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2022 BMW C650 Sport Scooter Review Specs Price

The engineers at BMW are the best at blurring the distinction between a scooter and a “real” motorbike, and the C 650 family is no exception. Minimal modifications have been made to the 2022 BMW C650 Sport Scooter, but that is to be expected considering how difficult it would be to add more functions than are currently there.

This scooter ‘isn’t’ your grandfather’s since it has traction control, ABS, a large, powerful engine, and a complex engine management system. I am interested in discovering what features Beemer has hidden on its not-so-little maxi-scooter since I greatly regard German engineering.

2022 BMW C650 Sport Scooter – Features and Specs

2022 BMW C650 Sport Scooter


The first thing you’ll notice about these two is how bulky they are. There isn’t any paper-thin stamped sheet metal, just a rather sturdy body that nearly makes the 2022 BMW C650 Sport Scooter designation untrue. You’ll then see how uniquely distinct they are from one another. Both include a small step-through with a two-up seat and an adjustable windscreen, but the remainder of the kit differs significantly.

The 2022 BMW C650 GT is the first model we’ll look at. It has a very substantial front fairing that generates a significant air pocket for the rider and a vented windscreen to lessen the impact of head buffeting. Although I don’t like the stodgy design of the front end, I realize that lifelong followers of the brand will probably be OK with it. The somewhat awkward cheek fairings flow into the leg guards with little elegance.

One advantage of having a big body is getting a broad seat, and the GT’s seat has two oversized oh-crap grips and a short backrest that will function to keep your butt firmly planted even if it won’t enable you to lean against it for comfort. Handles fending off the P-pad for the convenience of the passengers.

Both vehicles include a sizable under-seat compartment that can fit two full-face helmets, which is a significant amount of storage. The Gran Tourism’s tour-static appearance is finished with a pair of panels that serve as a fake set of panniers below the passenger seat.

The 2022 BMW C650 Sport Scooter has an almost sport bike entrance, with a little more grace and flow than the GT enjoys, as the ingeniously innovative name indicates, but looks to preserve the same degree of safety for the rider. A somewhat smaller seat that eliminates the rider backrest in favor of a straightforward step-up to the P-pad region is one of the distinctions.

The ass end removes the panels that resemble panniers and adopts the appearance of a tapering subframe that comes to a point above the taillight housing. The Sport, in comparison, looks sleeker overall and lacks much of the blackness that the GT exhibited. For 2019, both models’ drivetrains come in black to further the aesthetic.

2022 BMW C650 Sport Scooter


Cast-aluminum parts finish the assembly, making everything sturdy yet light. The frame is made of tubular steel. Although I worry that straight-line tracking may suffer a little at highway speeds, the steering head is set at 25.4 degrees with a 3.6-inch rake.

I must admit that when I saw the 40 mm, USD forks on the front end, I laughed for joy. This scooter has inverted front forks bigger than cruisers and street bikes. How about a liter engine next? The swing-mount drivetrain unit’s front forks and rear shock each sacrifice 4.5 inches of travel for a soft ride.

The 15-inch hoops are mounted on cast aluminum rims and have massive tire sizes of 120/70 in the front and 160/60 in the rear. When I reached the brakes, I laughed once again. We have a scooter with two 270 mm front brake discs, one 270 mm rear brake disc, and twin-pot calipers to hold them in place. Fortunately, the manufacturer added their unique ABS technology to control all that braking force.


These vehicles employ the conventional swing-mount drive arrangement, which uses the engine and gearbox as a stressed element instead of the swing arm, as suggested by the fact that they are classified as scooters. The drivetrain exceeds the boundaries of what I perceive to be scooter-like, much like the rest of the construction. The liquid-cooled, parallel-twin mill has a diameter and stroke measurement of 79 mm and 66 mm, respectively, for a massive 647 cc overall.

Dual over-head cams time the four-valve heads. The engine complies with strict Euro-4 emissions regulations thanks to a closed-loop catalytic converter, electronic fuel injection, and these other features. A continuously variable transmission, in line with scooter tradition, offers twist-and-forget operating without the need for manual shifting or clutch lever concern.

2022 BMW C650 Sport Scooter

As you would expect, the performance figures aren’t quite scooter-like; this engine produces 60 horsepower at 7,500 rpm and is notably grunt with 46 pound-feet of torque at six grand for a peak speed of 100 mph (individual results may vary) and around 51 mpg.

2022 BMW C650 Sport Scooter – Price

The new 2022 BMW C650 Sport Scooter is available for 11,110 Euros only.

2022 BMW C650 Sport Scooter

2022 BMW C650 Sport Scooter – Technical Specifications

Engine Type Liquid-cooled, transverse parallel twin, DOHC, four valves per cyl.
Bore x Stroke 79.0 x 66.0mm
Displacement 647cc
Transmission Continuously Variable (CVT)
Final Drive Enclosed chain in oil bath
Wheelbase 62.6 in.
Rake/Trail 25.4 degrees/3.6 in.
Seat Height 31.9 / 30.7 in.
Claimed “Road Ready” Weight 549 / 575 lbs.
Fuel Capacity 4.2 gals. Last 1.1 gals. Warning light on
Claimed MPG (89 PON min.) 49 at 62 mph

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