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Top Ten Best Bikes at EICMA

These are the Top Ten Best Bikes at EICMA Milan Motorway show which we have gathered from certain data. Following the complete list below;

Top Ten Best Bikes at EICMA – Top Rated

10. KTM 1050 Adventure

Top Ten Best Bikes at EICMA

KTMs line up next year if Visor down revealed a 1050 adventure would be joining, and people were wondering if Australian were smoking. It made sense because they were already 1190 adventure which was joined by a 1290 variant. And everything got revealed when we saw the 1050 power, at 95hp. And it was an A2 license holder at the time when it was restricted at 48hp A2 limit. The models 1290 and 1190 were out before at the cost of 10999 pounds of 1050 Adventure which was cheaper than 2000 pounds.

9. Ducati Multistrada 1200

Top Ten Best Bikes at EICMA

Multistrada on the toss against the BMW S1000XR in 7 years. While the XR was an impressive stand against the 160hp detuned S1000RR engine and it looks so good compared to BMW. We may be a little wrong but the Multistrada which makes 160hp and 17ft-lb more torque than XR all thank the XR variable valve system. And this model has the cornering ABS, LED lights which could take you in the corner with an eight wheelie control.

8. Husqvarna 401 Svartpilen

Top Ten Best Bikes at EICMA

Based on KTMs Duke 390 the 401 Sartpilen was a significant threat to Ducati’s scrambler. It has big tires that were knobby and has an aggressive style and it was light 139 kg dry in weight. But for making it to appear on the road legal, and the concept to production version within 12 months of 701 super mottos. And for us it wouldn’t be a surprise if this version of Svartpilen in next year. And he kept on sale for two years the company Boss Stefan Pierre.

7. Honda’s new Africa Twin

Top Ten Best Bikes at EICMA

Honda has not declared that it is an African Twin instead it was the real Adventure Prototype. But this was the only example given at the ECIMA which was caked in mud, which has shown Honda the real reason to be taken off on the road. And this bike has shown the world that t can be given the title of world motorcycle.

6. BMW S1000RR

Top Ten Best Bikes at EICMA

S1000RR was unveiled around six weeks ago at Inter met Cologne, and it was slippery to slip this in the list. If you go and see the super stock 1000 grid and you will see a sea of Kawasaki ZX-R 10R and S1000RRs. It is all because of its excellent speed and fasts forward out of the box much better than BMW . Its overall power has increased directly to 199hp and the weight has moved down to 4kg which was scaled at 204kg fueled.

5. Aprilia RSV4 RR

Top Ten Best Bikes at EICMA

The new Aprilia RSV4 RR joined in 2015 a crop of 200hp superbikes. Its first end has been designed again but it was all exciting things which were placed under its plastics. And now the 999.6cc V4 engine can make up to 201hp and it was 17hp more. And everything inside the engine was new which was made out of titanium, and the weight was out 0.4 kg less. These changes were not enough to be like the Gucci brand.

4. Ducati 1299 Panigale

Top Ten Best Bikes at EICMA

There was a time when 1000cc bike was everything, but now if you have the four-cylinder inline stroke engine than you need the 1200cc. Then Ducati took a step further in Superquadro engine Panigale rebooting it to 1285cc. Which puts it in the elite in place of 200hp group also with 107ft lb and there was no less torque in it.

3. Kawasaki Ninja H2

Top Ten Best Bikes at EICMA

We were experiencing the effects of chronic teaser video overkill. And when Kawasaki pulled it covers over the roadside it was all legal H2, and we know this was the best thing that happened to a motorcycle in a long time. And no one puts a poster of a bike which has a pin-up traction control and cornering ABS. This H2 is a little green and some carbon fiber and the most important thing is that it has a supercharger.

2. Honda RCV V4 Road Bike

Top Ten Best Bikes at EICMA

After so long the firm has been working on a fantastic bike which finally showed up after some years called the RC213V-S. We still are not so sure but we know that it has won the world championship in the Marquez Moto GP bike show. Honda said: ‘Inspired by, and developed taking input from many legendary and well-known GP riders, the RC213V-S Prototype is ready to set to be the ultimate road-going motorcycle.’

1. Yamaha R1

Top Ten Best Bikes at EICMA

The new Yamaha had a great new look at the top of the line sports bikes after ages. With a new cross-plane engine which has the 200hp and 199kg in wet weight, Yamaha has managed to book a top place in the list of Top Ten Best Bikes at EICMA. One of the best bikes in the market available. It has almost all those functions which a great electronic bike has, which is also fitted with standard and titanium exhaust, aluminum tank and cast magnesium wheels. And if that does not impress you then you can go for R1M limited edition. It has the Ohlin’s suspensions and logging system of data with GPS. And uploading system also installed with a mobile charger place in it.

Top Ten Best Bikes at EICMA – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best Bikes at EICMA
1 Yamaha R1
2 Honda RCV V4 Road Bike
3 Kawasaki Ninja H2
4 Ducati 1299 Panigale
5 Aprilia RSV4 RR
6 BMW S1000RR
7 Honda’s new Africa Twin
8 Husqvarna 401 Svartpilen
9 Ducati Multistrada 1200
10 KTM 1050 Adventure


The above bikes were the center of attention in the ECIMA show. Hopefully, these bikes are your favorite as well. Don’t forget to share your valuable comments.

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