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Top Ten Attractive Bike Designs of 2021

Bikes represent a bold spirit we constantly aspire to, almost making it a trend. Yanco Design is here to lift your spirits by showcasing the best this year offers—bike designs we’ve hand-picked and loved. These designs range from exaggerated daredevil creations to sleek eco-friendly solutions. Take a trip down memory lane and bookmark this page because our list of Top Ten Attractive Bike Designs of 2021 will haunt you for a long time.

Top Ten Attractive Bike Designs of 2021 – Top Rated

1. Husqvarna Devil S

Top Ten Attractive Bike Designs of 2021

Designer Haochen (Wenson) Wei gives wings to his vision in the form of this Husqvarna Devil S Concept bike inspired by fireflies. We envision how the movement dimension will evolve over the next few years. The doors of the Husqvarna-branded bike open to form a firefly, and the user sits inside it like they would in a car. In a way, these beautiful doors envelop the rider in a protective cocoon comfortable at high speeds. The bike maintains its futuristic appearance, making it ideal for a thrill ride for youngsters.

2. Nebula

Top Ten Attractive Bike Designs of 2021

Nebula by One object is inspired by the same idea to give the user the freedom, speed and agility to ride literally without restrictions. The urban transport system, currently too congested for roadways, will be revolutionized by a Hong Kong design company. With over ten years of experience in electronics, smart IoT, and transportation, One object has developed the Alpha and Beta Rides, each a medium- to long-distance electric motorcycle. Another is the electric kickboard scooter for short trips or last miles. Because Oneobject uses both hard and soft materials, including polypropylene, for the outer shell of both vehicles, sustainability is at the forefront of the design. As a result, all internal machinery is protected by a hard surface.

3. Akira Bike

Top Ten Attractive Bike Designs of 2021

Akira, a 1988 sci-fi film, left a lasting impression on 1980s pop culture with its iconic red Kanada superbike, and the legend lives on today. Who can forget a wide and low-body jet-like bike cruising down a Tokyo highway? There are some real-life, street-legal analogs to this attractive bike, but none that you or I can get our hands on and keep in the garage. But I hope to thank James Cui, an artist based in Shanghai who created this Akira bike design. Akira’s futuristic-looking motorcycle will zoom down the streets one day before becoming a classic cult decade from now.

4. Tatamel Bike

Top Ten Attractive Bike Designs of 2021

Urban areas are becoming increasingly inaccessible to vehicles; thus, people are gradually shifting to compact bikes or other small-footprint modes of transportation. The obvious choice for the green crowd is the electric car, and soon all vehicles on the road will be completely zero-emissions. With its ultra-foldable shape and electric motor drivetrain, the Tatamel bike by Japanese company ICOMA excels at both and promises to be an unstoppable favorite among city commuters. A type of bicycle is already small enough and can be made even smaller by folding it under a desk into a shape no bigger than a CPU cabinet.

5. BMW D-05T

Top Ten Attractive Bike Designs of 2021

The BMW D-05T bike was conceptualized by Neeraj Jwale of Pune, India, and emphasizes both the joy of riding and the strong emotional bond between a person and a machine. By utilizing technological improvements, Bike can create a complete itinerary for an upcoming adventure trip based on the knowledge of explorers who have traveled the same route. Remote service centers offer interchangeable batteries and other travel necessities so riders can carry fewer items. The bike is equipped with a watchdog in the form of a drone that constantly updates interested parties on your location status and boosts the signal so you have one less thing to worry about.

6. Honda Motocompo XL

Top Ten Attractive Bike Designs of 2021

Remember the Honda Motocompo scooter from the early 1980s? That two-wheeler that slipped into the trunk of the car? For a clean appearance, the handlebar, seat, and footpegs are neatly integrated into the frame on a box-shaped rectangular plastic body. Honda canceled the small scooter in 1983 after selling around 53,000 units, but even concept cars like the 2001 E-Dex, E-NSR, and the 2011 Motor Compo Electric Scooter didn’t erase its memories. Can The Honda Motocompo XL bike, created by 3D artist Alan Williams, poignantly captures this metaphorical image? In many ways, including the boxy shape, it resembles the original Motocompo scooter.

7. Bugatti Vitesse

Top Ten Attractive Bike Designs of 2021

Designer Patrick Piper claims that it all started when he started the #bugatticonceptbikechallenge on Facebook, which was completed by Bugatti fans worldwide. He created a 2D side view of the ideal bike at the time. Then, after a long hiatus, he updated it as a 3D model to set a narrative on the Bonneville Salt Flats. Patrick claims that the basic concept behind this original design was to combine the contemporary aesthetics of Bugatti with the vintage features of 1930s race cars and bikes.

8. Lazzarini Design Hypercycle

Top Ten Attractive Bike Designs of 2021

This Lazzarini Design Hypercycle is not what you often think of as a bicycle. Instead, it’s a superbike meant to brawl with other bikers on the expressway. The motorcycle’s elegant design and its big, fat tires are clear indications of its racing nature. With an independent horizontally-linked wishbone suspension over the rear wheel arch, the side profile makes me believe it’s as much a drag racer as I see it as an excellent superbike for racing courses. (front side looking at the point) Additionally, I feel compelled to label it a cafe racer for apparent reasons.

9. Dust Tesla

Top Ten Attractive Bike Designs of 2021

Nazar Isa’s bike is completely covered in a metallic finish and looks like it has stepped back in time from a dystopian future. Most of Tesla’s bike models will be put to shame with streamlined aerodynamic designs and distinct geometric lines. Very sexy, indeed! The Dust Tesla negates structural stability due to its long wheelbase, but hey, that’s the future when technologies are undoubtedly more advanced than we can imagine. Electric bikes’ swingarms and hubless wheels give a sense of dynamism that’s hard to ignore. At first glance, the bike’s crisp lines, which run from front to back, give the impression of being a superhero’s favorite sidekick.

10. The Sokudo

Top Ten Attractive Bike Designs of 2021

A proposed Tesla-branded electric bike that can change shape depending on the rider’s position and road conditions would be perfect for the future of comfortable cycling. In close collaboration with Carlos “color sponge,” renowned automotive designer Ash Thorpe, headquartered in San Diego, created this concept Tesla bike that is sick. This eye-catching set of wheels, which Ash calls “THE SOKUDO” (Measurement in Japanese), is part of the duo’s ongoing M.H.C. Collection. It is the fourteenth project of the collection.

Top Ten Attractive Bike Designs of 2021 – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Attractive Bike Designs of 2021
1 Husqvarna Devil S
2 Nebula
3 Akira Bike
4 Tatamel Bike
5 BMW D-05T
6 Honda Motocompo XL
7 Bugatti Vitesse
8 Lazzarini Design Hypercycle
9 Dust Tesla
10 The Sokudo

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