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Top Ten Bikes that Deserves Riders Attention

It’s a difficult task to work at a firm where you make bikes inspired by legislation and fashion. We’ve already listed some motorcycles that have sold more in the previous year, now this list consists of bikes that failed to reach the sales level that we expect. We have taken the bikes from the past decade rather than the last year only and the list is subjective. Some of the bikes were sold in a small course while some were the bad bikes that got the success they were made. You can add your reviews in the comment section below. So, here is the list of Top Ten Bikes that Deserves Riders Attention.

Top Ten Bikes that Deserves Riders Attention – Top Rated

10. Suzuki B-King

Top Ten Bikes that Deserves Riders Attention

This bike of Suzuki is known and remembered by everyone. Since the bike had a slot of coverage therefore it’s not a surprise that why it’s still so memorable among people even after years. But the bike didn’t gain the sales that were expected from it. It might be due to the problem of extended time between the appearance of the machine and the concept shown. The style was a bit awkward which wasn’t according to what was expected. Between 2007 to 2012, 849 bikes were registered in the UK which peaked at 231 in 2008. Which is a positive sign if we compare it to other bikes on the guide.

9. Aprilia Tuono V4 R

Top Ten Bikes that Deserves Riders Attention

The bike has superbike chassis, V4 engine full bars. And galore that are electronic. This bike is admired by everyone who rides it since it’s a beast. However that doesn’t include a lot of people. From 2011 to 2013 only 443 bikes were registered. Even the press coverage for this bike was massive but still it didn’t reach the expected sales.

8. Buell 1125R

Top Ten Bikes that Deserves Riders Attention

This bike was a high first effort superbike with a water-cooled engine and it had a styling only its mother would love. It was a bike that spawned the present 1190RS which was inspired by 1125R successor which was under construction when Harley stopped the production of Buell in 2009. The owners in the UK were only 290 with the last one registered in 2013 after the end of its creation. But it’s better than the 1125CR version with 175 buyers only.

7. Derbi Mulhacen 659

Top Ten Bikes that Deserves Riders Attention

The Mulhacen was Derbi’s attempt to get out of the ordinary sub 125cc market and into something more huge, which also gained a lot of coverage. The production model was pretty cool and it came out as a stylish street tracker bike, featuring Yamaha’s XT660 single which was very reliable and vintage. The price was below £5k which was less so there would’ve been no sales problem. But this didn’t work out as the sales didn’t reach the expectations and only 51 bikes for registered and other 10 were the cafe versions to get registered. There are two times more Desmosedici RRs sold in the country.

6. Ducati Streetfighter

Top Ten Bikes that Deserves Riders Attention

The bike gained a significant amount of coverage as a naked superbike in the market, however it did not reach the expected sales in the United Kingdom. Between its launch in 2009 and the end of 2013, the combined registrations for the only 367 StreetFighter S and Streetfighter were sold with a maximum of 173 in 2009. Only 12 were registered last year in the UK. The Streetfighter seems to be unfairly treated as the other Ducati’s Gained the success they deserved.

5. Ducati GT 1000

Top Ten Bikes that Deserves Riders Attention

Given that ‘retro’ has often been mounted with success in recent years. Ducati’s Sport Classic range was expected to do super hit but as it turned out, none of the motorcycles in the line made much impact in the United Kingdom and of them all. The understated GT 1000 was the slowest seller, despite arguably being the classiest of the bunch.

The classic sports range of Ducati was expected to sell widely because of its retro style. But unfortunately, no machine was successful in the UK and GT1000 was the one with the lowest sales despite being the most classic.

Only 173 bikes were registered from 2006 to 2012 according to DFTs stats. The Ducati known as the “Touring” version was around 23 to get registered, along with sexier Sport 1000 which disappointed with its sales as well. Getting a cheap one is not possible for a bike with good value now so we better wait a little more time.

4. MV Agusta F3

Top Ten Bikes that Deserves Riders Attention

The MV Augusta F3 would’ve been the best seller if good looks and press work were it’s a success factor, but it turns out they aren’t. You must’ve thought that a bike with such economical price, decent design, technology and coverage would be the best seller in the UK in the first year but it sold only 64 bikes on sale in 2012, and six of them were the ‘Oro’ version that was pretty expensive. One reason is due to the less availability of this version in the year but if this was the problem then why in 2013 only 41 bikes got registered?. It also includes the 800cc latest version which was registered only 17 in 2013. We all know that this bike deserved a better response.

3. MZ 1000S

Top Ten Bikes that Deserves Riders Attention

The mid-2000 parallel-twin got a lot of attention and coverage even though the MZ 1000S didn’t become the best seller. The bikes sold in the UK were almost no and only 41 bikes got registered during 2004-2009 and that also includes the sales of 13 ‘SF’ and 7 ‘ST’ total. Although this bike was on the front page of several magazines and was a VFR rival by being sub-par, it’s the price is £7999 which is more significant than Honda’s in 2004. The bikes were discontinued in 2008’s year-end.

2. Aprilia RST Futura

Top Ten Bikes that Deserves Riders Attention

If the MZ’s bad sales are relatively easy to understand, the dismal showroom performance of Aprilia’s RST Futura is somewhat harder to grasp. The amalgamation of the stonking RSV Mille V-twin powerful engine and a comfy sports-tourer including unique – if divisive – designing should have been a recipe for some sort of success. But it wasn’t to be. Not by a long shot.

The bikes recipe of a combination of RSV Mille V twin engine and comfortable sports tourer characteristics with good designs weren’t good enough for making this bike successful hit. Only 68 bikes got registered in the UK in the year of debut and many Aprilias were on the list. In the upcoming years there were only 92 registers rooms and 52 best performance in 2003 which was the year that it’s manufacturing got discontinued. Even though the bike had terrific features and came out when Aprilia was on its success so why did it still fail is the real question.

1. Aprilia RSV4

Top Ten Bikes that Deserves Riders Attention

The bikes got a fantastic engine, style, WSB titles including three manufacturers titles and two riders championship. It should’ve been considered as a classic bike a why did it still fail? The characteristics of this bike aren’t even that expensive as compared to its competitors. Among the years 2009-2013, the number of bikes sold was 713 only in the UK. However BMW sold a higher number of S1000RRs (757) only in the year 2013. It is a disappointing result after so much hard work and effort from the firm.

Top Ten Bikes that Deserves Riders Attention – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Bikes that Deserves Riders Attention
1 Aprilia RSV4
2 Aprilia RST Futura
3 MZ 1000S
4 MV Agusta F3
5 Ducati GT 1000
6 Ducati Streetfighter
7 Derbi Mulhacen 659
8 Buell 1125R
9 Aprilia Tuono V4 R
10 Suzuki B-King


The bikes mentioned on the list deserved a better chance at sales and recognition with the fantastic features and abilities that each of them possessed. But sometimes, we can’t expect to get the same result for every masterpiece created.

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