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Top Ten Interesting Yamaha Motorcycles of All Times

When we look at the history of Yamaha it is complicated for the fact that it is more defined with class than comparing to other rivals. And the production of this bike has shown that it is two steps ahead of lots of competition. If you look at the R1 it is bold which allows being noticed at the green light too. Also crossing is the mind which glorifies is the TDR250, rest are drought to be forgotten. Another production is not on the list anymore because they have not reached their goal but still demand lots of respect (like the GTS1000 AND SZR660 and TRX850). The list of Yamaha gems is very long which means it won’t be hard to find the particular ten for our chart. So, you should buckle up to the Top Ten Interesting Yamaha Motorcycles of All Times.

Top Ten Interesting Yamaha Motorcycles of All Times – Top Rated

10. TDR50 (1988)

Top Ten Interesting Yamaha Motorcycles of All Times

Yamaha was one of the blockbusters of its time made in 1991, the TDM850, and a road-going sports tourer bike with a high trail riding position and without any doubt. It was about twenty years ahead of its time and lots of people at that time wanted to copy this model. But Yamaha did not produce the TDM for the first foray in that direction. The 1988 model TDR250 also had the same style which was three years earlier. It also had a small two-stroke twin-engine not four. But yes it was a great masterpiece but a piece which ended quite soon. When TDR250 was launched in 1988 they also had the TDR50, which had the 49cc two-stroke single and a bike which had more paddock bike than anyone else.

9. YSR50 (1987)

Top Ten Interesting Yamaha Motorcycles of All Times

Even though it had the goodness of being mini but except for being a 50cc race rep its appearance was great, and with 38mph it was perfect for its size. This bike did not have such a useful purpose but its production was in great process for five years. It is hard to find a nice one but it is complicated to own one.

8. GR50 (1976)

Top Ten Interesting Yamaha Motorcycles of All Times

The model of 1976 and a 500 cc stroke engine concept than this one is the one you would surely want. It is a world where the FS1E is all it but Japanese production is the one to be praised. With the café racing concept it has finished the number of the board in the back but giving race looks which are odder with the 4.5bhp engine. It was one of the exciting thoughts of Yamaha production that they liked to do in the miniature style. And you do not know how small the size is until it is standing next to a standard size bike.

7. LB50IC Zippy (1973)

Top Ten Interesting Yamaha Motorcycles of All Times

The1970s model of Flares Raleigh Choppers, even with the famous color brown. And even if it was justified Yamaha LB50IC Zippy is perfect for the list. This bike was one of the strangest bikes produce. The brown and yellow color concept, based on the giant tires with an 8-inch rim not matching with the front wheel.

6. QB50 Vogel (1980)

Top Ten Interesting Yamaha Motorcycles of All Times

The miniature concept being created with 50cc continues with another model Vogel another triumph from Yamaha. This bike gives immense popularity to Honda monkey. This bike should go back to the two-stroke concept but it was forgotten.

5. RZV500R (1984)

Top Ten Interesting Yamaha Motorcycles of All Times

Ok now we won’t talk about the 50cc bikes here is something more exciting the RD 500 or the RZV500R so much more. Yes this has the two-stroke engine with 500cc V4 as the RD500 used, but this bike made a mass made steel frame the RZV which was probably hand made with aluminum chassis and a higher spec suspension. This bike did not have such a long market history with ell and silly buyers.

4. XZ550 Vision (1982)

Top Ten Interesting Yamaha Motorcycles of All Times

One of the unfired form it was one of the late produced machines of the 1980s or it was an early 90s bike. But at the beginning of the 1980s it was one of the fantastic and remarkable dates. And the engine looks too modern for a 550cc V twin engine for today’s time. Lots of people say that the British Cosworth had a hand in the design. It became popular sports tourer with shaft drive and around 65bhp. And in the markets it remained for sale only for a year. Until the Japanese soldiers came in 1987 the 400cc version hit the market.

3. SDR200 (1986)

Top Ten Interesting Yamaha Motorcycles of All Times

In 1992 when Ducati launched the monster bike it was so much different when seen comparing to bikes before. But we have seen the people of Yamaha SDR200 who have worked on it. It has the Trellis frame and yes it has three-spoke wheels. And very few styling it has but it has what a great bike needs even the basics and this stuff was back in 1986 when Yamaha had two-stroke 200cc single. But all we know that this bike production only lasted for a year.

2. SRV250 Renaissa (1998)

Top Ten Interesting Yamaha Motorcycles of All Times

Virago 250 would be your first choice if you wanted a Yamaha engine at your disposal and wanted to create a retro look with a naked style and an anchor of air-cooled V twin. Somehow we know that it has done the services of SRV250 for some years. But this is not normal it was quite a unique bike. We can call it a Renaissance version made briefly in the 90s with different tank styles and a seat which was dropped bars, all classic café racers bit on it a significant transformation. The engine can sometimes be a disappointment to the rider.

1. R1-Z (1990)

Top Ten Interesting Yamaha Motorcycles of All Times

It’s not that unusual because Yamaha spent a large amount of quality time creating a sliding parallel-twin stroke into tube framed naked bikes, which is the RD250 and the RD350 line up for insurance. With no export and one year of production of the motorcycle the result for R1Z remain quite odd. It was tempting thanks to the 45bhp smoker engine and 133 kg in weight dry. It is not so easy to find these bikes now but they are cheaper in rate compare to TZR250.

Top Ten Interesting Yamaha Motorcycles of All Times – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Interesting Yamaha Motorcycles of All Times
1 R1-Z (1990)
2 SRV250 Renaissa (1998)
3 SDR200 (1986)
4 XZ550 Vision (1982)
5 RZV500R (1984)
6 QB50 Vogel (1980)
7 LB50IC Zippy (1973)
8 GR50 (1976)
9 YSR50 (1987)
10 TDR50 (1988)


Yamaha motorcycles are always famous among the riders and it is one of the most selling motorcycle brands. Today’s article provides the list of new bikes in the history that is not only interesting for their excellent shape and style but they have something unusual story attached. Hopefully, you have enjoyed our article and will leave your comments in the comment section below.

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