Test BMW F800GT: the roadster GT!

Test BMW F800GT: the roadster GT!

Been sulky by the motorcyclists, BMW F800ST never truly found its public. BMW thus revises its copy for 2013 and proposes a baptized improved version BMW F800GT 2013. A small motorcycle road “made in Munich”, more effective and general-purpose. Test.

Test BMW F800GT: the roadster GT!

The quadrature of the circle

Conceived in 2005, F800ST then tried to provide the perfect synthesis between a roadster mid-size and a motorcycle GT. The objective was to propose motorcycle very general-purpose, at the same time light and easy of employment to the daily newspaper, but such an able to cut the road quickly by offering the comfort and the protection of a true.
Alchemy unfortunately did not take; fault with an amount of “GT” insufficient in the formula with the taste of (too much) many users. Some deplored in a particular position of control too much resting against the wrists, the vibrations sensitive to the level of the handlebar, others a perfectible comfort in solo as in duet, an insufficient protection and a too low carrying capacity with the bags of origin. Criticisms justified a prior, which however will have put nearly six years at being completely taken into account…

Test BMW F800GT: the roadster GT!

BMW Motored partly forgives this long wait by equipping with series the news BMW F800GT of its brake ABS two channels and by proposing, in option, of innovative technologies such as suspension controlled ESA (Electronic Adjustment Suspension) – adjustable on three positions only in the back -, the control of stability ASC or the pressure gauge of tires DRC.

Options had the motorcycle put at our disposal for this test and who comes to be added to the optional accessories such as the indicators with lads and handles heating installed by BMW France on this model “Full equipped”. As too often at Boehme, the recourse to the box “Options” is thus a required passage on this innovation 2013. On the technical plan, BMW F800GT 2013 preserves the principal assets of its predecessor, in particular her robust framework doubles the aluminum beam, and its pretty monograms will keep on oscillating at the back, like its practical system of secondary transmission per notched belt.

Test BMW F800GT: the roadster GT!

It benefits from a motorization Rot ax twin-cylinder whose power was carried of 85 ch with 90 horses, without change on the level of the couple: 86 Nm with 5800 rpm (to read our detailed presentation of the F800GT). Lastly, the sonority of exhaust is made more raucous and virile thanks to the adoption of the silencers and collector of the roadster F800 R.

Discrete evolutions

By discovering the news BMW F800GT 2013, difficult to be truly puffed up by the extent of the apparent changes… Admittedly, the new careen-age is more aesthetic than before and its protection seems more generous. For as much, a little one to REMAIN on his first hunger is Effective static observation of the motorcycle.

Test BMW F800GT: the roadster GT!

While looking at there more closely and by detailing the data sheet, one realizes that it is mainly the geometry of part-cycle, the suspensions and the general ergonomics which mark the principal points of passage of relay between the versions F800ST and BMW F800GT 2013.
By taking seat on board, one perceives the made improvements at their best, starting with a position of more natural and comfortable control. The height of saddle is indeed lowered by 20 mm, with a quality and a width of improved base, as well at the pilot level as momentary.
The handlebar is raised up to 20 mm; the conducting footrests are repositioned low and in front of 10 mm, while those of the passenger slightly lowered (10 mm). On its side, the cockpit evolves little: the instrumentation is always also temperately functional, limiting austere in its presentation, in spite of new funds behind the needles of the rev counter and the meter.

Test BMW F800GT: the roadster GT!

It should be noted that without the computer of optional edge, it is necessary to do it without the posting of consumption (average and instantaneous), engaged speed, of the outside temperature and good of other useful indications… A trade policy that some will undoubtedly not appreciate, especially on a motorcycle with road vocation whose rate begins with more than 10,500 €!
The control units are slightly altered, mainly in seen to accommodate the new features according to the options present (ESA, ASC, etc). The purists will note also the abandonment of the “traditional” orders of indicators to the profit of a single switch. A choice which tends to be democratized on all the motorcycles of the BMW range: even the news and emblematic R1200GS “flat-fleet” passed there, it is to say (to read our test BMW F800GT of January 31th, 2013)!

BMW F800GT 2013 also presents improvements more difficult to detect, like the adoption of new low-fat rims or the lengthening of 50 mm sound will monograms oscillating in order to gain of stability at high-speed. Sensitive (- the 15 mm) reduction height of the suspensions would make it possible as for it to reduce the effect of pitching and to improve the precision of course. And incidentally to take part in the reduction height of saddle, last of 820 mm on ST to 800 mm on the GT.
One also notes a back loop of framework lengthened and reinforced to offer 11 kg of payload additional (either 207 kg on the whole), which will make it possible to exploit as well as possible the system of rigid bag shop BMW optional. System which understands in particular two side bags (10 kg of payload each one, 55 liters of throw weight on the whole), a top-box of 28 liters and a satchel of tank (10 with 14l) with carry-chart.

 Test BMW F800GT: the roadster GT!

With use, the left bag is shown slightly smaller because of exhaust placed high, but that of right-hand side can easily accommodate a crash helmet.
Last small useful final improvements, the operation of the serrated roller of prepossessed spring of the back shock absorber is optimized, the arms of rear view mirrors are slightly lengthened in order to offer a better rear view and a thermal protection was added to the level of the momentary heel quiet side.

Downtown: yes, but…

Taking into account its gauge contained, BMW F800GT 2013 draws its pin rather well from the game in urban cycle. Deprived of bags, it threads with ease and displays a satisfactory turning radius, as well as a good general handiness in spite of the use of a shock absorber of direction.

Test BMW F800GT: the roadster GT!

A little astonishing technical choice insofar as the coasts frame (1514 mm of footing, 26,2° of castor angle) do not induce predispositions particular to an excess of nervousness of the nose gear.
The slow evolutions reveal a center of gravity rather high incentive with prudence, as well as an answer to the perfectible gas handle. The large handlebar offers fortunately a good gripping and contributes to a position of natural control. Attention on the other hand with the increased width of the rear view mirrors at the time as of increase of files!
Sat well, the right bust but the feet a high hair following the lowering height of saddle, the driver preserves a sight released on the road because of low bubble. This one protects correctly until the level from the chin strap from the helmet and half of the shoulders. But not more: a more enveloping and/or adjustable model – as on certain competitors – would have been largely appreciated.
The orders fall perfectly under the hand and do not call particular criticism, the more so as the two levers are adjustable in spacing. However, if the clutch is soft and progressive, the selection shows a tiny bit noisy and rough.
By borrowing a zone from the degraded coating, the pilot can improve comfort while intervening on the relaxation and compression of the back spring via the ESA. In mode “Comfort”, the shock absorber is at a stretch shown less restive to box the small constraints and more respectful the posterior one. This being, the saddle contributes already effectively to comfort, as well in ergonomics as in the capacity as base!

Test BMW F800GT: the roadster GT!

The parallel twin-cylinder for its part shows a greater flexibility thanks to its new cartography of injection and agrees to take again with very low mode whatever the committed report. He answers present at the least request of the accelerator, but always delivers insidious vibrations from 4500/5000 tr/min.
These vibrations are perceptible with the handlebar as on the level as of rest-foot, and tend to intensify in the turns. Quiet, the final transmission by belt transmits the power without any clash, which is not appreciated, alas, with its right value because as of felt jolts when one plays of the gas handle in phase of acceleration/deceleration.


By leaving the urban area of Paris in the direction of the province, course in North by the motorway, one benefits fully from the increased stability of BMW F800GT. Even without the contribution of controlled suspension ESA, proposed in the pack “Security”, BMW indeed displays a better stability online and in curves that its predecessor.

Test BMW F800GT: the roadster GT!

Acceleration is correct with all the modes, even since the sixth report beyond 5000 tr/min (to approximately 140 km/h meter). This availability makes it possible to carry out goings beyond at high-speed without having to request the gear box. It’s a pity that the vibrations felt starting from this mode harm general approval frankly, especially on at the time of long ways…
Flexible but not very expensive with low modes, the mechanics of BMW F800GT gains in people with mid – methods and then shows beautiful and vigorous lengthening-piece. Very stable, the motorcycle shows moreover precise direction and accepts without balking the corrections of trajectory on the angle, even with sharp paces.
By approaching more tortuous district distributors, the mode “Sport” makes it possible to the more players to peacefully benefit from the rigor of the BMW frame by the means of a damping to the firmer target. The change of mode is carried out easily, of a fast nudge in the right direction on button “ESA” on the left control unit.

Test BMW F800GT: the roadster GT!

Camped well on its wheels of 17 inches fitted of excellent pneumatic Metzeler tires Roadster Z8 Interact, BMW F800GT lends itself well readily to the exercise of “the loutish one”. Its general agility appears satisfactory in this context, although it is necessary to adopt a piloting appreciably more physical and to be helped of the body to obtain incisive phase shifts.
Effective and not very intrusive, the anti-skid ASC (disengage able) is completely made forget with use and remains reassuring when one evolves on wet roads strewn with dead leaves. Braking proves to be effective, but the feeling is a little spongy with the catch of the right lever and the release of ABS appears by an intrusive return to the level of the pedal.
The device does not remain less powerful about it and enduring, with a double disc before 320 mm gripped by Brembo clamps 4 pistons and a back element of 265 mm to clamp simple piston.
Already economic with the use because of its belt without maintenance (approximately 40,000 km of longevity), BMW F800GT 2013 shows itself in addition sober like a camel, with an average petrol consumption of 4.5 l/100 km during this test mixing city, road and motorway on nearly 500 km. This mode, the small reserve of 15 liters of F800GT offers an average autonomy of 333 km (test without bag shop).

Verdict: Relevant optimizations

Improved in several points, BMW F800GT 2013 improves compared to F800 ST: it gains in versatility thanks to a part-cycle more rigorous, an increased comfort and equipment – optional – ultramodern.

Test BMW F800GT: the roadster GT!

However, BMW did not completely gum the few defects of its small road of accession to the range, in particular the vibrations last 5,000 tr/min and unquestionable practical failures.
In spite of its positioning “roadster-sportive-GT”, the absence of vacuum-pocket, a trunk able to accommodate a theft protection device out of U and of an adjustable bubble or the power station provided in option is indeed “details” aggravating on a motorcycle proposed with 10,550 € in initial version, which can exceed 12,000 € once accessorized like our model of test!

Options and additional BMW F800 GT

Kit tool of service

  • Fastening of the power to 35 kw (48 CV)
  • Controlled suspension ESA (Electronic Adjustment Suspension)
  • Anti-skid ASC (Automatic Stability Control)
  • Warning system theft protection device (DWA)
  • Central crutch
  • Battery charger BMW Motored
  • Computer of edge
  • Pressure gauge of tires RDC
  • Heating handles
  • Bags of travel
  • Support for bags of travel
  • Inside pockets for bags of travel
  • Satchel of tank
  • Small size Top Case of 28 liters
  • Inside pocket for top box
  • Indicators with LED
  • Rear light with LED
  • Quiet Akrapovic sport
  • Comfort to 820 mm saddles
  • Comfort high to 845 mm saddles
  • Saddles flattened to 785 mm
  • Extra-low saddle to 765 mm
  • Tinted windshield
  • Heating handles
  • Protection against projections back
  • Navigator IV of BMW Motored
  • Support for Navigator IV of BMW Motored

Technical BMW F800GT 2013


Type: Twin-cylinder online with liquid cooling, 4-time,

Cubic capacity: 798 CC

Boring X chases: 82 × 75.6 mm

Maximum power: 90 ch (66 kw) with 8,000 tr/min

Maximum couple: 86 Nm with 5,800 tr/min

Volumetric report: 12: 1

Distribution: Double camshaft at the head, 16 valves, pawls

Diameter admission/exhaust: 32 / 27, 5 mm

Supplies: Electronic injection BMS-KP (46 mm)

Starter: Electric, 0.9 W

Electric system

Battery: 12 V/12 Ah, without maintenance W

Alternator: 400 W

Headlight: Road and crossing: 12 V/55 W halogens

Rear light: 12 V / 5 W

Fire Braking: 12 V / 21 W


Clutch: Multidisc in oil bath

Order: Mechanics

Gear box: 6 reports

Primary reduction: 1,943

1st: 2,462

2nd: 1,750

3rd: 1,381

4th: 1,174

5th: 1,042

6th: 0,960

Final reduction: 2,353

Final transmission: By notched belt

Part cycles

Framework: Beam out of aluminum, carrying engine

Front suspension: Telescopic fork 43 mm nonadjustable

Suspension Ar: Aluminum Monograms

Clearance AV: 125 mm

Clearance Ar: 125 mm

Brake AV: Double disc floating of 320 mm

Brake Ar: Simple disc of 265 mm

ABS: of series

Rim AV: Out of aluminum, 3.5 X 17”

Tire Ar: Out of aluminum, 5.5 X 17”

Tire AV: 120/70 ZR 17

Tire Ar: 180/55 ZR 17

Dimensions, weight, capacities

Length: 2 156 mm

Width: 905 mm with retro, 826 without

Footing: 1 514 mm

Castor angle: 26, 2°

Mounting: 94, 6

Height of saddle: 820 mm

Weight all full facts: 213 kg

PTCA: 420 kg

Tank petrol: 15 liters

Commercial information

Color: Orange metalized, Black graphite or White

Price: 10,550 Euros

Warranty: 2 years, unlimited mileage