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Test MV Agusta F4 2013: The Prestige of the Directions

The LATEST MV AGUSTA F4 2013 is in. A Journey that is supposed to be at the edge of mind’s eye. With MV Agusta F4, MV Agusta proposed us now one of the most beautiful sporting motorcycles of the market. In 2013, the Italian manufacturer tries to join together the beauty and effectiveness: the Super (Be) bike of Varese gains performances as in sophistication… Test.

Test MV Agusta F4 2013 : the prestige of the directions

Mechanical bleated!

Begun in September 1997 with an engine from 750 DC, the saga MV Agusta F4 almost crossed a decade and half while being satisfied to go up in cubic capacity and multiplying variations (Oro, Senna, DC, 312RR, etc) before undergoing its first true change in 2009.
Thanks to a subtle proportioning between modernism and tradition, the Italian manufacturer succeeds in the amazing feat then to preserve all the power as a original result pencil of Massimo Tambourine, with the image of the four superb outputs of exhaust to the square forms from now on. “” Whew”, the admirers of beautiful Italian sighed!
Three years later, MV Agusta surprises by revealing with the Living room of the motorcycle of Milan what is announced like a “MV Agusta F4 news”, an innovation declined in three distinct versions: “standard” F4, “medium” of range F4R and it (very!) top-of-the-range F4RR (to read our Presentation MNC of November 13th, MV Agusta F4 2013).

Test MV Agusta F4 2013 : the prestige of the directions

Of appearance, Hyper sport almost did not change and only an expert eye will just like note that the outputs of exhaust under the saddle were re-sized and that the forced air intake is subtly redrawn, the pretty rear lights. Let us be frank: nobody will consider it regrettable that his figure was not improved, so much MV Agusta F4 is registered with the Pantheon of the beauties motorcyclists!
Because it is advisable to return in Caesar what belongs to the Italians: as regards design, the Trans alpine manufacturers do not have lessons to receive from anybody, and MV Agusta F4 does not make an exception! This MV Agusta characterizes all the Italian creative genius, an inspired mixture of refinement and sportsmanship that Ducati also knew to give to the last style with 1199 Panigale.

In short, useless to turn around (quadruple!) the pot: MV Agusta F4 2013 is irresistibly tempting. Of its head of fork where two bluish lines of lads highlight its oblong optics with its hull postpones worked like a warhead, via its collected line and as the traced of only one feature, it is a true aesthetic without-fault.
Nothing to waste, the quality of realization suffers from any defect: MV Agusta F4 is not just “beautiful by far”, it is in its more negligible details as well. A very strong feeling of quality emerges from its splendid will monograms, its framework tubular lattice connected to platinum’s with the irreproachable wildings or from its quite simply sublime higher t-piece.

Test MV Agusta F4 2013 : the prestige of the directions

The coating with the red over sewn seams of its saddle high perched (830 mm) had in addition a small effect “racing”, just like its screws of careen-age quarter of turns of the Zeus type and its very beautiful adjustable footrests in slope.
And the warbling of F4 is worth of its charming plumage: the quality of its peripherals is in phase with its statute of icon. A Marzocchi fork on “standard” F4 and F4R, of the “full” electronic Ohlin’s on the F4RR, of the radial clamps Brembo (piece on the RR), of Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP almost as smooth as of the tires of MotoGP: MV Agusta give bulbs to the eyes by detail of its beautiful pieces (see all the details in our technical Point in following pages).

Test MV Agusta F4 2013 : the prestige of the directions

In spite of this sporting positioning, the daily newspaper is not completely neglected. In testifying this pretty brushed metal protection installed on will monograms to avoid striping it, the instrumentation ordered with the handlebar, the valves of bent rims, the levers adjustable and the presence of warning. Admittedly, it is necessary to release the handlebar to actuate these hazard lights via the switch located in bottom on the right of instrument panel, but the intention is there! For more information just keep on visiting us at www.bikescatalog.com


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