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Test Honda CRF250L 2013

Honda CRF250L is a well known bike in the market. Thanks to its factory inhabitant of Thailand, Honda proposes in 2012 a new trail of 250 Cm3 to the ultra competitive rate: Honda CRF250L. Worthy heiress of the XL and XR 250 of the Eighties, this economic motorcycle intends well to offer the same versatility of road use/enduro as its elder. Successful bet? Let us see that without delaying, in the Vendean countryside…

Test Honda CRF250L: The general-purpose trail road/enduro with sauce Thai

Honda CRF250L: First Test

A wind of revival blows on the cross-country range Honda. After us to have announced his official participation in next Dakar 2013, the entry with the catalog 2013 of the CRF110F to replace the CRF70F, the last month arrival of the Honda CRF250L and while waiting for innovations which should be presented at the time as of autumnal living rooms, the Japanese manufacturer indeed operates a return in strength to the centre the category.
Before the great unpacking of Cologne (Intermot) and Milan (Eicma) in this re-entry 2012 which will confirm to us – or not! – This trend, chance is given to us today to take control of Honda CRF250 L, a small motorcycle particularly enticing on paper.
Displayed to a rate hardly higher than 4,000 €, with a style inspired of the range Cross-country race, elements resulting from the Enduro family and a manufacturing in the standards of the brand, this trail of small-engine car presents well and seems to propose a versatility road/appreciable way, in the right line of the XL 250 and XR 250 of the Eighties. But in 2012, in the true life and more only on press kit, such does a motorcycle have really arguments to allure us? Without more delaying, here our verdict!

Test Honda CRF250L: The general-purpose trail road/enduro with sauce Thai

As well realized as accessible

The five Honda CRF250L aligned as with the parade for this test press wake up our directions. Line inspired, quality of manufacturing, assembly and satisfactory completion, developing equipment (subdue to me a little this large fork reversed with the gilded tubes!): these small trails enduros 250 give desire for mounting them. And in spite of their base increased to 875 mm of the ground, these new Honda CRF250L will easily accommodate most pilots, thanks to the good notch of the saddle.
For a trail, the handlebar is not too broad; the orders are caught without having exaggeratedly drawn aside the arms, of good omen for control on road. The signal announcing the departure of our strolls Endean is given to us.
But for us to free from the hundred kilometers taking us along between Chillan’s, the Island of Noirmoutier and the village of Couscous-on-Loge, it is already necessary to start our Honda CRF250L. Not kick, the setting in swing of mono takes place thanks to the electric starter. In a discrete sonority, but not slender, one-cylinder 4-time wakes up. Clutch, first, that place in velvet thanks to a particularly soft order, the ideal to take a good departure.

Test Honda CRF250L: The general-purpose trail road/enduro with sauce Thai

The CRF250L is easy to take over

As of the first turns of wheels, a report is essential: Honda CRF250L is easy to take over. Little accustomed to the trail kind/enduro, some among us are obstructed by the gyroscopic effect generated by the wheel before 21 inches, or are acknowledged badly at ease on road with gums and teats. But force is to note that no particular instructions are necessary for the use of this trail in general public.
First factor of confidence to the handlebar of this civilized CRF, mechanics is flexible and filled rather well, for one 250 gets along. In the absence of rev counter, we cannot precisely indicate to you on which beach the small mono one tractor draws best, but with judged, it agrees to leave rather low in the turns, its mid–modes are vigorous and its lengthening-piece seems quite sufficient, with a maximum speed of 145 km/h meter. But it is however not the most interesting point on this easy motorcycle of access. All the interest of this news Honda CRF250L first of all appears in the villages that we cross, where it shines by its handiness.
With a steering angle of 45°, a weight all full facts announced to 144 kg and in spite of a consequent length, it is just to let carry out with facility at low speed and operates the fingers in the nose with the stop. Does an event oblige you to quickly stop the dash of your Honda CRF250L? The two disc brakes reassure. Before Lack Perhaps a little of progressiveness, drank it Appears corrosive. And the fork does not plunge exaggeratedly, in spite of its great clearance. As for the back disc, it does not block easily.

Test Honda CRF250L: The general-purpose trail road/enduro with sauce Thai

Solitary pleasure

Exit of medium “urban -villager”, the CRF250L offers pleasure and comfort of control. In the turns, the natural vibrations of mono are well filtered. Its tires are not adapted to the catch of angle on the bitumen (the CBR can sleep quiet…), but they offer a correct handling and an acceptable stability in curve.
With its 23 horses announced with the crankshaft, the engine of Honda CRF250L is not the lightning of war. As a result, in the sinuous one, one plays of the box to remain on the positive ratio, which is not a problem for ordering of clutch is pleasant and the precise selection.
Protection from the top of body is summary, the plate headlight which plays only one aesthetic part. On the other hand, the prominent scoops shelter the knees of side turbulences. The saddle offers very good fondant and its width is pleasant.
The passenger is much less better parceled out, with a base minimalist and footrests particularly badly Positioned. Whatever its size, its tiny feet will come fatally to the meeting from the calves from the pilot.

Test Honda CRF250L: The general-purpose trail road/enduro with sauce Thai

True small Enduro leisure

After a short passage on the tracks going along the saline ones of the Passage of Gois (85), we arrive at the EC2M to measure the aptitudes of Honda CRF 250 L in enduro. Cross-country race/the enduro flying school of Michel Merel, classified Site of Sporting Excellence by FM, could seem a hair too much for a little ladies general-purpose trail. But the layout which booked to us the ex-pilot of Paris-Dakar (that goes up!) proves to be accessible and rich in lesson.
Small Honda shows itself with its ease on the ground strewn with stones, sandy by places, with passages wet or strewn with high grasses. It is certainly not a machine of competition, but thanks to its lightness, its pneumatic tires mixed and the quality of its suspensions, Honda CRF250L passes everywhere with the honors. Obviously, fork and shock absorber sometimes miss firmness, but for an amateur, the services are more than honorable.

Test Honda CRF250L: The general-purpose trail road/enduro with sauce Thai

Assessment: A trail enduro 250 which gains with being known!

Honda CRF250L is a model with world vocation, produced in Thailand for the markets of the South-East Asia where it should carry out in its best scores. In France, Honda counts on a volume of sales located between 150 and 200 units at the year. It is little! Nevertheless, taking into account weak of interest that the small-engine cars cause on our premises (but in regular growth), one easily understands it.

Test Honda CRF250L: The general-purpose trail road/enduro with sauce Thai

However, as revealed the certain discussions of the forum Motorcycle-Station, the “exotic” markets swarm with motorcycles of less than 500 Cm3, in all the kinds. But if he trusts the mathematical logical relentless of the sales figures, Europe is fond of delicacies only of big-engine cars… Damage, because among the light, economic and general-purpose motorcycles (short all spirit XL or XR), Honda CRF250L does not miss arguments.

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