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Top Ten Best Super Bike Bargains

Over several years, the superbike class has undergone a long-needed makeover, introducing a new R1 and ZX-10R and, more recently, a new Fireblade and GSX-R1000. Older models tend to depreciate when traded in, so now is an excellent time to buy a used bike to get the most bang for your buck. Sometimes, you don’t even need to buy the old one because dealers still sell newer versions of the superseded model because they want to get them off the shelves. Here are our Top Ten Best Super Bike Bargains, listed in reverse order.

Top Ten Best Super Bike Bargains – Top Rated

10. 2012 Suzuki GSX-R1000

Top Ten Best Super Bike Bargains

It may not have been the best in its class when it first came out, or even close, but that’s why it’s a deal today. The GSX-R1000 was still a Neanderthal superbike in an era with multi-mode traction control, confusing instrument displays, and increased bar-to-thumb ratios.

The 2012 model features some improvements, such as new forks and brakes, but mostly the same formula is retained with a ridiculously powerful inline-four that only serves as your wrist brake.

Of course, the price reflected the inferior technology, and it still does. Many very lovely 2012 GSX-Rs are currently being advertised for under £7,000. Alternatively, you can drive away from the dealership in a 2016 model that is already registered.

9. 2012 Honda Fireblade

Top Ten Best Super Bike Bargains

At the time, it wasn’t revolutionary, Like the disastrous BMW S1000RR and a quick round of improvements to cushion the effects of the still weak economy.

The 2012 Blade, however, is still an absolute missile thanks to its 180 horsepower, razor-sharp handling, and updated Showa Big Piston forks. While dealers are advertising them for just over £12,000, the 2016 model, which is essentially the same, is still advertised on Honda’s website at £12,799, £2,500 less than the 2017 model. Or you could spend around £7K on an excellent used one.

8. 2012 Yamaha YZF-R1

Top Ten Best Super Bike Bargains

Yes, we will also include the 2012 R1 in this area. Since it’s essentially the final year several manufacturers upgraded their superbikes, it stands for the most significant models that can be purchased without spending a fortune on the most recent models.

The Yamaha R1 from 2012 is one of the few motorcycles on our list with advanced rider aids because, unlike Honda, it responded to the danger posed by BMW’s S1000RR with traction control. That was the only change, but it improved an already excellent package.

Since the 2015 R1 has been around since, well, 2015, you can no longer purchase them brand-new, but a good used one can be had for £7.5K, which is less than half the cost of a brand-new 2017 model.

7. 2010 BMW S1000RR

Top Ten Best Super Bike Bargains

With class-leading power (193 hp) and a complete set of rider aids like traction control and power modes, the others had none; the S1000RR is one of those bikes that changed our expectations of what a superbike should be. Unlike Fireblade, you don’t have to go through a 25-year time warp to discover one of these game-changers great originals. You can buy a 2010 S1000RR for over £8,000.

Still, it will either retract its claws or drag you to work, or cut it with the sharpest blade. The ability to ride slow or fast has always been a strength of the S1000RR.

6. 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R

Top Ten Best Super Bike Bargains

Of all the Japanese manufacturers, Kawasaki was the first to challenge the S1000RR seriously. The latest iteration of the ZX-10R, released in 2011, features traction control, power modes, and a claimed 200 horsepower.

It now has a compact, razor-sharp track weapon thanks to a new frame, and you can find plenty of good examples on eBay right now for around £7.5K.

5. 2012 Ducati 1199 Panigale

Top Ten Best Super Bike Bargains

Compared to 1198, the first Panigale marked a significant improvement as it featured advanced traction control, a quick shifter, and engine brake control. The new engine handles like a Super Sport 600 while smoother in the bottom end and revs so quickly you might mistake it for a V4.

Italian exotica retains value, but that’s only part of the appeal. A good 2012 1119 Panigale will set you back around £12,000, or maybe £11,000 if you’re lucky.

4. 2009 Aprilia RSV4-R

Top Ten Best Super Bike Bargains

Who knew Aprilia could build a four-stroke masterpiece with the RSV4 factory, a world-beating V-4 superbike? Although the homologation special’s billing may have been reduced somewhat, the RSV4-R was still clearly a V4 racer for the road and £2,500 less expensive.

At £12,449, it was no more expensive than a Japanese letter sports bike because it was brand new. For around £8K now, you can have a V4 racer.

3. 2005 Suzuki GSX-R1000 (K5)

Top Ten Best Super Bike Bargains

Everyone keeps talking about the GSX-R1000, and with good reason. A new engine delivered an extra cubic inch and much more mid-range. It restored Suzuki to the division’s top and helped the company win the World Superbike Championship that year, a first for an inline four-liter bike.

Now, a very lovely K5 can be bought for £5K. (easy to remember). There may not be many ways to maximize efficiency while minimizing cost.

2. 2008 Honda Fireblade

Top Ten Best Super Bike Bargains

Thanks to a lighter, smaller chassis and ultra-linear power from 2,000 rpm to a new, higher redline of 13,000 rpm, the new look divided opinion, but the performance did not. The ’08 Blade made it easy for mere mortals to ride fast, yet it lacked the ZX-10R’s wild rush of power or the technology of some of its rivals. There are many ads for around £5K, which is a great deal.

1. 2009 Yamaha R1

Top Ten Best Super Bike Bargains

Thanks to its cross-plane crank engine inspired by MotoGP, the 2009 R1 was the most significant development of the model since its launch in 1998. Due to the unusual firing order caused by the cross-plane crankshaft, torque is delivered more smoothly, allowing you to engage the power earlier and with less risk of loss of traction. It looks great too.

The R1 returned to the top of the liter sports bike heap, though it would only hold that position briefly as BMW’s technologically advanced S1000RR was just around the corner. The 2009 Crossplane Crank R1 is currently available for just over £6,000.

Top Ten Best Super Bike Bargains – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best Super Bike Bargains
1 2009 Yamaha R1
2 2008 Honda Fireblade
3 2005 Suzuki GSX-R1000 (K5)
4 2009 Aprilia RSV4-R
5 2012 Ducati 1199 Panigale
6 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R
7 2010 BMW S1000RR
8 2012 Yamaha YZF-R1
9 2012 Honda Fireblade
10 2012 Suzuki GSX-R1000

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