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Test Sherco SE 300i French Racing

So for a few years we have tested a good amount of motorcycles any ground European and Japanese, we were not ridden on a French motorcycle! And yet, on the side of Nimes, that is activated to make evolve the tricolor motorcycles of Endure. The evil is repaired today, since we could discover the news Sherco SE 300i 2013. And a thing is sure: the “made in France” did not say its last word…

Test Sherco SE 300i Racing: The good French compromise!

And to say that us, first site French-speaking motorcycle, planes never approximate of close Sherco, the French motorcycle of Endure, designed and produced with two steps of Nimes.
Fortunately the affront is washed today and thanks to the dealer Gueretois Atomic Motorcycle: “don’t you know? Take, it is necessary absolutely that you test!” Good, Ben of agreement: thus armed me here with very new Sherco SE 300i 2013, for an excursion Ceruse on the motorcycle of Endure made in France!

Test Sherco SE 300i Racing: The good French compromise!

The French charm

One speaks about Austrian, Italian, and Spanish… but they are nevertheless not as bad as our French women! Sherco SE 300i offer the panoply of equipment supplements which undoubtedly charms the pilots of Endure.
First of all there is the key racing with the black rims DID, the anodic t-pieces of fork black, braking signed Brembo and the two curves of lighting available to the handlebar. And then the aggressive line rather sticks well with this spirit. But it is not all…
From a more practical point of view, one will appreciate the protect-hands, the driving shoe, the electric starter (not of kick), the surge tank, the fluid clutch or the saddle emend able without tool. The completions of being very good invoice, Sherco has what to allure.
It will be underlined however it is about a Racing model, with suspensions GT and either Sachs. Atomic Motorcycle points me out that it is this version which arouses the most interest: the variation with the basic model not being significant, the customers choose the high-end.

Test Sherco SE 300i Racing: The good French compromise!

Player the Blue one

One is very quickly surprised while assembling on Sherco 300 SE, but in the good sense of the term! The motorcycle does not claim a particular adaptation: it is not as intuitive as a Honda, but nevertheless much more natural as a KTM. The position – upright or sited – is comfortable; the motorcycle is fine and is placed perfectly between the legs. The ordering of fluid clutch of the same brand is not to displease to us either.
The motorcycle is sharp, is placed easily and the changes of support are very good. The unit is a rigid hair and, when the rhythm accelerates, one feels the information feedback of the ground well. This stage, one will be able to reproach the nose gear a certain blur. It is not at all approximate, but there is perhaps a small blow to take to hold it perfectly.
Except that, the suspensions are comfortable and effective with a very well shock absorber which tractor draws with wonder. One is impressed by dynamic qualities of this Sherco. Excursion, crossing or special fast: it yields with all the uses.

Test Sherco SE 300i Racing: The good French compromise!

An adorable engine

The engine is also a pleasant surprise. Very pleasant and linear, he persuades himself perfectly, but he also has the guarantor. Undoubtedly not sharpest of the market, the mono fact speaks itself of its effectiveness as soon as it is needed. Trunk in bottom, with mid–mode and in the turns: that goes up for a long time without losing too much output. One will not make a whole day a report above, but the SE willingly agrees to be under mode. When the good rhythm is hung, the motorcycle becomes a weapon and crosses the grimpettes with a remarkable traction.
The blows of clutch start mechanics again rather well. As for the two curves, one brings an additional roundness to low mode which goes hand in hand with the delicate conditions when adherence is precarious or that it is necessary to apply to pass a crossing at the same time… even both! The other brings a point of character; the motorcycle is then a hair more explosive for the happiness of the “attackers”. Whatever the use, the gearbox is very well staged, true Endure what! Last good point for Sherco, inertia and the engine brake are done rather discrete.

Test Sherco SE 300i Racing: The good French compromise!

Assessment: The 350 do not have that has to be held well!

One can say that it is more than the positive assessment, because Sherco SE 300i Racing revealed us a true potential of “winners”. The day of our test, we could compare it well with a HM CRF 300 R. Eh Sherco leaves ourselves there with the honors: rather intuitive, fine, and easy and been driven by a pallet engine broad of use.
It should be said that an adapted gear box is nevertheless well. Many reproaches will not be done to him: at most a nose gear to polish. There is despite everything one – large – detail which annoys the price. 9 190 €, that hurt with the purse… It is always that this Sherco SE300i Racing made in France, one will get maximum likes!

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