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Top Ten Best Bikes of 2022

Hundreds of motorcycles are available today, suitable for various needs and price ranges. How do you decide? You could start by reading a list like this one, ” Top Ten Best Bikes of 2022,” to get some ideas. Then, after utterly disagreeing, you create your list.

Top Ten Best Bikes of 2022 – Top Rated

Triumph Speed Triple 1200RS

Top Ten Best Bikes of 2022

Even though the previous Speed Triple 1050 or Triple RS had no issues, Triumph made it even better in 2021. It’s distinctive in that it’s not a bare-bones version of a faired sports bike, indicating that it’s no compromise and that Triumph has gone its way without succumbing to rival manufacturers’ claims of increased power. But has it been fully implemented? But that doesn’t mean there isn’t enough power. 178 horses are more than enough, in anyone’s opinion.

The new gearbox is one of the best on any sports motorcycle, and the engine is full of great, triple-cylinder character yet smooth and refined with explosive performance.

Yamaha MT-09

Top Ten Best Bikes of 2022

When Yamaha introduced the MT-09 in 2013, one of the latest and greatest motorcycles in 2022, it saved its skin. This Japanese bicycle stood out because it had a personality. It had a tremendous three-cylinder engine that was quick and smooth, and it was fast, light and reasonably priced.

The MT-09 gets an upgrade from Yamaha in 2021 with a bigger engine, new frame, aesthetics, and electronics. They weren’t necessary for the bike, but it’s better for them. In your opinion, this might also be the best Japanese-made bare-bones sports bike.

There’s no debating the bike’s capabilities, even if you disagree with how it looks.


Top Ten Best Bikes of 2022

Undoubtedly a popular choice, the BMW GS is among the best-selling motorcycles in any segment in several countries around the world, love it or hate it. And the reason it’s selling so well isn’t just because it’s a BMW; it’s because it’s fantastic.

Yes, rivals from Triumph, KTM, and Harley Davidson have more power, but the BMW looks a lot more than that. You can’t dispute its capabilities, though, as it’s an exceptionally long-distance commuter and an incredibly light and well-balanced off-road plugger.

Vespa Scooters

Top Ten Best Bikes of 2022

Although there may be dozens of scooters available today, are any of them genuinely as excellent as the recognizable Vespa? It was developed following the Second World War to both rescue a corporation and to meet the requirement for straightforward, inexpensive transportation to get a nation moving once more.

It established a model that was subsequently imitated by everyone else but infrequently, if ever, bettered. It became a style icon and a representation of everything Italian.

Yes, they are more expensive than their competitors, but the quality is worth it. The current four-stroke engines, which are no longer two-stroke buzz bombs, quiet, smooth, and powerful; the GTS300 model is absurdly quick for a small-wheeled city bike. The stepless continuously variable transmission is included in all of them.

Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250

Top Ten Best Bikes of 2022

Pan America is on our list for two excellent reasons. First, Harley-Davidson dared to make a revolutionary change, and second, it made the right decision the first time.

When H-D announced an adventure bike, the motorcycle community was ready to laugh it off, but it soon had to backtrack on its remarks when the bike came out. There was a very real and practical alternative to BMW, KTM, Triumph, and the like, focusing on simply being awesome rather than succumbing to the pressures of being “American.”

Triumph Trident 660

Top Ten Best Bikes of 2022

However, the Trident 660 is so brilliant and has sold so well that it deserves its place on our list, even if many other achievements are included. According to some, the Trident 600 might be the only bike you’ll ever need.

It showed us that a bike doesn’t have to be super powerful, expensive, or state-of-the-art to be excellent. It has a lot, is comfortable and easy to ride, and will satisfy both novice and expert riders.

The little three-cylinder engine is brilliant, full of power, paired with an excellent chassis, and it never fails to make you smile when the bends turn.

Indian FTR 1200

Top Ten Best Bikes of 2022

Like the Harley, the Indian turned left with the FTR, but the Indian took its cues from the American sport of flat track racing. Despite the FTR 1200 being quite different from the rest of the Indian line-up, the Indian nevertheless managed to create a truly unique bike.

It has a strong personality and is not for the timid, but for those with the ability to control it, it can be quite comforting. While it has an unmistakably vintage aesthetic, its performance is anything but dated, and it’s comfortable and well-equipped.

Given its flat-track aspirations, the rear wheel may struggle to maintain traction if the throttle is not used carefully at low revs.

Ducati V4 S Multistrada

Top Ten Best Bikes of 2022

Given its classification as an adventure bike, Ducati’s Multistrada V4 might be the last motorcycle you’d consider riding off-road, but that’s okay because it makes a great road bike in its own right.

The new V-4 engine is a feat of engineering, replacing the V-twin and reaching cylinder bore limits. It’s smaller and lighter than the V-Twin.

One of the most capable motorcycles available today, its impressive performance is unfettered by electrical complications and is incredibly comfortable and helpful. Even the Multistrada got a slight upgrade for the 2022 model year.

Aprilia RS660

Top Ten Best Bikes of 2022

With the Aprilia RS660, an Italian pocket superbike, the adage “less is more” has never been more true. The RS660 is just as fun and capable in a package accessible in a way that no liter sports bike ever is, while the RSV4 1100 Factory is a beautiful example of excess in every sense of the term.

The Aprilia RS660 has all the technology you could need, runs, handles, and thrills like a liter sports bike, and even offers a surprising amount of comfort. It is powered by a parallel twin engine.

KTM 390 Adventure

Top Ten Best Bikes of 2022

Aprilia RS660 and KTM 390 Adventure are examples of how size is not everything. The KTM 390 Adventure is a welcome change in a world where adventure bikes are getting bigger and more complex while being equally capable.

According to KTM’s media literature, the 390 Adventure is a bike anyone can ride and explore new roads, tracks and trails. Given that this is a fantastic adventure bike in its own right, they mustn’t be marketing it as an introduction to adventure riding. It does not serve as a bridge to anything other than itself.

Top Ten Best Bikes of 2022 – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best Bikes of 2022
1 Triumph Speed Triple 1200RS
2 Yamaha MT-09
3 BMW R1250GS
4 Vespa Scooters
5 Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250
6 Triumph Trident 660
7 Indian FTR 1200
8 Ducati V4 S Multistrada
9 Aprilia RS660
10 KTM 390 Adventure

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