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Test 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300

By making evolve its small Kawasaki Ninja from 250 to 300 DC, Kawasaki benefits from it to modify it in-depth, as well aesthetically as technically. Test of the first Kawasaki innovation 2013 pennies German sun…!

Test Kawasaki Ninja 300: good gauge?

In the air of time

Between the price of the petrol which flames and the increasingly omnipresent radars, this new Kawasaki Ninja 300 constitutes more on paper an offer than coherent (to read MNC of September 4th, 2012)… Yes, but here, we are in France!
A country where the legislation does not encourage to be interested in this kind of cubic capacity and where ego of the motorcyclist vibrates only from 600.750 DC – even from now on 800 DC. At the same time, is necessary to understand it the French motorcyclist: in addition to the aspect performances, the weak price difference between a motorcycle of 250 DC and a rolled average really does not plead in favor of the “small cube”.

Test Kawasaki Ninja 300: good gauge?

In the Kawasaki concessions, for example, the Kawasaki Ninja 250R is displayed with 4999 € whereas voted by plebiscite the Kawasaki er-6n requires “only” 1500 € moreover to join its garage! Under these conditions, nothing is astonishing that the French subsidiary ran out only 627 units from its two and half from its exit in 2008 (to read our Duel Kawasaki Ninja 250R Vs Yamaha WR250X in particular)…

The top to be made the hand

And yet, these motorcycles of small-engine car have to offer much. From their lightness and their height of reasonable saddle, they propose a facility of control very reassuring for the least tested or the small gauges. It is not for only 22% of the purchasers of Kawasaki Ninja 250R that are the… acquiring ones! The motorcyclists hardened also find their account because the 250 are motorcycles nimble and economic with use, while remaining very player!

Test Kawasaki Ninja 300: good gauge?

Still more than the Kawasaki Ninja 250R (see photo opposite), new Kawasaki Ninja 300 imposes and cultivates of it, its resemblance to his/her big sisters ZX-6 and ZX- 10R… It is to be mistaken there and there is extremely to bet that much will be made fool! Besides the small Green one maintains knowingly the illusion while not raising worthless, mention its cubic capacity on its careenage: crafty one, Ninjette!
Its line is racy and aggressive. The front indicators from now on are integrated and the headlights with double optics are differently more threatening than those fires of previous ER-6.

Test Kawasaki Ninja 300: good gauge?

With this new Kawasaki Ninja 300, finished the few aspects like “low cost” of its predecessor! The innovation is produced in Thailand, certainly, but in the same factory as er-6n and F, Versus 650 and future Z 800: here is a pledge of serious! Thus, my presentation is flattering and neat, except some details of completion like Platinum’s pilot footrest sensitive to the stripes.

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