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Top Ten Best Ever Exhaust System Used in Bikes

If you ask any bikers what is the best thing you like about your bike they would say the noise it makes, and what makes the noise in the bike a good exhaust does. Going above the speed limit and listening to the tone of the excellent sound of your engine. The engines which have a V twin or a V4 engine production have nothing to be desired for later because of its aftermarket exhaust and baffles; for example, we can find this quality in the Yamaha cross-plane and crank R1. So let us not waste time and discuss the Top Ten Best Ever Exhaust System Used in Bikes.

Top Ten Best Ever Exhaust System Used in Bikes – Top Rated

10. Kawasaki KR750

Top Ten Best Ever Exhaust System Used in Bikes

John Hackett said, “you have to be standing on the side to get the best from this from my riding experience, for him I have built Mick Grant bike. It is pretty beautiful. Plus the sound of the Kawasaki 3 cylinder which I raced some time ago in the early 70s, has an amazing sound which I remember when Gregg Hansford was riding and I heard and was amazed by it. Changing its gear and accelerating down the track was music to my ears.”

9. Honda RC149/149

Top Ten Best Ever Exhaust System Used in Bikes

Chris Wilson said, “nothing new is about the six-cylinder RC166 which makes us all excited when he hears about it. Well, I feel like that they are much smooth and nice which the problem is probably. And the five-cylinder bike makes us feel like everything sounds wrong but not to forget in a good way. Lots of engineers even the current formula one engineer had described this bike quite unexpectable, even the Japanese engineer had fired up and started flipping the throttle and took her to 16000 rpm, which reminds me we were all shouting that it will blow, even the men who designed the machine still do not know the reason of its mechanical noise that this bike is making. Even after the Japanese explained how the engine was created but still, the noise of this machine created lots of tension and stress in the engine, which felt like it was going to burst just like a balloon. Still, yes, it runs and surprises us with the excellent experience of the ride.”

8. Yamaha RD56

Top Ten Best Ever Exhaust System Used in Bikes

Stan Stephan said “ lots of riders who rode this bike know the sound of this bike and said they have become deaf because of it scream of an inline-four or you can say the loud barking of Ducati but again it would not match the sound of 20 of them standing at the same time making it feel like tons of rifles shooting,”

7. Ducati Desmosedici GP Bike

Top Ten Best Ever Exhaust System Used in Bikes

John Hackett said, “riding this bike was one of the unique experiences that I had. Still, remember the time when riding Brands Hatch was so loud that I didn’t have any earplug and it made me deaf for a while like for three days even I did only six or five laps. It feels great to hear the sound of that bike, and I also got to listen to the sound of this bike daily because my office was right next to the workshop.”

6. 1976 Laverda Jota

Top Ten Best Ever Exhaust System Used in Bikes

Gez Kane said, “it surely had to be the original model with the 180-degree crank which can give a full-throttle naturally, one of my friend in the early 80s owned such a bike and now we know why he has such a fantastic bike because after we heard the throttle sound in full, this triple drowned effeminate Jap four with a glorious, soulful wail. Because it is not faster than the Suzuki GS1000.

5. 1966-1974 MV Agusta 500 3 Cylinder

Top Ten Best Ever Exhaust System Used in Bikes

Chris Wilson said, “one day when I was going to the spa, and I was riding on y Kenny Roberts Yamaha OW48YZR 500. Right after I parked in the lane, Agusta 500 3 just pulled over in front of me and I forgot everything in front me because it just pointer at his back and he was riding the MV and after three rounds of laps I couldn’t hear anything except for this bike in front of me. It also had won the championship-winning in the Yamaha GP bike; it did sound funny but yes, I was listening to it going down the track of Eau Rouge and it was heaven to ear.

4. Honda RC30

Top Ten Best Ever Exhaust System Used in Bikes

Niall Mackenzie said,” racing the RVF750s at the Suzuki 8 hour of race in Japan, I pretty much became addicted to the noise of V4750 four strokes. Even if the standard road bike sounds a little muffled if you put in the Micron system, the sound will change right away line the HRC special. With its high performance of deep torquey rumble sound the engine with gear-driven cams, they sound so much better. When they are fitted with a four-cylinder Japanese era., the gruff tone can be described as the roar, but unlike Honda, its power came with a linear and proper manner.

3. Yamaha RD350LC

Top Ten Best Ever Exhaust System Used in Bikes

Niall Mackenzie said, “ it was amazing to know that the production of the sound that came with this bike made me worship this machine and made me race whenever liked. With one kick, the throttle brings out the LC to life and just ticking over the two-stroke burble which to me was quite cooling. The great raspy resonance created a nice power band to hand and with few stabs on the throttle which clear the pipes. And once you are driving t up to 6000 rpm, a whistle arrives in your ears with only 350 LC deliver.”

2. Triumph F750 Trident

Top Ten Best Ever Exhaust System Used in Bikes

Chris Wilson said, “driving a triumph makes me feel like my favorite uncle or aunty, and they are so nice to be with and fun too. By look they look so cool and handsome, I belong from Guernsey and there we do not find a racing bike. And some time ago, when I joined the air force in England, there were this man who invited me to the racing of the Transatlantic race at Brands Hatch. In the end, when I met the brand’s bike, the Noise of the bike sound was music to the ear. They were fast and a complete package of a bike. And the sound of this bike sounds nothing like the triumph when racing against the Norton’s. And when listening to this sound in the triumph bike, it made me proud to be British. Sound is aggressive and similar to MV with melodic purr.”

1. Honda RC166

Top Ten Best Ever Exhaust System Used in Bikes

John Hackett said,” while racing at the Mallory park, this bike went flying past by me with Hailwood on it. It was terrific, and it blew my mind away. All I wanted to do is enter the pit  and stand by the side of it and simply listen to the fantastic sound and watching It hear it go past me made me so happy.”

Gez Kane,” this bike is one the craziest bike ever made,  even though I am too young yet to hear the sound of it but still, I heard once starting up. One of George Beale’s faithful replica creation has come close to the music though. And it feels like six tiny little monsters screaming inside in the engine, and the RM could make your ear bleed and eyes shake away. Now I know why the old school racers are almost deaf.”

Top Ten Best Ever Exhaust System Used in Bikes – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best Ever Exhaust System Used in Bikes
1 Honda RC166
2 Triumph F750 Trident
3 Yamaha RD350LC
4 Honda RC30
5 1966-1974 MV Agusta 500 3 cylinder
6 1976 Laverda Jota
7 Ducati Desmosedici GP bike
8 Yamaha RD56
9 Honda RC149/149
10 Kawasaki KR750


The above given atrial is about theTop Ten Best Ever Exhaust System Used in Bikes in the history, these bikes have had the best exhaust them, and the great detail will make it easier for you to know the best of exhaust that had to exist since quite some time. With more information mention in such manner are ranked by the quality and opinion of many users and people who have shared their moment s with these bikes who had such fantastic exhaust in them.

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