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Top Ten Flop Bikes that Deserve Revision

It took us by surprise – not only about the possible new motorbikes but also about the old motorbikes that were legendary flops for the first time but could – hardly – have them if released today. There is a better chance. Take Suzuki’s famous B-King, for example. Allegedly supercharged (this was not the end) super naked showbike that, when finally brought into production in 2007, failed miserably to meet expectations simply because of its high publicity.

Or Galleria’s inventor, the single front, forked the CX125 from 1990, which looked like something out of the Tron but performed so modestly (and expensively) that it had to shut down less than a year later. Before that only 1000 were made.

Top Ten Flop Bikes that Deserve Revision – Top Rated

10. Harley-Davidson XR1200 (or maybe 1250)

Top Ten Flop Bikes that Deserve Revision
2008 XR1200 DOMESTIC

Most of our worthy readers are familiar with the unfortunate story of the XR1200: a bold, Harley Europe-led move to create a decent handling performance ‘Hog’ inspired by the well-known D’s XR750 flat track racer. The XR1200 was released in 2008 with a twin 1200 Sportster V-twin engine, good handling, and excellent appearance. However, it was a great success, especially in the United States.

The XR1200R was revised in 2010, improving the multi-adjustable suspension, but it performed somewhat better, and the project was canceled in 2012. It was powerful at 90bhp, but it was also too heavy to compete with European rivals, and it was not supported enough by Harley-Davidson USA to thrive in the United States.

9. Husqvarna Nuda 900 (or maybe 890)

Top Ten Flop Bikes that Deserve Revision

The dates of some recent motorcycle brands are as tumultuous as those of the Husqvarna, the historic Swedish off-road experts. Cagiva bought it in 1987 and moved it to Varese, Italy. It was later sold to BMW in 2007, which sold it to KTM in 2013 after a series of scandals, including abuse by the Italian labor unions.

It, of course, made the video an overnight sensation because the bikes are a bit more like the Dukes of today, but under BMW control, the Nuda 900, though a sales fiasco, was excellent. The Husqvarna Nuda 900 was based on the F800 but larger, adjusted to 105bhp and supplied with Brembos. It was initially the predecessor of today’s F900R but looked more equipped and better.

8. MV Agusta Brutale 920

Top Ten Flop Bikes that Deserve Revision

The short-lived Brutale 920 of 2011-2012 came closest. The 920 was developed with a more basic premise as the ‘entry level’ Brutale during the Harley-Davidson establishment, which probably shut down many people because if you’re going to buy an MV, You want the most extensive, most extreme version.

The 920 was stunning: its beautiful, smooth, yet guaranteed 130bhp was more than enough for a roadster, its handling and riding were much better than other MVs, it looked stunning, and it was reasonable. The MV Agusta 920 (910, 989, and 990) should have hit the market if it had been advertised and distributed correctly.

7. Buell 1125 CR

Top Ten Flop Bikes that Deserve Revision

At least once, the killer came very close to gold. Buell’s last-ditch, the Rotax-powered, 146bhp 1125R Sportster, was a great (albeit weird-looking) road Sportster that never got the chance because Buell rushed to the press debut with faulty machines.

By the time her fuel was recovered, her sibling was highly naked, 1125 CR, available and (except for the shallow handlebar) was even better – her performance was more competitive, and her appearance Was more unique. Unfortunately, the bike was never given a chance, being marketed in bizarre ways by Harley dealers, never caught in the United States, and the entire Buell enterprise shut down after only two years of CR.

6. Moto Morini 1200 Granpasso

Top Ten Flop Bikes that Deserve Revision

Moto Mourinho was one of the least valued of the restored traditional Italian companies that emerged in the early 2000s. His last bike (type) was also one of the lowest rated. Moto Mourinho was revived in 1999, and his first brand new bike, the 1187cc V-twin Corsaro, was introduced in 2005. It was also a decent bike, with 140bhp flaming bhp and excellent handling.

On the downside, this was initially hampered by volatile fuels, corporate underfunding, and a lack of PR and sales infrastructure. It was followed by better motorcycles, such as the Vintage Scrabbler, High Spec Corsaro Velos (2006), and more recently, the Gran Passo Adventure Sport in 2008.

5. Yamaha MT-01

Top Ten Flop Bikes that Deserve Revision

One of the bravest and most beautiful motorcycles of the early 2000s was also a misunderstanding and, well, failed. The big, bum stick MT-01 (Yamaha’s first ‘Masters of Torque’ machine) was initially a show/fantasy bike that Yamaha boldly pursued production in 2005 for reasons we still don’t fully understand.

What a machine! At its center was a large, low-revolving 1700cc pushrod V-twin housed in a beautiful (but significant) roadster chassis with multi-adjustable suspension, radial brakes, and all the best equipment. It even had a gem-like dash.

4. Honda CB1000 ‘Big One.’

Top Ten Flop Bikes that Deserve Revision

Oh, get over it already; it’s ironic that in late 1990, the Japanese were interested in the big four-cylinder retro like the XJR1200 and CB1300, as well as the later GSX1400 and ZRX11 and 1200. It was punched by one of the biggest. And the biggest of them all – the 1992 CB1000 ‘Big One.

And, given the current state of Honda’s offerings in the class, the CB1100 and CB1000R, the Big Honda could do worse than reviving it today. The Big One bombed because it was expensive and possibly premature.

But it was also superbly assembled (HRC included if memory works); its detuned CBR1000F liquid cooler had a pleasant and smooth, unexpectedly strong handling, and such a presence on the road. The dimensions were 10% larger—more than anything.

3. Moto Guzzi V11

Top Ten Flop Bikes that Deserve Revision

Another with a strong irony. The V7 is Guzzi’s contemporary V-Twin Throwback Roadster, the best-selling Italian brand motorcycle, but it has achieved just what (850cc) performance it should have had from the start, and Till is a little ugly and young.

Oh, for the more solid, reliable V9, or maybe V11. Wait a minute, Guzzi did a year ago, but it was many years ahead of its time, interrupted by Guzzi’s off-field issues, and he will have a much better chance of success now. The original V11 was released in 2001 owned by Aprilia and was a stunning-looking, respectable (91bhp) motorcycle that impressed many versions of different features and designs.

2. KTM RC8 (or maybe RC 1290)

Top Ten Flop Bikes that Deserve Revision

After a long wait for their big V-twin from KTM, the superbike version was delayed, finally introduced in 2008, and it was such a flop that it was discontinued by 2010.

RC8 had a humorously horrible time after being created to compete in the World SB Championships … However, changes in legislation during its construction meant that it would never There is any competition, so his opinion was rejected. However, for the first attempt at a sports bike, the RC8 – albeit a bit of a problem – was a good fit, if not the first attempt at a less powerful one that later gained cultural traction.

1. Ducati Sport Classic

Top Ten Flop Bikes that Deserve Revision

It is not surprising that the Sport Classic has often been called a bike ahead of its time. But when you consider the current lack of Ducati’s classic roadster lineup – when it should, of course, be with the Triumph – the case for bringing back the Sport Classic becomes much more vital.

No wonder they are so popular; the Sports Classics was initially introduced in 2005, which included the Faired Paul Smart Limited Edition and the Fired, less expensive Sport 1000. Both are 992cc Air Cooled V-Twins with lots of quality, handling, and respectable 92bhp. A year later, the twin-seat GT debuted. In the past, they were all brilliant. The problem was, they didn’t sell.

Top Ten Flop Bikes that Deserve Revision – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Flop Bikes that Deserve Revision
1 Ducati Sport Classic
2 KTM RC8 (or maybe RC 1290)
3 Moto Guzzi V11
4 Honda CB1000 ‘Big One.’
5 Yamaha MT-01
6 Moto Morini 1200 Granpasso
7 Buell 1125 CR
8 MV Agusta Brutale 920
9 Husqvarna Nuda 900 (or maybe 890)
10 Harley-Davidson XR1200 (or maybe 1250)

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