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Top Ten Best Used BMW Motorcycles under $25000 in 2023

Since BMW is among the Best Sports Motorcycle Brands in the World, it always launches several unique motorcycles for its customers. Today’s article concerns the Top Ten Best Used BMW Motorcycles list under $25000 in 2023.

Top Ten Best Used BMW Motorcycles under $25000 in 2023 – Top Rated

BMW S 1000 RR

Top Ten Best Used BMW Motorcycles under $25000 in 2023

BMW’s first superbike, the S 1000 RR, competed on and off the track against established models such as the Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade, Yamaha YZF-R1, Suzuki GSX-R1000, and Kawasaki ZX-10R. Only 1000 of these early models were produced in 2009 to comply with racing homologation rules and were initially built for the WorldSB Championship, where Australian Troy Corsair contested them. As a result, these early models are undeniably collectible and virtually always classical.

A 999cc inline four-cylinder engine with a 14,200 rpm redline and 140kW to the rear wheel, which was class-leading (for the time), powered the mighty Beemer. While the premium Brembo hardware, including twin 320mm discs and four-pot calipers up front and a 220mm rear disc with a single-pot caliper down back, slowed down the show, the quick shifter was a standard feature unusual for the period.

BMW S 1000 RR HP4

Top Ten Best Used BMW Motorcycles under $25000 in 2023

Think of the base model of the BMW S 1000 RR HP4 (high-performance four-cylinder) as a model on steroids. The unique model, which debuted in 2012, has a power output of 142kW and was the lightest four-cylinder sports bike in its class, weighing 9kg less than the standard bike. HP was 4. Created as a companion model for BMW’s WorldSB race bikes, driven by Chaz Davis and Marco Melandri in the 2013 season. It enhances handling, power delivery, agility, and exclusivity, as each bike has a unique HP4 serial number engraved on the top triple clamp. The motorcycle is also included among the list of Top Ten Best Ultimate Track Bikes in the World.

Rear footpegs are the only factory option, and the tall two-piece engine fairing, tinted windscreen, and plain seat cowl distinguish the HP4 from its parent bike. Additionally, even though the HP4 was track-ready out of the box, it was fun to drive thanks to standard ABS brakes and Dynamic Damping Control, which electronically adjusts the suspension to best suit the current road surface.

BMW K 1600 GT

Top Ten Best Used BMW Motorcycles under $25000 in 2023

The K 1600 GT, BMW’s first six-cylinder sports tourer and competitor to the Honda Goldwing is a big, comfortable mile-eater. The 1549cc inline six-cylinder K 1600 GT with ride-by-wire throttle, introduced in 2010, produces 118kW and a mighty 175Nm of torque. Despite having an aluminum frame and alloy magnesium front subframe, it weighs a hefty 319kg and has a six-speed gearbox. Used examples of this type sell for between $15,000 and $20,000.

The K series introduced advanced technology, such as adaptive headlights that let you see “turn around” for the first time worldwide. The bike leans through turns by changing the beam angle of the xenon headlamps. The K 1600 GT excels on long journeys where its comfort, turbine smooth six, comfortable chassis geometry, and on-the-fly adjustable suspension combine to make driving easy, while ABS and optional traction control make moving easy.

BMW R 1150 GS Adventure/R 1200 GS Adventure

Top Ten Best Used BMW Motorcycles under $25000 in 2023

A reliable BMW adventure bike is a fantastic option if you want to travel somewhere unknown. The flat-twin-engined version of the Unboxer attracted droves of buyers who appreciated its spacious riding position, long-haul comfort, and true dual-sport capability. The craze for adventure riding started with BMW in 1981 and has significantly increased momentum since the early 2000s. The ‘GS’ suffix stands for Gelände/Straße, which translates to ‘Train/street’ or ‘off-road/on-road.’ Actors and motorcycle enthusiasts Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman traveled the world in a pair of R 1150 GS Beemers in 2004, filming their antics for the popular TV series Long Way Round. As a result, the popularity of the models skyrocketed.

But first, a warning before you search. Although extremely powerful, both models are bulky in size and weight and need to be more suitable for beginners. So, before going uphill, practice riding off-road on a smaller, lighter motorcycle, such as the BMW F 800 GS. The R 1200 GS, more delicate and more potent than the R 1150 GS, was produced in 2019 when the BMW R 1250 GS replaced the R 1150 GS, which ran from 1999 to 2006. ‘Adventure’ models often have more aggressive dual-purpose tires and a larger fuel tank, giving them a vital off-road advantage.


Top Ten Best Used BMW Motorcycles under $25000 in 2023

As a styling experiment in response to competing automakers’ cafe racers, the Vintage R NineT Roadster was born. Before Beemer was introduced in 2014, opting for vintage aesthetics often meant settling for vintage performance and handling or the lack thereof. The R NineT, on the other hand, was a game-changer as it combined current ride quality, handling, comfort, safety, and technology with a significant amount of performance into an appealing nostalgia package.

The tested 1170cc boxer flat-twin engine under the tank produces 81kW and very low-to-mid torque. Due to the shaft’s final drive, power is quickly delivered to the rear wheels through all six speeds. While you realize that the forks are from an S 1000 RR superbike and that the chassis, ABS brakes, and suspension are designed to give the rider confidence while pushing, you’re not surprised by its cornering abilities and straight line.

BMW S 1000 XR

Top Ten Best Used BMW Motorcycles under $25000 in 2023

The BMW S 1000 XR, is an exceptional all-rounder with a comprehensive, upright riding posture that perfectly balances good comfort and engaging acceleration. Furthermore, its commanding ergonomics and long suspension travel make it more valuable on rough dirt roads than smooth roads. Since 2015, the BMW S 1000 XR has captivated riders with its unique blend of adventure bike comfort, cutting-edge technology, sports bike thrills, and refinement. The S 1000 XR sports a small but effective screen and minimal bodywork as it rubs against the reliable 999cc inline-four engine from BMW, which produces a respectable 121kW here.

The S 1000 XR engine, based on the S 1000 RR superbike, performs at its peak and most satisfying level when pushed to the top of its rpm range. It is said to be capable of a top speed of around 275 kmph. The S 1000 XR is pleasantly agile for a giant, relatively heavy bike (226kg). It leans impeccably, clipping peaks with pinpoint precision thanks to its superbike demeanor and well-tuned suspension. It’s equally adept at maneuvering through traffic, and multi-day touring is a breeze thanks to its upright riding position, high-speed stability, and super-comfortable seat. You’re ready for this long lap of Oz if you’ve got some tough stuff. If you can find one, go for one with the optional Dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) installed. The system lets you adjust preload and damping settings at the touch of a button.

BMW M 1000 R

Top Ten Best Used BMW Motorcycles under $25000 in 2023

Next in the list of Top Ten Best Used BMW Motorcycles under $25000 in 2023, we have the BMW M 1000 R. One can observe the perfection in its details. M winglets generate downforce with the help of aerodynamics, stopping takeoff for high-flying aircraft. At 220 kph, they add 11 kilograms to the front axle. One will benefit from early braking and acceleration in turns. The motorcycle is powered by the same M RR-derived 999cc, 4-cylinder, water-cooled, inline engine. The bike offers the maximum power output of S 1000 R by 40 hp, and the higher torque output is 83 lb-ft.

BMW R 1250 RS

Top Ten Best Used BMW Motorcycles under $25000 in 2023

The BMW R 1250 RS is famous for its agility, ergonomics, and powerful engine. The bike comes with standard Dynamic Traction Control to ensure increased road safety. Before this change, DTC was an optional upgrade for premium riders. It’s a fantastic bonus that all riders may appreciate.

Furthermore, the new ECO mode is designed for better mileage. The latest technology also merges the existing Road and Rain settings, and a brand new TFT dashboard displays an efficiency reading to monitor actual consumption in real-time.

BMW R 1250 GS

Top Ten Best Used BMW Motorcycles under $25000 in 2023

Up next on the list of the top ten best used BMW motorcycles under $25000 in 2023, we have R 1250 GS. Its powerful engine is the response for massive power delivery. The bike is famous for its remarkable performance and better smoothness at low rotational speeds. Additionally, BMW’s ShiftCam variable camshaft management helps generate powerful torque over the whole engine speed range, offering the rider more control under all conditions.

BMW R 1250 GS Trophy

Top Ten Best Used BMW Motorcycles under $25000 in 2023

The new BMW R 1250 GS Trophy features a powerful air/liquid-cooled, four-stroke, flat-twin engine responsible for leaving others behind during adventure rides. Attractive graphics, ergonomic design, and carefully designed seats ensure the best riding pleasure. The rugged Enduro aluminum engine guard is designed primarily to withstand the rigidities of the all-road track. The broader and longer footrests on the Enduro models offer the feel of more stability over rough terrain.

Top Ten Best Used BMW Motorcycles under $25000 in 2023 – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best Used BMW Motorcycles under $25000 in 2023
1 BMW S 1000 RR
2 BMW S 1000 RR HP4
3 BMW K 1600 GT
4 BMW R 1150 GS Adventure/R 1200 GS Adventure
5 BMW R NineT
6 BMW S 1000 XR
7 BMW M 1000 R
8 BMW R 1250 RS
9 BMW R 1250 GS
10 BMW R 1250 GS Trophy

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