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Top Ten Best Adventure Motorcycles below 1000cc


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The KTM 1290 Super Adventure, BMW R 1250 GS Adventure, and Triumph Tiger 1200 are top of our Top Ten Best Adventure Motorcycles below 1000cc. They can do some impressive heavy lifting, while more affordable options like the Royal Enfield Himalayan and KTM 390 Adventure are sure to impress. Make you don’t need a lot of power to get away.

However, the mid to large adventure motorcycle sector is seeing tremendous growth with new models like the Ducati DesertX, Husqvarna Norden 901, and Aprilia Tuareg 660. Follow us as we hit the rough terrain and get our tires muddy to bring you the top 10 best mid-to-large adventure motorcycles, or to put it another way, the best explorers up to 1000cc.

Top Ten Best Adventure Motorcycles below 1000cc – Top Rated

10 – Moto Guzzi V85TT [Priced from £10,450]

Top Ten Best Adventure Motorcycles below 1000cc

Over the years, Moto Guzzi has developed a reputation for doing things a little differently than its competitors, but considering it recently celebrated its centenary, something must be working. It helps to understand why Guzzi, known for its unique Italo-American style Sportster, strayed from the path again in 2018 with the introduction of the V85 TT.

The V85TT deftly evokes the retro aspirations of 1980s rally riders, straddling the line between off-roader, tourer, and scrambler. Although it doesn’t know what it wants to be when it grows up, the V85TT will at least look good doing it. Although it can be a bit too complicated to throw hard on the rocks, the V-Twin 853cc engine is a sharp performer and holds its own when the going gets rough. With a class-leading 23-liter petrol tank that keeps you in the game when its rivals have to go home, it will take you far.

9 – Suzuki V-Strom 650XT [Priced from £8,699]

Top Ten Best Adventure Motorcycles below 1000cc

Our love for the Suzuki V-Strom 650XT has never wavered. Yes, it’s Sportster old, no, it’s not as sophisticated as its rivals, and yes, there’s a hint that it might be a “white goods” motorbike. However, Suzuki’s classic mid-range off-roader has a certain honesty about it. The V-Strom XT looks a little dated as its most recent major upgrade was in 2017, but being old has benefits because, at £8,699 for the full version of the XT, you get a lot of savings for your buck. Plenty of motorbikes are available.

Furthermore, the 645cc V-Twin engine, which has its roots in the 1990s like your dad at the dance floor, is still eager to perform and is durable and reliable mechanical. While rivals may surprise you with technology, the Suzuki V-Strom 650XT is – for many – the only motorbike you’ll ever need when all you need is a reliable workhorse that gets the job done.

8 – CFMoto 800MT Touring [Priced from £11,099]

Top Ten Best Adventure Motorcycles below 1000cc

If the Chinese are indeed coming, CFMoto is setting the pace as it continues to show just how competitive the bikes from our neighbors to the east are. A recent example is the CFMoto 800MT, a brand new bike but otherwise popular as a redesigned variant of the long-discontinued KTM 790 Adventure.

However, this is not just a discarded model. While the 800MT may not be the pinnacle of on-road refinement, it at least benefits from its Austrian donor’s impressive off-road skills, according to our review of the CFMoto redesign. However, the 800MT’s Premier Touring trim, which offers a ton of equipment and a class-leading four-year warranty, makes it stand out as a potential buyer. Priced at just over £11,000, CFMoto has also included pannier cases as standard. In the end, the 800MT makes a compelling case for itself. These include strong casings.

7 – Husqvarna Norden 901 [Priced from £12,349]

Top Ten Best Adventure Motorcycles below 1000cc

It’s only fitting that the CFMoto 800MT follows another manufacturer’s entry into the lucrative adventure industry with its KTM-based design. Husqvarna Norden 901 CFMoto is Tesco’s best compared to Tesco’s value. It uses the latest-generation KTM 890 platform and wraps it in a distinctive look that combines premium and authoritarian intentions.

We’ll leave it to our readers whether the “Husky” achieved that goal. Still, on and off the road, the Norden 901 is a comfortable, sophisticated tourer and a rigid, rugged adventure bike. Struggling, failing miserably.

6 – Honda CB500X [Priced from £6,699]

Top Ten Best Adventure Motorcycles below 1000cc

Okay, so the Honda CB500X isn’t going to perform better off-road than the other entries on our list, but nobody’s going to buy it for mud-slinging every other day of the week. Instead, the CB500X has a lot going for it if you look at it from the perspective of a reliable, affordable, compact urban runabout with the occasional wanderlust.

The Honda ‘500’ line, which includes four models, is an excellent option for those looking to increase their size and power without giving up their A2 license. X performs its intended functions well. Even better, it’s an incredible bargain at £6,699 too. Wait for the 750cc twin-cylinder Transalp to reappear if you want your Honda to have a little more grit between its tires.

5 – Aprilia Tuareg 660 [Priced from £10,600]

Top Ten Best Adventure Motorcycles below 1000cc

With the third model to emerge on its new 660 platforms after the RS sports bike and Toono Ningi, Aprilia has re-entered the adventure market. The Aprilia Tuareg 660 is certainly a change from its sibling’s harsh lines, with its boxy, upright design inspired by the rally riders we see with such fondness.

The 659cc parallel-twin engine’s excitement at high revs is toned down in favor of the Tuareg’s guaranteed deep-down performance, making it a very different proposition under the skin. Even so, the Tuareg is lighter than its rivals and still displays Aprilia’s sporty DNA on the road with 79 horsepower. On the other hand, comparing it to the Tenere 700, it is clear that it prefers road use over extreme off-road use.

4 – KTM 890 Adventure [Priced from £11,449]

Top Ten Best Adventure Motorcycles below 1000cc

The KTM 890 Adventure is the bike for you if you have “conquering mountains, smashing rocks, and never take back from a challenge” at the top of your motorbike wish list. The KTM 890 Adventure and Extreme Adventure R are the bear girls of motorbikes as they have all the off-road expertise and experience of KTM.

The most recent 890 Adventure has been modified to remove some harsher edges for a smoother on-road ride, but make no mistake—it still takes off-roading very seriously.

3 – Triumph Tiger 900 [Priced from £12,195]

Top Ten Best Adventure Motorcycles below 1000cc

The villains of the latest James Bond film, No Time to Die, are like the Triumph Tiger 900 Rally because it’s so adept off-road. Thankfully, you don’t have to work for a global gang to appreciate what the Tiger 900 has to offer. It’s not close to being a “bad” one, but rather a good one.

In rally configuration, the Triumph Tiger 900 is more challenging than its sibling GT Tourer variant while enjoying competitive levels of on-road agility and touring enthusiasm. The Rallye’s 94bhp 937cc triple-cylinder engine makes short work of challenging tasks, unlike the GT, which must leave its prowess to the tarmac.

2 – Ducati DesertX [Priced from £14,095]

Top Ten Best Adventure Motorcycles below 1000cc

Notably, Ducati has waited until 2022 to enter the Adventure mid-war, given the segment’s popularity and the success of its Multistrada series, which is increasingly suited to off-road riding. So, the Ducati DesertX is better now than ever. Ducati, being Ducati, is taking its legitimate foray into adventure motorcycles very seriously, putting a lot of effort into designing an all-new chassis and frame based on the tried-and-true 937cc Testastretta twin.

The Desert X is a reliable first attempt at a trail bike and is packed with riding modes for every condition, far from showing its inexperience on rough terrain. Naturally, the Ducati hasn’t left its athletic DNA on the road either, as evidenced by the lively sound of the 110-horsepower engine and the DesertX’s quick handling. We particularly like the straightforward modern retro styling that pays homage to the Ducati-powered Cagiva Elefant, which won the Dakar Rally.

So why does it lose in this case? In isolation, it could be argued that this is a better bike than our winner. However, DesertX commands a significant premium over rivals with identical engines at £14,095.

1 – Yamaha Tenere 700 [Priced from £9,900]

Top Ten Best Adventure Motorcycles below 1000cc

They arrive to claim the throne, but the king is still having fun. Yes, the Yamaha Tenere 700 retains the title of BikesCatalog’s favorite adventure motorbike despite stiff competition.

The Tenere 700 has many positives, emphasizing the fundamentals well. It is an excellent off-road partner as it is lightweight, maneuverable, and competitive with the KTM 890 Adventure in rough terrain. The 689cc cross-plane two-cylinder engine sounds faster on paper than its modest 72bhp would suggest, making it a lively performer both on and off the road.

In response to complaints about the limited 16-liter fuel tank in the base trim Yamaha Tenere 700 World Raid, Yamaha not only listened to its customers but went above and beyond with its response. Thanks to creative repackaging, the World Ride has a 23-liter gasoline tank. Other improvements such as more advanced suspension and multifunctional GPS technology, distinguish it as an off-roader for the more daring adventurers.

Of course, choices are more attractive and modern, but the Yamaha Tenere 700 is excellent value for money, with prices starting at £10,000 and just under £12,000 for the bells and whistles of the World Raid.

Top Ten Best Adventure Motorcycles below 1000cc – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten best Adventure Motorcycles below 1000cc
1 Yamaha Tenere 700 [Priced from £9,900]
2 Ducati DesertX [Priced from £14,095]
3 Triumph Tiger 900 [Priced from £12,195]
4 KTM 890 Adventure [Priced from £11,449]
5 Aprilia Tuareg 660 [Priced from £10,600]
6 Honda CB500X [Priced from £6,699]
7 Husqvarna Norden 901 [Priced from £12,349]
8 CFMoto 800MT Touring [Priced from £11,099]
9 Suzuki V-Strom 650XT [Priced from £8,699]
10 Moto Guzzi V85TT [Priced from £10,450]

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