX-125 is easy to criticize; however, like the BMW K1 and the Bimota Mantra, there is naturally something satisfying about looking at a motorcycle through binoculars from the 1920s to 2022.

Models such as the Honda NSR250 and CX-125 cousins, the Aprilia AFI 125 Sport Pro, became collectors’ equipment three decades after the small-capacity sports bike class began in the late 1980s and 1990s.

Honda Rune

Top Ten Pretty Ugly Motorcycles in the World

Excessive chrome, sharp lines, and aggressive foot forward on this motorbike, setback, arms up riding stance is a weird appeal if it’s aimed at subtle but obvious “Bad-ass” cruisers popular with the Japanese. I was to represent—a vintage Harley Davidson.

But if you have a Honda Monkey or Honda Valkyrie Rune sitting in the showroom with a Honda Monkey or CB1000RR, then you are an employee who comes to work in costume after misremembering your dates. In addition, your supervisor will not allow you to move into the home.

V8 Morbidelli

Top Ten Pretty Ugly Motorcycles in the World

Let’s just say that a lot is happening with Morbidelli V8. Giancarlo Morbidelli, a former Grand Prix racer who now owns his own motorcycle company, intended his nickname V8 to be a big, heavy torque box that put “Sport” on the sports tour.

When the V8 first debuted in 1994, it was a tangled mix of concepts with weird proportions, weak-looking bodywork, and a vast engine that made it seem like a thought that had been hit.

Things get worse. It has an unofficial digital speedometer and a walnut-bearing dash trim, the La Rover 800, none of which has ever been requested for a motorcycle, at least not since 1992. The massive 848cc engine produces … 100bhp.

Top Ten Pretty Ugly Motorcycles in the World – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Pretty Ugly Motorcycles in the World
1 R1200 C & CL BMW
2 F650 CS Scarver BMW
3 BMW C1
4 Bimota’s mantra
5 Ducati 999
6 Hyabusa Suzuki
7 Buell Super Touring 1190
8 125-Gallera CX
9 Honda Rune
10 V8 Morbidelli

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