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Top Ten Best Rated Triumph Bikes on Bikes Catalog

Below we will be telling about the top ten Triumph motorcycles on Bikes Catalog, this rating is according to minimum five users reviews on our database, then in the end we take out the conclusion of the opinions and facts over the engine, brakes, handling, comfort and the overall built. The higher the quality and the level of users ratings is higher the rating of the bikes rating. So, here is the list of Top Ten Best Rated Triumph Bikes on Bikes Catalog.

Top Ten Best Rated Triumph Bikes on Bikes Catalog – Top Rated

10. Daytona 955 Fi (2001-2006) – 4.19

Top Ten Best Rated Triumph Bikes on Bikes Catalog

Daytona 955 Fi was introduced in 1995 as Triumph this model of bike was the one which kicked off the top ten charts of rating in the triumph bike of all time. Only two of the Daytona models that Bikes Catalog readers ranked as the best triumph. This bike got a huge upgrade in 2001 and till 2006 it gained more power and it weighed less than 4 kg. Even though it shows 147bhp but it punts out 110bhp on the dyno. Not like Japanese made but it could never come against the Fire blade and the mighty R1. Some of the users claimed this bike as one the real world sport bikes and loving the engine and the powerful rasping bark and 50mpg economy. Also admiring the brakes and handling too.

9. Speed Triple 1050 (2005-2010) – 4.23

Top Ten Best Rated Triumph Bikes on Bikes Catalog

Speed triple 1050 was one of the third and second generation bikes it has the tubular frames and twin round headlights that became one of the famous parts of it all. It was one the bikes that showed the British imagination of the British people and became one the biggest Triumph. They voted for this bike between 2005 and 2010 and was also called the hooligan street fighter. This bike has a loud and fast 1050cc triple huge power, with 127bhp and take the bike up to 155mph with a amazed look in your eye.

8. Street Triple (2007 – 2011) – 4.33

Top Ten Best Rated Triumph Bikes on Bikes Catalog

Street triple bike Daytona engine became the winning formula in 2007 among the triumph bikes. Even though many people got confused with its big brother model but it still gained its fame in market fiercely and amazed the users by following sending the triumph sales in the sky. As amazing as it looks the Speed triple the engine is smaller and lighter, affordable and easy to use. With the 107bbhp there is no issue of poke, the sound is hell great to the ear. The price is good too and economical .

7. Thunderbird 1600 (2009 – present) – 4.33

Top Ten Best Rated Triumph Bikes on Bikes Catalog

Launched in 2009 Thunderbird with V-twin cruisers from Harley-Davidson one of the retro model with 885cc triple engine then later on updated with 1700cc version in 2011. This bike Thunder bird with beak 108 ft-lb is all about torque with 2750 rpm and 85bhp which can go up to 115mph. even though with the big weight of 308 kg it is still comfortable the very gentle equipment. This bike can go miles said the owners. The engine is smooth and very easy to use. Fuel consumption is very much economical with 56mpg mentioned.

6. Tiger 1050 (2006 – 2012) – 4.35

Top Ten Best Rated Triumph Bikes on Bikes Catalog

The brand new bike was launched in 2007 called also the street bike with clear shift away from 955s big trail legacy. The tall suspension and wide length bars are the special part intact. Tigers 1050cc engine is also seen in the speed triple but with lesser power of 113bhp little grumpier and taller gear. The seat is comfortable and easy manageable. With 17 inch wheeler the handling is great, in short terms the entire bike is a buyer choice and hit in top ten list of triumph.

5. Speed Triple (2011 – present) – 4.38

Top Ten Best Rated Triumph Bikes on Bikes Catalog

The bike that looks straight in your eye and tells it looks good has the twin round headlights and the model 2011 also has been updated and you have to accept the fact that the latest veriosn is iconic and famous bike and of the finest machine created. The engine is 1050cc creating more power and torque because of the advancement in ECU and freer flowing exhaust. Front wheels are lighter and the chassis are more revision included in the front-end weight and much better handling.

4. Daytona 675 (2006 – 2012) – 4.46

Top Ten Best Rated Triumph Bikes on Bikes Catalog

This triumph bike is the bike which can fight with Japanese race-rep 600s. putting down the Daytona 600/650 inline 4s with a new 123bhp triple engine, and in a short time it became very popular. With the powerful blend of torque and great sound this bike has the greatest performance. The suspensions are steady and firm with light weight quality with 675handling. Over all the package of this bike is titled with a powerful immense delivery with growling exhaust noted with sharp image to be seen.

3. Tiger 800 (2010 – present) – 4.50

Top Ten Best Rated Triumph Bikes on Bikes Catalog

This bike is tie in the second place with street triple R. Established at the end of 2010 and became the fastest seller of triumph bikes with longer strokes version of Daytona/street triple 675cc engine. This bike is used as the alternative of BMW F800GS. It has the rival character from all triumph bikes. With 19 inch tires is one of the best road grip oriented of triumph pairs. The weight is average. the799cc and 94bhp triple bulging torque curve with limited fuel consumption is gentle to ride. This 800s is the comort every bike would desire while on the road riding miles. The owners of this bike has rated this bike as one of the smoothest bike containing slick gearbox, handling powers are excellent and with heavy strong brakes. Affordable to buy and showcasing this bike for the buyers to buy easily

2. Street Triple R (2009 – 2012) – 4.50

Top Ten Best Rated Triumph Bikes on Bikes Catalog

This bike is rated as the hottest triumph on the chart of top ten with power which has gained extra and a tricky package to make the most of this bike 107bhp. It has fully adjustable suspension and radial brakes that directly lift from Daytona 675 and the handle bars are from Magura. The only difference from these two motorcycles is that it has the two tone seat and matte paintjob.

1. Tiger Explorer 1200 (2012 – present) – 4.58

Top Ten Best Rated Triumph Bikes on Bikes Catalog

One number we finally have the king of triumph bike which is the new BMW S the tiger explorer 1200 made in 2012.this bike is created so differently that it shares no parts at all with the rest of the Hinckley range. This bike is mainly built for comfort and reliability and long working engine. It gives 10000 mile average service and smooth with 1215cc triple engine that easily reaches up to 135bhp and nearly 90 lb-ft of torque. Included with electronic riding aids and ride by wire throttle with digital dash to compete with Germans. Owners have said that even with 260kg it almost feels like size zero. The weight disappears as soon as it ride on the road with comfort handling and grapy tires with the engine that has the power to handle many.

Top Ten Best Rated Triumph Bikes on Bikes Catalog – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best Rated Triumph Bikes Rating
1 Tiger Explorer 1200 (2012 – present) 4.58
2 Street Triple R (2009 – 2012) 4.50
3 Tiger 800 (2010 – present) 4.50
4 Daytona 675 (2006 – 2012) 4.46
5 Speed Triple (2011 – present) 4.38
6 Tiger 1050 (2006 – 2012) 4.35
7 Thunderbird 1600 (2009 – present) 4.33
8 Street Triple (2007 – 2011) 4.33
9 Speed Triple 1050 (2005-2010) 4.23
10 Daytona 955 Fi (2001-2006) 4.19


The article provides the idea about the user’s preference regarding Triumph bikes. We, the Bikes Catalog team, always try our best to provide the legitimate and authentic articles based on real data to our readers. It will help the users, dealers and production team about the preference of riders and readers regarding Triumph Bikes.

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