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Top Ten Best Mid-Weight Adventure Motorcycles

The UK markets have been making big money with the mid-weight adventure, and we are not surprised that many manufactures have built their stall out with their take on the refrain. With so many fantastic options, it is difficult to find out which machine is correct for you to use. And we are fortunate enough to try out many rides in every sector in past years. Here are the top ten best mid-weight adventure motorcycles you could purchase in 2020.

Top Ten Best Mid-Weight Adventure Motorcycles – Top Rated

10. Suzuki V-Strom 650 XT

Top Ten Best Mid-Weight Adventure Motorcycles

It is not one of the highest the machines we could say on this list, but this V storm can’t be ignored. The engine can trace the past 20 years and the chassis also have the mechanisms are justly basic. And the bike also has an exquisite ride on the road and even the handling too. With plenty of space and bags, it can carry this ADV is the machine you would want to look at every inch.

9. BMW F850 GS Adventure

Top Ten Best Mid-Weight Adventure Motorcycles

This bike offers from the recent updates from the F850 GS adventure bike also the rocky model of BMW F850 GS machine. It has the twin parallel cylinder engine that can convert the basic of two bikes variety and also make 94bhp with dressed suspensions and brake, which, although its 875mm seat height, may cause some trouble to the short people.

8. Ducati Multistrada 950 S

Top Ten Best Mid-Weight Adventure Motorcycles

This bike is more of a touring bike than we can say it is an adventure, but it has all the accessories that make it possible to be a tremendous off-road too. But the 2019 Multistrada gained the same riding modes and TFT also more significant than 1260 Multistate leaving it as the full-on tech fest especially for those who are nerdy or geeky. This bike on this is the one that can hold on to tons of luggage and with plenty of space in the bike.

7. Benelli TRK 502 X

Top Ten Best Mid-Weight Adventure Motorcycles

If you want to spend less and also enjoy a bike which is significant in size, than maybe Benelli is excellent for you. The Chinese Qianjiang group creates it, and this has a low-stress level with a 500cc parallel twin-cylinder engine pushing out the 48hp and 33 ft-lb of torque. At the same time, trader provision might be a concern for many. With each new model created, it gets better and better. With the cost of 5, 2999 pounds on the road with max size quest, motorcycling also doesn’t get any lesser in value.

6. Moto Guzzi V85 TT

Top Ten Best Mid-Weight Adventure Motorcycles

2019 had the biggest surprise of launching the V85 TT; this bike had more style than material. And we were wrong for long after riding on and off-road on the launch for this machine in Sardinia. And this bike proved itself an all-rounder in the mid-weight adventure bike segment.

5. Honda CB500 X

Top Ten Best Mid-Weight Adventure Motorcycles

I loved the mid-weight Honda on the launch last year. Also, the fact that three bikes we rode on the launch, this involved the CB500 and CBR500R, the adventure spec CB500 x even the one loved by many people.

4. Kawasaki Versys 650

Top Ten Best Mid-Weight Adventure Motorcycles

It has a long term travel suspension and also a parallel twin-cylinder engine which is lively. This machine cannot be ignored if the touring is on the full-size cards for 2020. It leans more on the road when handling an adventure ride.

3. KTM 790 Adventure R

Top Ten Best Mid-Weight Adventure Motorcycles

If you want the most out of road energy bikes then this mid-weight machine KTM 790 Adventure is the one, this bike has made road touring agenda second on the list for many bike owners. It has the built of 85hp engine of the Duke.it has the high spec suspension rally seat and especially Rally mode only for top riders of range R model. It is a little costly about 12,599 pounds but this machine is reliable nay many ways.

2. Yamaha Ténéré 700

Top Ten Best Mid-Weight Adventure Motorcycles

The MT -07 cp3 engine as the base Tenere 700 is a competent off-road machine. It has 72bhp on tap and it can take you on a very long tour drive with its most extended travel suspension in the market. The cost of this bike is impressive with 8,399 and its spec can be involved off-road goodies too. The only negative thing is it’s the concentration of the motorcycle, with hardcore skill an excellent road-based tracer.

1. Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro

Top Ten Best Mid-Weight Adventure Motorcycles

The updated version for 2020, the new Tulane crank and huge TFT dash. This bike can take the mid-weight adventure bike from Hinckley from the contender to the top dog. It is light in weight and it has been concentrating on the more comfortable off-road rides.

A significant change comes in the procedure of the groundbreaking engine, which is like the V-Twin at low revs and the free-revving elegance of a three-way higher up the rev range. More massive capacity triple and new suspension also making the new Tiger a very accomplished long-distance on the road machine too.

Top Ten Best Mid-Weight Adventure Motorcycles – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best Mid-Weight Adventure Motorcycles
1 Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro
2 Yamaha Ténéré 700
3 KTM 790 Adventure R
4 Kawasaki Versys 650
5 Honda CB500 X
6 Moto Guzzi V85 TT
7 Benelli TRK 502 X
8 Ducati Multistrada 950 S
9 BMW F850 GS Adventure
10 Suzuki V-Strom 650 XT


This article provides the full information related to the best rated mid-weight adventure bikes. All of these adventure motorcycles are very high performing and very popular among adventure lovers. Keep visiting the Bikes Catalog for the review of the latest bikes and leave your thoughts in the form of a comment below.

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