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2023 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure Trophy Review Specs


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Do you want to get the most out of your bike and enjoy the experience of discovering new places? The R 1250 GS Adventure GS Trophy is tailor-made for you. Fans of the International GS Trophy are drawn in by the car’s distinctive Gravity Blue Metallic color. It has a Rallye seat designed for extreme Enduro riding, so you can be confident that your bike can handle everything you throw. It has a distinctive off-road appearance thanks to its cross-spoke wheels made of high-gloss stainless steel spokes. Off-road standing riders will appreciate the added support and non-slip stability the Enduro footrests provide. At first sight, this bike can handle any challenge.

2023 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure Trophy

2023 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure Trophy – Features and Specs

2023 BMW Motorrad USA Model Year Update Guide.

Changes and improvements for the 2023 BMW Motorrad motorbike and scooter lineup have been announced. Ordering and purchasing have been made more accessible by introducing a single, all-encompassing equipment package for most models.

BMW Motorrad presents the R 1250 GS Trophy Competition.

Supreme boxer power for the International GS Trophy 2022 across Albania.

Munich. From September 4-10, 2022, the BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy will take place in Albania, a country known for its rugged cliffs, deep valleys, furious rivers, and gorgeous Mediterranean coastline. The government is still a well-kept secret for off-road adventurers, and this year, enduro riders from all over the globe will have access to one of 126 custom-built R 1250 GS Trophy Competitions.

Superior thrust and power and customized equipment for challenging adventures in the most difficult terrain.

After missing out on the 2020 International GS Trophy with the F 850 GS as their competition bike, BMW Motorrad is coming back with the flat-twin boxer-powered R 1250 GS Trophy Competition. When riding over challenging off-road terrain, it is sometimes necessary to go in low gear, and this provides the original, more excellent power delivery, hefty torque, and maximum grip. The R 1250 GS Trophy Competition enters the seven-day adventure with several modifications made specifically for the competition, including a two-tone paint job in Light white uni / Gravity blue metallic matt and specially designed GS Trophy stickers. The R 1250 GS will join that year’s lineup with its dual-tone paint job.

This year’s BMW International GS Trophy Competition Bike, for instance, has a TFT display that is secured against damage in a fall and from falling rocks, a robust enduro engine guard made of aluminum, and a headlight protection guard. The R 1250 GS Adventure’s adjustable gearshift and footbrake levers, as well as the bike’s extremely sturdy enduro footrests, are also suitable for the rigorous off-road usage that lies ahead. Instead of the regular Karoo 3 tires, the cross-spoke wheels have Metzeler Karoo 4 tires installed for superior traction in challenging conditions. The competition car is outfitted with a sports windshield, rally seat, and Akrapovic rear silencer.

Small Tank Bag Adventure Collection as a practical companion during long exhausting riding days.

The compact tank bag from the new Adventure Bag Collection gives International GS Trophy riders a place to keep their essentials like cutlery, snacks, and water. It can hold up to 5 liters. It may be attached to the back of an R 1250 GS Trophy Competition and used as a luggage compartment. The Small Adventure Collection Tank Bag also has a waterproof inner bag, water-repellent and lockable two-way zips in the main room, a zippered lid pocket, and cable access for a charging wire to the inside.

Rallye Seat

The Rallye seat highlights the bike’s stunning off-road appearance while providing more mobility due to its stronger cushioning and shorter inner leg curves.

2023 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure Trophy

Cross-Spoked Wheels

The high-gloss stainless steel spokes of the off-road cross-spoke wheels provide the finishing touch to the vehicle’s rugged appearance.

Enduro aluminum engine guard

This strong Enduro aluminum engine guard was explicitly designed for off-road usage and offered excellent protection for the engine’s bottom half.

Enduro Footrests

The Enduro footrests are more comfortable for extended periods spent off-road since they are larger and longer. You may confidently ride upright because of their superior non-slip properties. Control of the car will be realized without interfering with using the gear selector or the brake pedal.

Comfort for Every Mile

When you step on the gas, you can’t wait to see where the road track takes you. You need a bike like the R 1250 GS, with a touring and comfort package. On cold days, the heated seats will keep you comfortable, and the many LED lights will illuminate any dark area. There is plenty of room for your belongings in the Vario top case and the Vario cases on both sides. You may travel with confidence in uncharted territory with the help of your trusty navigation.

LED Lighting Technology

The road ahead is much more visible while taking corners, thanks to the adaptive cornering light.

Multifunctional Indicator Lamps

The LED indicator lights double as brake and rear lights, flashing yellow and red.

2023 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure Trophy

LED Additional Headlights

The extra strong LED headlights improve visibility even further in low-light situations.

Seat heating

Seat heating, which can be adjusted independently for the rider and passenger, increases convenience and extends the riding season.

Option 719 billet pack Storm II

The premium silver-grey rough appearance of the Storm II billet pack from the premium Option 719 establishes design highlights.


The Vario entire case may be adjusted from 25 to 35 liters of storage space thanks to its revolutionary two-level adjustment system. The Vario entire case may be attached safely using the top case carrier, and the passenger can rest more easily on the Vario entire case’s backrest cushion during short and long journeys.

Vario case

The left side of the unique Vario case may expand to a maximum of 39 liters, while the right side can expand from 20 to 29 liters.

Navigator VI

It’s not only on-the-road enthusiasts who can enjoy the Navigator VI. In addition to superior navigation, the system provides many useful extra features.

Off up the gravel road

You can trust the R 1250 GS to get you through the most challenging off-road terrain. Designed in a dynamic rally fashion, it comes equipped for any journey. The rally windshield is a focal point of the eye-catching design. The aluminum Enduro engine guard and the cylinder-head cover plate will keep your passion for exploration alive and well.

Style Rallye

The Style Rallye highlights the touring enduro’s athletic potential.

Enduro aluminum engine guard

This strong Enduro aluminum engine guard was explicitly designed for off-road usage and offered excellent protection for the engine’s bottom half.

Cylinder-head cover guard

The cylinder head is safeguarded by an anodized aluminum cover protection, which also improves the motorcycle’s aesthetics.

Aluminum top case

The sturdy 32-liter metal top case is impressive even in harsh environments and has enough room for a helmet.

Aluminum case, incl. case holder

The durable aluminum case has a right-side compartment that can hold 36 liters and a left-side compartment that can hold 44 liters. Even in the direst scenarios, you will see its value. The touring case may be quickly and securely attached to the case holder on either side, constructed of polished stainless steel.

2023 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure Trophy

Increased volume aluminum case set, 40 Years GS limited edition

The added aluminum formed increases the case’s capacity by 13.5 liters on each side, for 27 liters.

Stylish in all facets

The R 1250 GS Style Triple Black has a unique look because it combines glossy and matte black accents. LED lighting technology not only highlights its outline but also allows for unobstructed visibility in any environment. The black cross-spoke wheels, tinted windshield, and high-quality black and silver Option 719 billet aluminum pieces provide an eye-catching and refined appearance.

Style Triple Black

The touring enduro in the Style Triple Black has a sophisticated, understated look.

Lighting Package

The kit contains front and rear multipurpose indication lights and the adaptive front Headlight Pro.

Option 719 billet pack Shadow and Shadow II

The high-quality black and silver aluminum components of the Option 719 billet pack Shadow highlight the motorcycle’s athletic nature.

Enduro aluminum engine guard, black

Stone chips and other damage are no match for the black-coated aluminum Enduro engine guard, which is both sturdy and lightweight.

Radiator cowls “Style” black

Black powder coating highlights the dynamic nature of the machine and the stainless steel “Style” radiator cowls.

2023 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure Trophy – Price

The new 2023 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure Trophy is available for $20,345 only.

2023 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure Trophy

2023 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure Trophy – Technical Specifications


Type 4-stroke flat-twin engine, Air/liquid-cooled, double overhead camshaft, single balance shaft & variable engine timing system BMW ShiftCam.
Bore x stroke 102.5mm x 76mm
Capacity 1,254cc
Rated output 136 HP @ 7,750rpm
Max. torque 105 lb-ft @ 6,250rpm
Compression ratio 12.5:1
Mixture Control Electronic intake pipe injection
Emission control A closed-loop Three-way catalytic converter

Performance/fuel consumption

Maximum speed over 120mph
Fuel type Unleaded super, octane # 95 (RON), adaptive fuel quality regulation (91 to 98 RON)

Electrical system

Alternator Three-phase alternator including 510 Watt nominal power
Battery 12 V / 11.8 Ah

Power transmission

Clutch The wet clutch with an anti-hopping function, hydraulic activation
Gearbox Constant-mesh 6-speed gearbox, including helical gear teeth
Drive Shaft drive


Frame Two-section frame, front- and bolted-on rear frame, load-bearing engine
Front-wheel location/suspension BMW Motorrad Telelever; stanchion diameter 1.5 inches (37mm), central spring strut
Rear wheel location/suspension Cast aluminum single-sided swing arm featuring BMW Motorrad Paralever; WAD strut (travel-related damping), spring pre-load hydraulically adjustable (continuously variable) at handwheel, rebound damping adjustable at handwheel
Suspension travel, front/rear 8.3″ / 8.7″ (210 mm / 220 mm)
Wheelbase 59.2″ (1,504 mm)
Caster 3.8″ (95.4 mm)
Steering head angle 65.1°
Wheels Cross spoke wheels
Rim, front 3.00 x 19″
Rim, rear 4.50 x 17″
Tire, front 120/70 R 19
Tire, rear 170/60 R 17
Brake, front Dual disc brake, floating brake discs, diameter 12.0″ (305 mm), 4-piston radial calipers
Brake, rear Single disc brake, diameter 10.9″ (276 mm), double-piston floating caliper
ABS BMW Motorrad Integral ABS Pro (part-integral, slant-layer-optimized)


Seat height 35.0″ / 35.8″ (890 mm / 910 mm)
Inner leg curve 76.8″ / 78.3″ (1,950 mm / 1,990 mm)
Usable tank volume 7.9 gallons
Reserve Approx. 1 gallon
Length (over mudguard) 89.4″ (2,270 mm)
Height (over windshield) 57.5″ (1,460 mm)
Wide (overhand guard) 38.6″ (980 mm)
Unladen weight, road ready, fully fueled 591 lbs
Permitted total weight 1,069 lbs
Payload (with standard equipment) 478 lbs

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