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Top Ten Best Bikes with High Resale Value

Different motorcycles lose value at different rates. Some motorcycle brands and models are incredibly successful, while others lose weight quickly when you drive them off the lot. Most motorcycle enthusiasts sell their current vehicles to purchase more significant, powerful vehicles with superior technology, fuel economy, and performance. However, even with your money, you cannot buy a replacement bike if your market value is low.

If you plan to ride your bike for 10-15 years, at least the resale value should not bother you. However, if you plan to sell a motorcycle in the next five years, you should know which motorcycle models, names, and specifications hold value. For example, Polaris’ decision to no longer carry its products resulted in a steep decline in the value of Victory motorcycles. Like Honda motorcycles, which are widely available and mass-produced, they don’t hold their value for long.

It is practically difficult to predict which motorcycles will retain most of their value due to the ups and downs of market prices. Bikes costing more than $25,000 can lose half their weight instantly, but those costing between $10,000 and $15,000 only lose a few thousand dollars over five years. Depending on the type and model, motorcycles depreciate differently. The best option for a severe rider is to get a brand-new bike. You should not buy a motorcycle for resale as the year may change next year. Fortunately, a few bikes are considered “lucky exceptions.”

You will discover the list of the Top Ten Best Bikes with High Resale Value.

Top Ten Best Bikes with High Resale Value – Top Rated

It should come as no surprise that some of the most valuable and popular motorcycle companies, such as Harley Davidson, have two-wheelers that hold their value better than others on the market.

All motorcycle retention and depreciation rates can be calculated using online resale assessment tools, such as J.D. Taken from Power. These figures are estimates for 2023 only and are, therefore, subject to change.

1. 2023 Harley Davidson FXLRS Low Rider S

Top Ten Best Bikes with High Resale Value

The Harley-Davidson FXLRS Low Rider S is one of the most sought-after motorcycles thanks to its powerful V-twin engine, redesigned lightweight softtail chassis, blacked-out appearance, and fast acceleration. This bike can travel long distances (200–300 miles) on motorways due to its slim frame and high power output. This bike is fun because of its electronic cruise control, plush saddle, upright riding position, and athletic frame. If preserved in good condition, you can get a respectable resale value if you sell it.

2. 2023 Harley Davidson Street Glide

Top Ten Best Bikes with High Resale Value

The most recognizable touring bike of all time is the Harley Street Glide. When you’re ready to move on to another bike, you’ll get much of your investment thanks to its authentic bagger styling, enhanced safety features, reliable big-bore engine, responsive suspensions, and stylish accessories like fork-mounted fairing. Can recover saddlebags and a passenger seat.

3. 2023 BMW R1250 RS

Top Ten Best Bikes with High Resale Value

The BMW R1250 RS is a robust sports tourer, and its cam-shift-equipped boxer engine gives it its high selling price. This fast bike is ideal for highway riding thanks to its athletic figure, comfortable seating posture, and excellent wind protection. If you have custom BMW Motorrad accessories installed, you can use their availability to your advantage when negotiating the deal.

4. 2023 BMW R1250 RT

Top Ten Best Bikes with High Resale Value

With a two-cylinder boxer engine, active cruise control, a 10.25″ large TFT screen, and strong acceleration, the BMW R1250RT is an influential touring vehicle. It is advised against replacing OEM components with aftermarket accessories because the factory-installed side Panniers and complete fairing can increase the vehicle’s market value.

5. 2023 Kawasaki Ninja 650

Top Ten Best Bikes with High Resale Value

A performance-oriented 649 cc motor, advanced technology, contemporary looks, an upright riding position, TFT instruments, and optional OEM extras all characterize the KAWASAKI Ninja 650. You can recover a large portion of the bike’s original purchase price thanks to its up to 97% resale value. However, you should market this bike to sports bike enthusiasts and states like California and Nevada, with a large market for them.

6. 2023 Honda Gold Wing GL1800BD DCT

Top Ten Best Bikes with High Resale Value

Honda produces its motorcycles in large quantities, contributing to their low resale value. The Goldwind 1800BD DCT, however, is an exception. Stylish plastic bodywork for weather protection, a smooth six-cylinder 1833cc engine, ample storage space, and advanced technology are all features of this outstanding touring motorbike. The bike has a six-speed transmission system, but you can upgrade to a seven-speed system for a smooth ride while riding long distances. Honda Gold Wing GL1800BD DCT’s passenger seat, side panniers, rear trunk, and entertainment system make it a bike worth buying. To get the best possible resale value, consider selling this Honda model during the busiest touring season.

7. 2023 Honda Rebel 500 ABS

Top Ten Best Bikes with High Resale Value

Popular entry-level cruisers include the HONDA REBEL 500 ABS. New riders looking to improve their riding technique, motorcycle commuters, female riders, and younger riders who travel to local campgrounds and recreation areas are your potential customers. Despite being widely available, a well-used Honda Rebel 500 ABS is often in high demand. The old models of Honda Rebel 500 ABS still have a market value of 50-60%.

8. 2023 Indian Chief Dark Horse (Colored)

Top Ten Best Bikes with High Resale Value

An additional high-performance cruiser is the Indian Chief Dark Horse. To save on shipping costs, potential customers prefer to buy the well-used edition. Moreover, with only a few minor changes, the latest Indian Chief Dark Horse models offer the same features. So, buying a used bike makes sense. You can still recover 60-65% of the resale value of an Indian Chief Dark Horse even if it depreciates over 5-7 years.

9. 2023 Indian Roadmaster (Black)

Top Ten Best Bikes with High Resale Value

A mighty Thunderstroke 116 V-Twin engine powers the luxury touring motorcycle called the Indian Roadmaster. Additionally, it comes with a smooth six-speed transmission, full fairing, high-powered speakers, 36+ gallons of storage capacity, and elegant travel accessories. The Indian Roadmaster has a resale value of 96.5%, making it a worthwhile investment.

10. 2023 Yamaha YZF-R1

Top Ten Best Bikes with High Resale Value

A one-of-a-kind inline four-cylinder sports bike, the Yamaha YZF-R1 is a beautiful machine. It’s reliable, easy to maintain, and highly adaptable, perfect for long-distance highway rides, daily commutes, and street racing. Novice and expert riders can appreciate this bike’s quick, agile chassis. You can get a reasonable offer on your Yamaha YZF-R1 if you are aware of its benefits and the needs of potential buyers.

How to Find Your Motorcycle’s Resale Value

Reputable motorcycle exchange businesses in your area can provide a fair price quote. A rough estimate of your bike’s market value can also be obtained using several online tools, although they are not always accurate. Some information about your bike will need to be entered, such as its make, model, mileage, and trim. Visit the same dealership where you bought your bike if you want an official market appraisal based on current market trends.

If you are selling a used or pre-owned motorcycle, Kelly Blue Book or J.D. Power can provide an accurate and cost-free price estimate. All you need to do to use these websites is enter your zip code and the make, model, and year of your bike.

National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA) guidance can also be used to determine the purchase price and average retail price of your motorcycle.

Factors That Determine Your Motorcycle’s Resale Value

It does not guarantee you will get the highest price because your bike has a high resale value. The following variables affect the resale value of your motorcycle:


Manufacturing businesses update their models’ chassis, engines, fuel tanks, brakes, suspension, and paint jobs over time. The motorcycling community may approve or disapprove of these changes, and the result will affect the resale value of your motorcycle. For example, if your bike has dual front disc brakes and the newer model only has one disc front brake, most riders will probably prefer the former, increasing the bike’s market value. Maybe. Similarly, the resale value of your motorcycle will decrease dramatically if the newer model has an electronic fuel injection system while your bike’s engine is carbureted.


When did you first get your bike? It is a common question for potential buyers. The value of your motorcycle will depreciate the faster you own it. A new 2020 Harley Davidson Low Rider S will have a higher resale value if purchased in 2021 and sold within 6-12 months than 3-4 years later. Your bike’s performance may have declined over the years due to worn tires, rust, loose electrical systems, low-charge batteries, etc. Fortunately, some vintage bicycles can be sold for a higher price if they are kept in good condition and have some modifications.


If you can find the right buyer, custom motorcycles can have a significant resale value. The resale value of your bike will be increased if it features original mechanical parts, aftermarket touring equipment, and advanced technology.

However, since new paint covers up dings and dents from collisions, painting your motorcycle in a personalized pattern can cause it to lose some of its market value. If you plan to sell your bike, avoid unusual paint jobs. However, the bike can be modified to enhance its appearance and functionality. To prevent further depreciation, make sure the conversion you want to make is legal in your state.

Level of Demand

Some riders look for well-known bikes that have been phased out. For example, many Harley enthusiasts look for discontinued Harley-Davidson Dyna models like the Dyna Wide Glide, Dyna Low Rider, and Dyna Super Glide. Ensure that if your two-wheeler is a well-loved bike, you set the right price. Assess the demand for a bike like yours by doing market research, visiting used markets, and talking to enough people.

Book Price

Motorcycle dealerships use market prices to determine the trade value or book value of a motorcycle. The following variables can affect the book value of your bike:

  • Ownership Status Date of Previous Accident Date of Previous Theft Import Status
  • Original license plate and paint job status


Even an older model motorcycle can be sold for a reasonable price if it is well-maintained. However, you will only get scrap value if your bike has damage, such as chipped paint, damaged fairing, flat tires, broken chains, rusted disc brakes, discolored exhaust pipes, and oil. And gasoline leaks. So check the condition of your motorcycle before listing it for sale.

Long-term maintenance can increase the resale value of your motorcycle. A service history will help you negotiate a fair price, even if you’re selling a used bike.

Sell During Peak Seasons

Motorcycles are not needed throughout the year. The busiest riding months are usually March through May and August. Sales begin to fall from September to October. Although you can start marketing your motorcycle in the fall and winter (October to February), the best deals are available.


Even poorly maintained bikes are expensive in some US cities, but buyers can still sell them. On the other hand, finding a buyer for a well-maintained motorcycle can be difficult if you live in a remote location.

You relocate or lower the price to attract more buyers to sell your bike.


Most buyers judge the condition of your motorcycle by looking at the miles. More miles equals more years of driving and more damage. A 2022 Yamaha YZF-R1 with 10,000 km on the bike can sell for around $10,000, but a similar model with 8,000 miles in the same condition can sell for just $13,000. Although there is no proof that a low-mileage bike will perform better than a high-mileage bike, many buyers use this criterion when comparing bikes.

Top Ten Best Bikes with High Resale Value – Takeaway

Whether you buy a motorcycle brand new or used from a dealer, it can depreciate at a random rate. Before purchasing a motorcycle, consider its features and performance. A good resale value would be the icing on the cake. To choose the best time to sell your bike, you should get an estimated resale value every three months. For a smooth transaction when selling your motorcycle, pay attention to and complete all the necessary legal documents.

You can also benefit from the resale value of your motorcycle in the following ways:

Invest in a motorcycle like the $4,500–$6,500 Honda Rebel 300 or Rebel 500. These bicycles can be used for over five years, rented out, and sold reasonably.

Get a used bike in good condition to avoid dealership fees and the initial price drop of a fashionable motorcycle like the Harley-Davidson Nightster Special.

If you enjoy riding various motorcycles, you may rent one instead of buying one to avoid paying maintenance fees.

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