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Top Ten Best 125cc Scooters in 2023

In the UK, there is a large selection of 125cc scooters. In this post, I’ll share some of my top picks for the best 125cc scooters to hit the market in 2023. Just a quick disclaimer first. Maxi and electric scooters are not included in this list, but I will write about them in other blogs soon, so keep an eye out for them! If you cannot yet ride a 125cc, don’t worry. You can check out our excellent article on Top Ten Best 125cc Scooters in 2023.

Top Ten Best 125cc Scooters in 2023 – Top Rated

10. Sinnis Hero-X

Top Ten Best 125cc Scooters in 2023

At number 10, we have an affordable Chinese offering from Sinnis in the form of Hero X.

The Hero-X, like several other devices on this list, is a purposeful affordable competitor to devices like the Nmax and PCX with a contemporary, sporty look. The Hero-X has a 124cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine that produces a respectable 11 horsepower. It won’t compete with the big guys, but that’s okay.

The Hero-X is a good alternative for those on a tight budget as it comes with a digital display, a comfortable seat, conventional under-seat storage, and LED lighting at £2899.

9. Lexmoto Aura

Top Ten Best 125cc Scooters in 2023

Another Chinese product, the Lexus Aura, is number nine on the list.

The Aura checks many boxes in terms of specs, including keyless ignition, a USB port, and LED lighting, and I have to admit that I immensely enjoy it visually. Although it again clearly draws inspiration from some of the best Japanese.

At 8,000 rpm, the Aura produces 9.7 horsepower, slightly less than the Sinnis’ output. For the price of £2739.99, you can expect a top speed of around 63mph and fuel efficiency of just over 80mpg.

8. Suzuki Address 125

Top Ten Best 125cc Scooters in 2023

The Suzuki address is the eighth item on the list.

In my recent Top 10 New Scooters for 2023 blog post (worth reading after finishing it), I recently discussed the new Suzuki scooters. Evenes will return in 2023, but I present the address, a traveler’s friend, to today’s position.

While the new Suzuki Eco Performance engine may not have much power for Euro 5, which is disappointing, it should still deliver around 150mpg from a scooter with an excellent reputation as a commuter scooter. While it may not be the most attractive scooter, it is helpful and reliable.

7. Sym Jet X

Top Ten Best 125cc Scooters in 2023

The JetX, Sam’s attempt at a contemporary and sporty commuter scooter, is seventh on the list.

Of course, this scooter is another one aimed at competing with the Nmax and PCX, and to be honest, it’s a fantastic scooter that checks many boxes like the Japanese manufacturer.

JetX isn’t the only number included on this list. It’s a stunning 125cc scooter with full LED lighting, modern and aggressive looks, an LCD screen, a keyless start, and solid switchgear!

It’s a decent product from Sam, and with a starting price of just £3,349, it’s less expensive than water-cooled engines. It also produces an impressive 12.5 horsepower at 8,000 rpm.

6. Honda Sh125i

Top Ten Best 125cc Scooters in 2023

Of course, the SH might be overrated, but it’s a Honda scooter, and I don’t like ugly things. Because of this, the Honda Shee positions itself at the 6th position!

The Sh125i is a small European-style scooter that is incredibly practical and comfortable, making it ideal for zipping around town. It doesn’t skimp on the technology department either, with an LCD, smart key, ABS, start-stop technology, USB charging port, and selectable torque control.

Another big-wheeled scooter, with 16″ wheels for added stability, has its advantages. The scooter also has the advantage of having a 12.9 horsepower ESP+ motor engine from Honda, which means it can handle fast roads.

5. Vespa Primavera

Top Ten Best 125cc Scooters in 2023

The Vespa Primavera, an authentic Italian legend, comes in fifth.

One of the most fashionable scooters to hit the market, the Primavera lets you know immediately that it’s the real deal. No matter how hard they try, none will be as genuine or high quality as a Vespa.

It is a Vespa, so you should know that despite its beautiful looks, the scooter will be expensive. While the Sprint and GTS are possible choices, I would choose the Primavera because of its 50-year history.

The Primavera is a unique option on this list with its timeless style, 12-inch wheels, and fantastic color possibilities.

4. Aprilia SR GT 125

Top Ten Best 125cc Scooters in 2023

When we start going down the list, Aprilia takes the fourth place in the list.

The SR GT125 features the same powerful yet cost-effective get 14.7hp motor in the Medley, with Aprilia’s unique yet classy adventure scooter styling. Undoubtedly, the SR GT 125 is a fantastic scooter that raises the bar for four-stroke models.

The SR GT is very stylish and athletic at the same time. It also offers unique features, such as an LCD, full LED lighting, a USB charging port, start-stop technology, and traction control.

3. Honda PCX

Top Ten Best 125cc Scooters in 2023

Honda PCX 125, a legendary four-stroke scooter, has secured a slot in the top 3!

While it might be debatable that PCX is third instead of first, in my opinion, there isn’t much separating the top three.

The PCX boasts excellent looks, a stunning ESP+ engine, and very competitive specification levels, including start-stop technology, an LCD, torque control, LED lighting, and a USB port. The PCX is a fantastic scooter that checks many boxes like many Hondas.

2. Yamaha NMAX

Top Ten Best 125cc Scooters in 2023

Here’s the Yamaha NMax, just missing the first place and coming in second!

The NMax is another popular product from Japan, and like the PCX, it sells like hotcakes, with good reason.

The Nmax is a highly functional scooter with an ideal fusion of utility, practicality and some beautiful colorways. Along with some other respectable features, the NMax includes an LCD, app connectivity, smart key, start-stop technology, traction control, and LED lighting.

Yamaha’s VVA engineering was integrated into the NMAX engine, giving it a unique quality that performs very well on slow and fast roads.

1. Piaggio Medley 125

Top Ten Best 125cc Scooters in 2023

The Piaggio Medley 125 takes my top rank for the biggest 125cc scooter in 2023. Please clap.

The fact that Medley is the only 125cc scooter on this list and not even one of the Japanese industry leaders may shock you.

This large-wheeled scooter is a perfect size and is both maneuverable and stable. A vast, clear LCD, LED lighting, start-stop technology, a USB connector, and optional smartphone connectivity are just a few of the high-tech features included.

When it comes to storage, Medley has a lot to offer. Under that seat, I can fit two full-face helmets, which puts it far ahead of the other vehicles on the list.

Top Ten Best 125cc Scooters in 2023 – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best 125cc Scooters in 2023
1 Piaggio Medley 125
2 Yamaha NMAX
3 Honda PCX
4 Aprilia SR GT 125
5 Vespa Primavera
6 Honda Sh125i
7 Sym Jet X
8 Suzuki Address 125
9 Lexmoto Aura
10 Sinnis Hero-X

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