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Top Ten Best Aprilia Bikes of All Time

Contrary to popular belief, the Aprilia has been around longer than most people think. In 1968, the company switched from making bicycles to making motorcycles. They mostly used 2-stroke bikes, and by the 1990s, their small-displacement 2-stroke race bikes were the fastest vehicles on the track. His success in racing motivated him to start developing 4-stroke motorcycles. After several other failures, they eventually teamed up with Rotax to build their first full-fledged superbike. Suffice it to say; they haven’t looked back since. Today, they have made their name as one of the leading motorcycle manufacturers, and participate in all types of track racing, including MotoGP, worldwide. Find the Top Ten Best Aprilia Bikes of All Time below.

Top Ten Best Aprilia Bikes of All Time – Top Rated

Tuareg 600

Top Ten Best Aprilia Bikes of All Time

Technically speaking, their line of dual-sport Tuareg bikes was their entry into the field of 4-stroke engineering.

With a fake Dakar Rally in their sights, they needed a bigger, more powerful vehicle than their 350 dual-sport. The simple solution was to increase the displacement of the thumper. The 562cc single produced a decent 46 horsepower. By today’s standards, that’s not much, but in the late 1980s desert, it was more than enough to be competitive.

RS 250

Top Ten Best Aprilia Bikes of All Time

Due to their exceptional performance, Aprilia’s 2-stroke bikes were the brand’s most popular bikes for a long time and were often used for club-level racing.

Seventy-two screaming horses were produced by the RS 250, an actual race car with power that is remarkable by today’s standards. In the 1990s, this was the bike you wanted to win a race in the 250cc class.

Tuono 1000 Racing

Top Ten Best Aprilia Bikes of All Time

This 130-horsepower V-twin drove the bare-bones sportbike, still a relatively new idea in the early 2000s, to new heights of performance.

Aprilia entered the spotlight thanks to the powerful Rotax engine. It produced a lot of power, but it was one of their most reliable superbikes.


Top Ten Best Aprilia Bikes of All Time

It was only logical for Aprilia to experiment with making trial bikes in the 1980s as they had already made a name for themselves in the dirt bike industry, especially in Europe.

Unfortunately, they chose not to pursue this market, which can best be described as a “niche” sport. That doesn’t change that this unique little motorcycle, which only produced 20 horsepower, is currently one of their most sought-after vintages.

Tuono 660

Top Ten Best Aprilia Bikes of All Time

Aprilia first showed the motorcycle community the potential of parallel twins with the introduction of the RS 660, and with the launch of the naked version, they got even better.

The ergonomics and power delivery of both bikes are pretty comparable. But, the bike’s essence leans more towards a sporty bare-bones Toono style. It quickly established itself as a classic thanks to its 100 horsepower and very light frame.

RSV Mille

Top Ten Best Aprilia Bikes of All Time

When it was initially introduced, it was overshadowed on the spec sheet as it debuted alongside one of the most recognizable letter bikes ever produced.

Additionally, Aprilia was an unproven brand; the bike was more expensive and lost the horsepower battle to the Japanese bikes at the time. With more efficient power and superior components on the road, the Mille is a cut above other vehicles in the real world.

SXV 550

Top Ten Best Aprilia Bikes of All Time

Until the 2000s, single-cylinder, 4-stroke dirt bikes were the industry standard for high performance, so by trying to build a V-twin, they took a considerable risk.

Although it was a commercial failure and didn’t quite work for them, the Supermoto version is undoubtedly the best thing to come out of this project. It is a gangster’s dream.

RSV4 1100 Factory

Top Ten Best Aprilia Bikes of All Time

One of the top superbikes on the market, with over 200 horsepower available and one of the most advanced electronic systems ever installed on a motorbike.

There aren’t many superbikes that can compete with it in terms of design. Only one, arguably, is made by the same company.

Dorsoduro 750

Top Ten Best Aprilia Bikes of All Time

It can be criticized for being too tall for most riders and too heavy for supermoto, but if you can fit it and don’t mind losing the occasional spec sheet battle, this is a fantastic bike.

It only serves one purpose, which is to make you smile incredibly wide. Either way, it looks fantastic and looks even better.

Tuono V4 X

Top Ten Best Aprilia Bikes of All Time

The most attractive bike available now, and we’d even argue that it’s high on the list of the most beautiful bikes of all time.

That’s pretty arbitrary, but performance—and with more than 200 horsepower, it’s a flying machine—is the goal. Along with a great soundtrack, this tuned V4 is something else in person, too.

Top Ten Best Aprilia Bikes of All Time – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best Aprilia Bikes of All Time
1 Tuareg 600
2 RS 250
3 Tuono 1000 Racing
4 TX
5 Tuono 660
6 RSV Mille
7 SXV 550
8 RSV4 1100 Factory
9 Dorsoduro 750
10 Tuono V4 X

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