Top Ten Best Rated British Racers after Carl Fogarty


Before the injury of Carl Fogarty, he was striving and gaining his second World Superbike Championship by riding the Ducati 916, which was quite ironic. He was the person responsible for bringing a new generation of the sport. This man was intense, magnetic, and terse off track and was daring and unstoppable on the track. He didn’t gain many friends but did learn a lot of sponsors and fans with his winnings. So, here is the list of Top Ten Best Rated British Racers after Carl Fogarty.

The people who supported him have gained benefits from the sports he introduces. So the question that comes is, is that who was the best British racer after Fogarty? We had not included the road racers even when foggy was the winner of TT, and this makes John McGuinness ineligible. The road racing specialists have become less with so many riders competing to gain the position.

Top Ten Best Rated British Racers after Carl Fogarty – Top Rated

10. Scott Redding

Top Ten Best Rated British Racers after Carl Fogarty

The fearless and flamboyant Scott Redding is the MotoGP showman. He won at the Donington Park in 2008 in the world championship of 125cc for Aprilia. He has the youngest rider title after Marco Melandri.

Before the wrist injury derailed his bid, Redding was about to become Britain’s first Moto2 champion. He used to have issues with his size in the smaller classes and ranked seventh when he had his first big bike race which made people question his abilities. He will always be remembered in kind words for being the first one at extreme lean to touch his helmet.

9. Bradley Smith

Top Ten Best Rated British Racers after Carl Fogarty

He’s known as Mr. Consistency with the qualities of being thoughtful, determined but doesn’t have the same attitude as Fogarty which made him a born winner.

He’s considered as the most experienced one in the paddock of Grand Prix, but he doesn’t have ruthlessness. He has driven everything from 125s to MotoGP machinery and Moto2. When he sets the pace and is in front, he’s considered the best and has won 3 125cc world championships by riding Aprilia 125.

He didn’t set the paddock on fire after graduating from the premier class and has also beaten his teammate Pol Espagaro continuously. He rode the Yamaha R1 to Suzuka 8 hour victory and has earned valuable brownie points, and this was the first win in 20 years for Japanese manufacturers.

8. Danny Kent

Top Ten Best Rated British Racers after Carl Fogarty

He has done a lot of hard work to become a part of this list and is the youngest at the age of 21. He has shown his talents on Aprilia in the 125cc world championship, along with the 125cc championship and Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup.

Kent switched to KTM when the two-strokes were replaced with four-stroke Moto3 Format and gained wins in Valencia and japan. He was ready to challenge the lead after a wild year in Moto2. In the first ten rounds this year he has become unstoppable. It is possible that Kent can become the first British GP world champion after Barry Sheene 1977.

7. Tom Sykes

Top Ten Best Rated British Racers after Carl Fogarty

This guy has won 22 wins along with 24 pole positions after coming to Kawasaki in 2011. He was also the champion of the 2013 World SuperBike Championship in Kawasaki. He could have won much more apart from all these winnings. In 2012 and 2014, he lost the race by only half a point and also came second being beaten by Sylvain Guintoli by six points.

He also came second this year and got beaten by Jonathan Rea, his teammate. But the question is, will he always remain second.

6. Shane Byrne

Top Ten Best Rated British Racers after Carl Fogarty

Byrne is known for winning the Four British superbike championships and won the first one back in 2003. He almost won the race but couldn’t make it in the 2013 final race and got beaten by Alex Lowes. This adaptable rider has ridden and won races on Ducati, Suzuki, and Kawasaki’s, and is a successful person under the ownership of Paul Bird.

This man proved his worth and talent in World Superbike Championship and Brands Hatch Riding. The MotoGP of 2004 and 2005 makes everyone wonder about his spells. He lost a lot of confidence on KTMs GP bike and rode the Aprilia RS cube, which was quite tricky and gained a lot of injuries. He was a shadow in his old self when the time came to replace Troy Bayliss in Camel Honda. His ability to overcome problems and mental capability made him gain all his wins.

5. Sam Lowes

Top Ten Best Rated British Racers after Carl Fogarty

Sam Lowe’s in 2013 claimed the World Supersport title and bested Kenan Sofuoglu. In 2010, the British Supersport Championship was won by him, and he loved 600s. He currently has a two year deal of riding In Moto2. The bike has seen more improvements in him, and the year 2014 wasn’t a good example for him. He’s also considered as fast as compared to many others.

He rose his stocks in the paddock and won the circuit of America. He has the talent of becoming Moto2 champion if he gets the right ride this year. The racer was beaten by twin brother Alex in the 2013 British SuperBike Champion.

4. Jonathan Rea

Top Ten Best Rated British Racers after Carl Fogarty

This person was supposed to have more trophies then he has. He rode well beyond the limits of his machine in the Honda Fireblade for almost six seasons Even when there were better options available. He always tried his best to get the winning streaks for his manufacturers and the previous year he came third which was an old one.

By being 147 points behind him. Leon Haslam was his teammate and was quite experienced. The level of domination from him was unexpected, and people always knew the right bike would make him win and it did. He has won 20 races with 12 wins, two thirds and six-second places. Fogarty didn’t even do it. He also beat Tom Sykes on the bike he rode in 2011 and won.

3. Neil Hodgson

Top Ten Best Rated British Racers after Carl Fogarty

Then Chris Walker came into action. In the UK, Hodgson and Walker riding on a Ducati and Suzuki fought against one another. Hodgson won the race even when he was last at the beginning of the competition. He had also won the wild card wins at both Donington and Brands Hatch and won in the world SuperBike championship.

He also won the British championship when Walkers Suzuki Blew up in flames. Neil Hodgson took the lead of Rea back in 2003. He finished over 100 points ahead of Ruben Xaus, won 11 of 12 rounds, and won the season.
He wasn’t the only one advised the wrong MotoGP as he rode the d’Antin Ducati, which became his mistake and he finished 17th that year and also got the eighth place and was a good performer and ended his career in AMA SuperBike.

2. James Toseland

Top Ten Best Rated British Racers after Carl Fogarty

The one ahead of Fogarty was Toseland and is a handsome and charming lead singer. He won several races on Ducati and Honda and also won the World SuperBike Championship. He also fought in the Castrol Honda’s World Supersport Team on his Honda CB500. To make himself successful again, he needed to become the part of British SuperBike racing. He won the title in 2004 after entering in world SuperBike championship in 2001 and won the race against Regis Laconi and won at Magny Cours.

He finished sixth when he joined the Tech 3 Yamaha team in MotoGP, this stressed out a lot of fellow racers he had due to his SuperBike style and he has won against Troy Bayliss, Max Biaggi, Chris Vermeulen, and Noriyuki Hoga and but lost in the same Yamaha team.

1. Cal Crutchlow

Top Ten Best Rated British Racers after Carl Fogarty

He wasn’t the one that the world expected to become so much success when he joined MotoGP on Tech3 Yamaha. He did win at fourth place in the next season and he finished the first five rounds with top-five finishes and won third place in another place in Australia.

Cal Crutchlow started with the same energy that he ended in 2012 and took two-second places, four podiums, and started with a pole position. He was 49 points behind Valentino Rossi and finished with a fifth-place riding a Yamaha.

He was versatile with Tech 3 for Ducati, which wasn’t easy to handle by the best of riders such as Rossi. However, this didn’t end in his favor and he finished with nine nonscoring rounds. He committed his future with Honda and couldn’t continue with a podium at Aragon.

The was the first rider after Eddie Lawson in 1991 when a manufacturer in three years made it possible for him to join the elite club when he won the podium in Argentina. He’s the one closest to become the top step of MotoGP podium after Fogarty and also became the former world SuperBike championship winner with world SuperBike and British five wins.

Top Ten Best Rated British Racers after Carl Fogarty

Sr. # Top Ten Best Rated British Racers after Carl Fogarty
1 Cal Crutchlow
2 James Toseland
3 Neil Hodgson
4 Jonathan Rea
5 Sam Lowes
6 Shane Byrne
7 Tom Sykes
8 Danny Kent
9 Bradley Smith
10 Scott Redding


These are the riders that have become the most successful and famous people in the world of superbikes. Our guide gives a brief discussion of how they became this big and successful and made winnings their part of life.