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Top Ten Best Motorcycle for Long Wheelie

Below we tell you the top ten motorcycle, which is excellent for wheelies—riding over 200 vehicles to identify the best bike which you can do a wheelie on. Some bike can wheelie anytime, and some motorcycle needs lots of power. Let’s start telling you about the bike, which can be used to do a wheelie.

Top Ten Best Motorcycle for Long Wheelie – Top Rated

Suzuki Bandit 1200

Top Ten Best Motorcycle for Long Wheelie

Suzuki’s Bandit engine 12 parts have been found on Tony Robinson’s Time Team digs; it shows how old they are. This bike has power delivery with a load of predictable power, starting from the start. It has enough reel in the front for back up, usually if it’s way down. Put the clutch in gear two and go straight up on 4th gear, and you will be wheeling.

Ducati Monster S2R 800

Top Ten Best Motorcycle for Long Wheelie

Two valve monsters 800 can produce 76 bhp and 54 ft-lb of torque. It does not have the same power as S4R or the RS or the torque of a monster 1100 EVO, but this mid-range monster bike has much more power than the elevator from the front in the 2nd, and they can go all the way. The fueling process is way much smoother than the early model. This bike is the first bike that can easily pick up on 1st gear.

Aprilia Tuono

Top Ten Best Motorcycle for Long Wheelie

Aprilia is made to love wheelies, and the first generation is much better than the previous model with the standard version of the factory version. These versions are more light-weighted by wheels and have a little bit more power. They have severe sharp turns, so with a tiny mistake, your entire bike can turn very dangerously. The latest model also faults sharp razor fueling, which can be much harmful and can cause harm to the gas. And make the bike work better in 2nd gear.

KTM Duke

Top Ten Best Motorcycle for Long Wheelie

The KTM Duke is another impresisve single-cylinder bike in the list. It is one of the best wheelie tool and the proper good laugh on hte road. The original 620 Duke wheelied its way onto the scene in 1993 and after that every model has been a great combination of out-of-the-box madness for road riding fun. If rider like to wheelie longer and slower than he should swing his legs over the Duke

Honda Fireblade

Top Ten Best Motorcycle for Long Wheelie

This bike is prime for wheelie standard, and you will find yourself doing a wheelie in no time with the speed of even 100mph. These bikes are sensitive and can crosswinds by only taking the bike up to 120 mph. Things can go wrong on the wrong speed limit. A New Fire blade is one of the most excellent sports bikes for lengthy wheelie action.

Suzuki SV650

Top Ten Best Motorcycle for Long Wheelie

This bike is the most comfortable bike which you can wheelie on a long distance, and the most excellent bike to learn wheelie on too. This Suzuki bike well take lots of damage on its self but still serve you well, lack of weight in the front you make it easy to shift from left to right, and to adjust your line and if you can do the wheelies on the SV.

Ducati Hypermotard 1100 EVO SP

Top Ten Best Motorcycle for Long Wheelie

The best in wheelie spots is the Hypermotard, and they are born to be the best in it .it has the old school air-cooled engine and very well balance torque, and the other quality about this bike is it has a very smooth ride. Evo SP eats up straight on the back wheel. The oil usage is the only thing you can worry about.

Husqvarna SMR510

Top Ten Best Motorcycle for Long Wheelie


This bike has the wild side in it you can call it the angry bird of bicycles, in the beginning, it was hard to find the wheelie process in the bike, but then later it was a piece of cake all I knew I was in control of the bike. The husky is sharp, and the throttles are controllable.

Suzuki TL1000S

Top Ten Best Motorcycle for Long Wheelie

This bike is never so high in the corner ride. It can ride very well in straight lines, and on such tracks, it can do wheelies all day long. This bike can go up to the only 120bhp, but the massive wedge of torque means you can clutch it anywhere in 2nd gear. And if in 3rd gear you can put the down part off the throttle. If you’re not good at wheelies, you can surely try TL1000s.

Triumph Speed Triple 1050

Top Ten Best Motorcycle for Long Wheelie

1050-triple blends the low-down grunt of a v-twin with the smoothness of an inline-four is included in this bike. The latest model of Triumph Speed Triple has a very smooth ride with a great engine. The speed limit of this bike triple and clutch is right In the place. And you can easily design this bike and inspire your friends with your new bike design.

Top Ten Best Motorcycle for Long Wheelie – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best Motorcycle for Long Wheelie
1 Triumph Speed Triple 1050
2 Suzuki TL1000S
3 Husqvarna SMR510
4 Ducati Hypermotard 1100 EVO SP
5 Suzuki SV650
6 Honda Fireblade
7 KTM Duke
8 Aprilia Tuono
9 Ducati Monster S2R 800
10 Suzuki Bandit 1200


In conclusion, Bikes Catalog would say that those riders who prefer wheelies on different bikes should read our list of Top Ten Best Motorcycle for Long Wheelie. We have compiled this list to make sure that you choose the right bike for a wheelie.

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