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Top Ten Best BMW Motorcycles on Bikes Catalog

Taking out all the BMWs from the massive data we have collected from our database, the average owner’s opinion and rating with of their brakes, engine, comfort and control with all this in mind in we have created a list of Top Ten Best BMW Motorcycles on Bikes Catalog with their rating from highest to higher rating.

Top Ten Best BMW Motorcycles on Bikes Catalog – Top Rated

10. G650GS (2011-present): 4.3/5

Top Ten Best BMW Motorcycles on Bikes Catalog

Swiss army knife G650GS of BMW. Giving you 65mpg all day long and 47hp only with 650cc single-cylinder engine, also power limited by A2, with engine made by Lincoln in China similar to Austrian built Rotax seen in earlier models. Still, BMW has not been affected by the quality they have said. ABS is standard in condition now, and it’s nothing new that the BMW costs a little costly with a leg and arm though with heated grips are 230 pounds.

9. K1300S (2009-present): 4.38/5

Top Ten Best BMW Motorcycles on Bikes Catalog

K3100S is not so heavy even with the weight of 254kgs; they have moved the engine a tilt by putting ahead the lower of the center of mass and controlling the weight better. It has lots of competes but it just wants to stay reserve like the Suzuki Hayabusa and Kawasaki ZZR1400. The BMWs are still a rocket ride. With 170hp and 130 lb-ft, it will fly like a wind not touch anything on the road maybe. The gearbox can make lots of noises by being loud and bolts scans create problems in the winter season which can disturb the experience of some.

8. F800ST (2006-2012): 4.44/5

Top Ten Best BMW Motorcycles on Bikes Catalog

Owners have found some flaws like unsprung and false neutrals but rather than that, BMW is a middleweight tourer. With the 798cc parallel-twin provides and 85hp and strong mid-range pull. The fuelling average can stroke up to a long good pace on motorways and winding roads. F800ST is attached with a luggage carrier rack with a center stand but ABS is your choice.

7. R1200R (2006-present): 4.5/5

Top Ten Best BMW Motorcycles on Bikes Catalog
BMW R 1200 R (11/2010)

R1000R the 2006 model, is the old school design with modernity. With decency, this bike packs about the 82lb-ft punch of torque from its 1170cc engine. With air-cooled flat-twin, it keeps the engine happy and the shaft drive as well. But all the reasonable stuff cost, the original road price of this bike 10075 pounds with plenty of features to select.

6. K1200LT (1999-2008): 4.5/5

Top Ten Best BMW Motorcycles on Bikes Catalog

This bike, compared to its old needed lots of power K1200LT, has now been given 116hpan d88lb-ft of torque to shaft its weight is dry around 353kg. You can enjoy the comfort, style and luxury of this bike by even knowing how much miles it’s giving, with an LCD panel that displays mileage, fuel level trip meters and information radio with electric hydraulically operator center stand, this means that the bike can give itself a push by standing on a position. The storage capacity is not satisfied by the owners.

5. K1200R (2005-2009): 4.5/5

Top Ten Best BMW Motorcycles on Bikes Catalog

BMW claimed to be the big daddy and one of the most potent naked bikes, with 1157cc inline-4 engine which pushes out 153hp, and 93.7lb-ft of torque and can go up to 170mph. Like the LT model, also it is equipped with quick suspension and shaft drive to keep that power in check. Giving you nine different damping and preload settings when switching to control the Electronic Suspension Adjustment and all this softens the bike or firm.

4. R1200RT (2005-present): 4.53/5

Top Ten Best BMW Motorcycles on Bikes Catalog

Almost the same lump as the BMW R1200R, the RT has given out the 125 hp and tip the scales at 274 kg. The handling is excellent for such a bike which I 60mpg from a 25L tank means you do not need to refuel very quickly. This bike has now a six-gear function with a cost of 13000 pounds. There is nothing we would say you wouldn’t love about this bike, very much comfortable and nothing that it can handle in its way.

3. R1100S (1998-2005): 4.57/5

Top Ten Best BMW Motorcycles on Bikes Catalog

With the usage of 1085 air-cooled boxer twin, this bike will go up to 140mph from 98hp and 72lb-ft engine. With the heavyweight like 229 kg and suspension that gives the bike a plush ride, it is not easy to take this ride in every corner. But once on the road, this bike is very much stable by the cylinder heads.

2. F800R (2009-present): 4.7/5

This bike is the only one that has the suspension standard and the chain drive and regular dual swing arm. 786cc parallel-twin engine puts out the healthy 85hp and 63lb-ft of torque which weighs 204 kg if its fuel full. The cost of the bike is and the ABS is an option. It can go up to 7595 pounds, with a low seat option making sure that the new rides can ride there with confidence. With the triple street power, it makes sure the engine is used less.

1. S1000RR (2009-present): 4.72/5

Top Ten Best BMW Motorcycles on Bikes Catalog

Launched in 2009, making it possible to start a sports bike as the first superbike too and made the world amazed by this production. This bike out down all the other bike types and for four years, no could compete for this 999cc machine with 193hp until four years. The closest rival was Kawasaki ZX10 R. The dry weight of the bike is just 109 dry. A lot of riders have compared it with RR 600cc machine and found that the reliability of this bike is excellent but not so sad, but if you fork around the bike for about 465 pounds and the paint job on this bike is good to have around the retail price of this bike could go up to 13735 pounds. Still, it is the fastest and best-handling produced bike in the entire world.

Top Ten Best BMW Motorcycles on Bikes Catalog – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best BMW Motorcycles on Bikes Catalog Rating
1 S1000RR (2009-present) 4.72/5
2 F800R (2009-present) 4.7/5
3 R1100S (1998-2005) 4.57/5
4 R1200RT (2005-present) 4.53/5
5 K1200R (2005-2009) 4.5/5
6 K1200LT (1999-2008) 4.5/5
7 R1200R (2006-present) 4.5/5
8 F800ST (2006-2012) 4.44/5
9 K1300S (2009-present) 4.38/5
10 G650GS (2011-present) 4.3/5


The above list shows what our reader likes in the entire line up of BMW bikes. It is beneficial for those investors and dealers who are thinking about investing in BMW bikes. I hope you will agree with our list and will visit again for more updates.

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