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Coupe of France Promosport 2013 Yamaha YZF 125R

After a phase of grinding in 2012, the Cut Yamaha YZF 125R takes a more official character by integrating the Coupe of France Promo sport 2013 and will profit from the official support of FM.

Coupe of France Promosport 2013: Yamaha YZF- 125R in the raceThe pilots of the challenge will have to equip their YZF- 125R du pack Yamaha (preparing polyester, line of exhaust Leo Vince titanium or carbon, pinion of exit of box and kit Deco) and to cover the official pilot pack (coughs up Shark, dorsal combination leather and Axon, boots TCX). Two formulas are proposed: with motorcycle (5 490 €) or without motorcycle (2 098 €).
At the beginning of 2013 (dates to be confirmed yet), Yamaha proposes to the participants two days of training framed by Johann Zarco, the Godfather of the cut. Coupe Yamaha YZF 125R will be the object of many types of equipment in spare parts of Yamaha origin and the sets of tires Bridgestone. Lastly, the award-winning of Coupe YZF 125R 2013 will integrate according to his age Red Bull Rookies Cup or a TEAM Motorcycle 3, Supersport or even superbike. The necessary age to take part in the Cut Yamaha YZF 125R is 11 years minimum, unbounded maximum.

Coupe 2013 calendar

  • March 23rd /24th, 2013: Carole (Promosport)
  • May 11th /12th, 2013: Cross-in-Ternois (Promosport)
  • May 17th /18th, 2013: Le Mans (Moto GP)
  • August 24th /25th, 2013: Ales (Promosport)
  • September 7th /8th, 2013: Ledenon (Promosport)
  • September 20th /21st, 2013: Le Mans (24 Hours of Mans) (to be confirmed).

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