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Top Ten Best Maxi Scooters under £3000

Below we will tell you about the top ten best maxi scooter bikes which are under the rate of 3000 pounds and those bikes which have the best range of at least 250 ccs including the comfortable one to these scooters also run on the motorway very smoothly; these models will be no more than 12000 miles on the meter, so not a new model scooter but worthy for you to buy and search for. So, here is the list of Top Ten Best Maxi Scooters under £3000.

Top Ten Best Maxi Scooters under £3000 – Top Rated

10. Aprilia SportCity Cube 300

Top Ten Best Maxi Scooters under £3000

A 250 and heavy in weight designed with style made in 2008 a smart and big-wheeled scooty performing 22.5 of bhp with twin front discs, and some of the users have said it can go up to 70 -90 miles per hours. The 2012 model with sale price cost up to 3,195 pounds with low mileage machine around 2,750 pounds

9. Gilera Nexus 300

Top Ten Best Maxi Scooters under £3000

Nexus 300 is famous for being fast and speedy, the 278cc, 22.5 bhp is the complete package with 80 mph top speed. This Italian scooter is also high in handling and has decent under-seat storage. This bike costs up to 2,499 pounds with 11000 mileages, a 500 cc sibling for another addition of 400 pounds to.

8. Honda SH300i

Top Ten Best Maxi Scooters under £3000

It is one of the bestselling scooters in Italy, and in Europe, the SH model is also built there. It does not have one of the most fabulous looks, but it is stable with 16-inch wheels, 27 bhp, and a large 35-inch top storage box. The old model has the issue of low speed, but still, it has the x-factor and also affordable. Two thousand ten one of the best models is about 2,995 pounds with the mileage of 7000.

7. Piaggio Beverly 300

Top Ten Best Maxi Scooters under £3000

The Beverly is one of the best and stylish maxi scooters that is made especially for the Italian women. It features the powerful 278cc engine of similar heritage as the one in the Gilera Nexus. It can easily provide the power of 80mph. In 2,999 pounds one can buy the 2011 model of Piaggio Beverly 300 with just 6,300 miles on the clock and about 12 quid change of fuel to get home.

6. Piaggio XEvo 400

Top Ten Best Maxi Scooters under £3000

400 not too familiar, but this maxi-scooter has a smooth and 100 mph performance from 33 bhp/28 lb-ft liquid-cooled single that clearly shows the twin front discs and the economy reported 65-80 mpg . for our budget, we came across a 2010 model is up to 2,999 pounds.

5. Sym CityCom 300

Top Ten Best Maxi Scooters under £3000

Taiwanese makers have a large variety of these scooters for few years with a good quality machine engine, and a number of them are cutting down in the used market. This model is one of the modern models with 20.5bhp and 262cc engine, which can jump up to 80 mph and give 70 to 90 mpg. Thanks to the 16-inch wheel, it provides a smooth ride. The 2010 model and 2011 model is 2,999 pounds with 3000 miles.

4. Sym GTS300i Evo

Top Ten Best Maxi Scooters under £3000

A European style bike with a strong and powerful contender. This engine can poke many situations and come back to 80-85 mpg too. You can adjust the rear suspension and plush seat with back support and powerful lighting and huge storage area, model’s RRP of £4,299, a 2010 model 9,000 miles is yours for 2,799 pounds

3. Sym Voyager 250

Top Ten Best Maxi Scooters under £3000

This scooter is also sold by the name Joymax 250 or GTS 250. But the 250cc cannot fire the road with its speed, and it will stay in the left line. This bike has comfort and excellent wind protection and adjustable storage size. An urban look and a motorway stint. A 2011 example with less than 5,000 miles is on offer for £2,575.

2. Vespa GTS 300 Super

Top Ten Best Maxi Scooters under £3000

One of the most traditional shapes and classic flowing lines with a nifty black. It is one of the high-quality scooters, with 22bhp torque engine, and the handling is smooth and sleek, the capacity of the storage is massive. The first year of this bike cost was 4099 pounds, and if you have a good day, then you can get it for 2,995 pounds will get you a 3000 mile model of 2011.

1. WK Jetmax 250

Top Ten Best Maxi Scooters under £3000

Chinese manufacturer-branded by UK one of china 600cc motorcycle entering the race with 22bhp, liquid-cooled single-cylinder. This bike is a porky side at 200 kg. The new model cost is about 2,799; this bike has the feature of twin front discs, storage for two helmets.

Top Ten Best Maxi Scooters under £3000 – Top List

Sr. # Best Maxi Scooters under £3000 Price
1 WK Jetmax 250 £2,799
2 Vespa GTS 300 Super £2,995
3 Sym Voyager 250 £2,575
4 Sym GTS300i Evo £2,799
5 Sym CityCom 300 £2,999
6 Piaggio XEvo 400 £2,999
7 Piaggio Beverly 300 £2,999
8 Honda SH300i £2,995
9 Gilera Nexus 300 £2,499
10 Aprilia SportCity Cube 300 £2,750


The above list has been carefully designed by keeping multiple factors in mind. The list provides a general idea about the maxi scooters, which are below 3,000 pounds. These scooters are high performing and are very helpful in daily routine tasks.

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