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Top Ten Best Sports Bikes for Beginners

For a new buyer, the top ten best sports bikes would be the one which is a middleweight and affordable, including a little more power than the bikes they have known about. Here is the list of Top Ten Best Sports Bikes for Beginners only on Bikes Catalog.

Top Ten Best Sports Bikes for Beginners – Top Rated

10. Buell XB9S Lightning (2003+)

Top Ten Best Sports Bikes for Beginners

KB95 Lighting, great in town and on the lane, but the performance on the motorway is reduced, but they are light weighted and are manageable having low tech but torquey less complicated engine. And if the tensioners are not fixed, then it can create some problems in the drive belt; also, the wheel bearing system can sometimes fail early too. The prices are incredibly affordable, though under 6k pounds. Fuel percentage is economical, but the insurance and the services can be costly.

Version City X 2005 has a different look finish, with headlights protector, bars, seat, airbox cover, and handguards. The Black City is almost similar but only black. XB12X has 1203cc more weight and power and comes in many variations.

9. Kawasaki KLE500 (2005+)

Top Ten Best Sports Bikes for Beginners

Kawasaki KLE500 was never that much a hit but very affordable and cheap to buy carrying a parallel two engine and pseudo-off-road chassis in 1991 made a class later in 1998 it disappeared again coming back in 2005 with a better style more modern but with less power and more substantial in weight due to tighter emission regulations.

Again lost its appearance in 2006, but there are still some sellers who are selling it for around 3500 pounds. The massive weight engine doesn’t suit its body and also weak on off-road with a shocking thirsty engine too. Problems are rare but are manageable. Pre 1998 model was the same and a little bit more robust.

8. Yamaha MT-03 (2006+)

Top Ten Best Sports Bikes for Beginners

Same engine as the Yamaha’s XT660X/R with a unique fresh look of the urban soft motor. The polished machine you will see in town, but the single-cylinder engine runs out of puff when carrying dual. The control is excellent because of the slim engine and full bars where the upright riding position gives it another useful function, with a low torque robust and at a rapid speed in town, making it a more friendly use. The oil tank paint looks a little shabby but entirely reliable, and the TPS can occasionally fail also mysteriously.

7. Ducati Monster 620ie (2002-2006)

Top Ten Best Sports Bikes for Beginners

People who are willing to spend money sensibly Ducati is cheap and practical. But unlikely it also contains some flaws lacking poke on the motorway, and the cost of services is quite high. The mini-monster is still a desirable option good in town but not so great due to lack of steering lock. But if not used harshly, it will give you 55-60 mpg in return. The electrical problem is not so new, especially riding in the rain. Some of the users have also complained about the clutch slave cylinder failures. S’ model has carbon side panels, ground clearance, and small fairing, ‘Dark’ is black lower spec and cheaper –

6. Honda CBF600S (2005+)

Top Ten Best Sports Bikes for Beginners

CBF Honda, one of the most beginner-friendly bikes, has the most exciting bikes giving a decent and practical machine outlook also pretty nippy with a 135mph is not so dull. Amazingly versatile and comfortable than others. Offering a much smoother ride with a straight ride on the road. This bike is also affordable and all-rounder commuter –tourer act tough to beat, giving it a much better finish than many other sports bikes. The model unfair is worth less than 300 pounds, also deducting the 150 pounds if the ABS is not fitted.

5. Suzuki GSF650S Bandit (2005+)

Top Ten Best Sports Bikes for Beginners

The Suzuki 650 Bandits is not budget-friendly, but that’s not a bad thing, highly comfortable and refined fun. They may not match up to the porch rivals, but they are comfy and most attractively cheap. They are helping the new riders on the road with a steady grip of handlers. Problems are ghostly because Suzuki fixed them many years ago. In 2007 this sportbike got updated, including more power torquey liquid-cooled, injected engine too. A little bit of an update was also made in the 2009 model, but the unfair model is costly in ABS.

4. Suzuki SV650S (1999+)

Top Ten Best Sports Bikes for Beginners

A purpose-built bike not a parts bin special – a uniqueness in budget class. The SV boasts an aluminum trellis frame and a peppy but dependable V-twin engine. Most are durable coils, cam chain tensioners, and even gearboxes that can cause problems.

Finishing is a low budget and can suffer, especially the fork legs. Suspension often benefits from a freshen-up. This bike got a massive update for 2003 with fuel-injection and more angular frame and plastics. The unfaired ‘N’ model contains a higher bar, slightly lower gearing, different fork internals, and other minor differences.

3. Honda CB600F Hornet (1998-2006)

Top Ten Best Sports Bikes for Beginners

A brilliant unique machine The old CBR600 engine is a primary steel spin frame and a modern traditional fusion of styling, making it an all-rounder machine. The reliability is incredible comparing it with Honda’s cam chain tensioners, regulators issues can be tense but also not complicated to fix. One of its first bikes had 16-inch front wheels, and in 2000 some of them got a 17-inch front and faired ‘S’ model was available too. In 2003 few updates were made like multi-reflector headlight and USD fork, and a small cowl and other tweaks were done in the 2005 updates. And finally, in 2007, the fuel injector was updated.

2. Yamaha FZS600 Fazer (1998-2004)

Top Ten Best Sports Bikes for Beginners

Deserving near cult status easy plus relaxing and comfortable but amazingly another point is its fast and fun to ride. Handling is excellent, plus its robust machine. Almost Non-flaw computers reported from the users, but if the new bikes front sprocket becomes loose, it can be a problem causing an accident or severe damage. The newly updated parts are fitted but still check for past issues, especially for corrosion and downpipes and discs. The early model had an ugly headlight updated in 2002 with a larger tank, better lights, and more convenient looking. Because later the fuel-injected bike never had these qualities like Yamaha Fazer

1. Kawasaki ER-6n (2005+)

Top Ten Best Sports Bikes for Beginners

One of the best sports bikes available currently the engine’s lively, the riding position’s comfortable the handling’s sweet a little bouncy. Reliability’s good although electrical gremlins aren’t unusual.

Few numbers of early bikes had problems with the frame cracking at a weld. Check out the tube on the right-hand side, which wraps around the cylinder. Rust or cracking paint may be signs of trouble. In 2009 it was updated, including optional ABS. ‘F’ models have full fairing and are worth slightly.

Top Ten Best Sports Bikes for Beginners – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best Sports Bike for Beginners
1 Kawasaki ER-6n (2005+)
2 Yamaha FZS600 Fazer (1998-2004)
3 Honda CB600F Hornet (1998-2006)
4 Suzuki SV650S (1999+)
5 Suzuki GSF650S Bandit (2005+)
6 Honda CBF600S (2005+)
7 Ducati Monster 620ie (2002-2006)
8 Yamaha MT-03 (2006+)
9 Kawasaki KLE500 (2005+)
10 Buell XB9S Lightning (2003+)


In the above-given info about the Top Ten Best Sports Bikes for Beginners is described in such matter that the buyers and sellers wouldn’t be confused to judge which one is suitable . from 10 to 1, the quality and flaws have been mentioned for reliability.

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