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Top Ten Expert Tips to Buy Used Bike

Buying a second-hand bike in the market can be one of the most complicated options to do when buying or selling in such a market. Usually, people keep their standard high while purchasing a second-hand bike. Ideally, the purchase you make could also be in decent condition and free from many faults, so definitely, while buying a second-hand product, you should be looking for the best. So now further ahead, we will tell you some precautions and steps in our Top Ten Expert Tips to Buy Used Bike from the market just so when you go, you know exactly what to do from step one.

Top Ten Expert Tips to Buy Used Bike – Top Rated

Phone call

Top Ten Expert Tips to Buy Used Bike

Before going out in the market, you should carefully note down the contact information of the people who are selling your type of product in the market, and with each fact, you learn from them you can easily choose the best one. Here are some of the questions you should keep in your mind while calling a seller.

  • Has the bike ever came into an accident? And if it did, how bad is it?
  • How many owners have this product had? (more owners means more problems)
  • Is it an imported material officially from the UK?
  • Finance outstanding condition?
  • How is the service matter, and who helps it fix?
  • Any updates and the original parts are for sale?


Top Ten Expert Tips to Buy Used Bike

Before buying or selling, you should always check if documentation is entirely complete with frame engine numbers, and you should mark the V5 registration documents with the owner’s information of his or her address. And an MOT should be valid too and see for the bike to be taxed. With the help of HPI, you can check and tell if the machines have outstanding finance, but still, that’s not sure.

The Walk Around

Always go to view in daylight hours in the right weather conditions or a very well lit garage. It will help you to have a deep eye in every inch of the bike. Stand back and have a walk around the bike before moving in for a closer inspection. You’re more likely to notice mismatched panels or a twisted subframe from a distance than standing six inches away.

Check the wheels are in line by asking someone to sit on the bike with the bars straight and then squat down ten feet in front or behind the machine to see if the front wheel lines up with the back. Use a plank if the owner has one to hand. It’s a slightly crude method but worth doing.

Tires, discs chain and sprockets

Top Ten Expert Tips to Buy Used Bike

You should always check the condition of tire disk and gears if fitted and see if they do not need to be replaced. Each bike has different types of tire that can cost up to 250 pounds a pair the chain and sprocket are not so costly they can cost around 100 pounds. If the wheel rims are chipped, it means the tires have been changed much time, and you should ask the owner for low mileage. And you can tell by the knacker head tire how the bike has been handled.


Top Ten Expert Tips to Buy Used Bike

The new modern engine is almost always reliable, but you should always check for suspicious rattles and knocking noises. Look carefully for oil leaking and coolant leaks, which could show you if the bike has a new problem coming up. Listen to the engine tell the owner to start the driver in front of you and press your hand against the pipe to hear and feel the system leaks r any other stuff. Again ask an experienced friend for help

Head bearings

Top Ten Expert Tips to Buy Used Bike

If you understand the knocking through the handlebars than the bike’s head bearing may be worn out, and it must be fixed or replaced. It is not a huge problem, but it should have been checked before if it has gotten a full-service history. Check the fork seals. It is the area where the shiny bit of the fork leg disappears inside the main one. Before riding the bike, fix the leaks if found. Which will cost around 150-200 pounds depending on the model of bikes?


Lights, indicators, console lights, horn side, stand cut out, and anything else that relies on the electric part of the bike should be checked thoroughly. If any fault rewiring, it means the bike has gone through major rebuilt. Make sure all buttons are working correctly because they can cost a lot of money. If the motorcycle’s armed with a security key, such as Honda HISS, then make sure the spare’s included in the deal. If you lose the original, then it can cost you a fortune.

The test ride

Top Ten Expert Tips to Buy Used Bike

If the owners tell you to take a test drive, then do not hesitate. Make sure you full fill this part very carefully and do not be shocked if the owners ask you to leave your id or keys here with them for safety purposes. Find the right road where you quickly judge the sharp turns and cut off the ride and make sure you handle the steering well enough to know it’s a function. And at last respect the owner’s property, you are for the moment just looking at it be gentle.


There are tons of bikes in the second-hand market, so do not get confused and panic. If you are satisfied with everything, you checked then do not hesitate to haggle. The owners will be looking for a buyer who will pay the price they want. Do not tell them that their machine is terrible or something stupid, or they will ask you to leave, especially if you do it on purpose to get the price down. Ask nicely and bargain well, and you will get what you desire.

Purchase if Deal Done

You need not delay the payment once the deal has been done because there are several buyers out there who may want the same bike. So, you have to make sure that you will purchase the bike either instantly or within two days.

Top Ten Expert Tips to Buy Used Bike – Top List

Sr. # Ten Export Tips to Purchase Second-Hand Used Bike
1 Phone call
2 Documents
3 The Walk Around
4 Tires, discs chain and sprockets
5 Engine
6 Head bearings
7 Electrics
8 The test ride
9 Haggling
10 Purchase if Deal Done


In the end, Bikes Catalog would like to say that purchasing a bike is very important phase because your future riding entirely depends on your right decision. So, it is advised to our worthy reader that they should keep above mentioned points in mind before purchasing any bike.

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