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Test Gas Gas EC 300 Racing 2013


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When one quotes Gas Gas, one thinks naturally of the motor bikes of enduro 2-time. Aiming for two years, there has been one amongst the new Spanish but with the little development that involves a range 4-time. For 2013, the Catalan firm provides us an additional promising innovation a 300 4-time.  This Gas Gas EC 300 Racing 2013, we precisely have just tested it only for you… action!

Test Gas Gas EC 300 F Racing 2013: The excursion-enduro 4-time according to Gas Gas

“The motor bike under test is the one that says if you want it, you take it. There is time strapped Gas Gas EC 300 F Racing 2013 all new in the pool that appears as an innovation that intends to make fire for one day of ground Ceruse enduro. Job seems not so very easy…
This 300 4-time is the very last arrival in the range Enduro Gas Gas 2013. To make this Gas Gas EC 300 easy it appears as a frame house in which Spanish’s adapted one-cylinder 5 valves of Yamaha WR 250 F (5 valves), packed of a kit rolls. It was made possible in Gas Gas EC 300 Racing 2013 to increase the cubic capacity to 300 Cm3.

Test Gas Gas EC 300 F Racing 2013: The excursion-enduro 4-time according to Gas Gas

Beautiful Spanish

And Gas Gas is too pretty as well! By making the turn, one finds full details to give the smile to the endurists. One can even say that it is equipped better than certain competitors on observing the Excel rims, hubs and oscillating arms painted in black, machined t-pieces of fork, protect-hands, protect-tallies, broad footrests, Ohlin’s shock absorber, driving shoe, draw-axis of wheels… nothing is not left, if it is not a rapid access with the air filter.
It is noted here that the “ears” of protection, of each coast of the shoe, are prolongations of the framework. Aesthetically that can shock, but in action, they offer the advantage of protecting the motor casings during the falls.

Test Gas Gas EC 300 F Racing 2013: The excursion-enduro 4-time according to Gas Gas

One will not be able to reproach the large thing in this bike and it is not all of the same shape of the tank which goes up very high. By taking its handlebar, several things are felt quite rapidly. First of all, it is yet high of saddle the Spanish one, and the cockpit is with .the approval, just like the footrests.
It is obvious that it seems necessary to take its marks on Gas. If the position offered is thus not natural then his niche on board however will be found just a little diverting the very first, the times. At least, Gas Gas EC 300 Racing 2013 is not too broad and comes to be placed naturally between the knees.


Test Gas Gas EC 300 F Racing 2013: The excursion-enduro 4-time according to Gas Gas

Stable but not very handy

Side frame and the suspensions are shown rather firm. For comfort it seems much better. But, to have rolled there is little with Gas Gas for its being a little less advanced in this particular manner. Before that, it does not escape without shouting station; the reading of the ground appeared was quite good. In stones and the roots, this motor bike does not generate nasty reactions. The unit granted the stability of setting on this motorcycle. However, a shock absorber is a more effective here that would be welcomed, the aft wheel tends sometimes to lose adherence while hanging up again thereafter with difficulty.
As one had an intuition of it while going up in saddle, Gas Gas EC 300 Racing 2013 is high. But the positive point for Gas Gas EC 300 Racing 2013 is that it can swallow many obstacles without making touch the shoe. On the other hand, when it is necessary to push with the legs, one can find himself this time a little short… One cannot have all! But where Gas Gas EC 300 shows its gaps, it is when one needs promptness, in the slaloms or into special. Indeed, its centre of gravity appears unquestionably too high to us – one has difficulty transferring – and the high cockpit – that is certainly comfortable to roll upright – it does not help to take angle. Side breaking, on the other hand, leads nothing to repeat: it is very good.

Test Gas Gas EC 300 F Racing 2013: The excursion-enduro 4-time according to Gas Gas

A solid engine

The engine of this motorbike doesn’t makes bad of noise too. The fact is that the starting appears quite good: Gas Gas EC 300 F gets under way pressure on the starter and easily at the kick. Undeniably, this engine reveals more force than the 250 model, from which it is derived even if its behavior remains close. As a result, if one serves fewer clutches, one should not hesitate to make and use the whip on mechanics to obtain the best.
It is with bottom and semi modes that one feels more the 50 additional Cm3. With the blow of piston at very low mode consideration appears all the same, which can always surprise and make fix. When the mid–modes are hung, the mill blows with force and is effective, and then he carries on his way with an interesting lengthening-piece. If the Japanese block receives an ordering of fluid clutch, one must admit that this did not convince us. Feeling of being a little too approximate, there is a little evil to play of the blows of trigger to pull up or jump in front of a difficulty.

Test Gas Gas EC 300 F Racing 2013: The excursion-enduro 4-time according to Gas Gas

Assessment: A hiker to be optimized

As a whole, there remain a few points to sparkle on this new motorcycle. Details which, put end to end, can be proved awkward for the pilot. But one appreciates the effectiveness of the fork – which will become a little more comfortable with time – and the stability of the unit. The engine is also accessible, offering a broad beach of use with small more an engine of 250 Cm3. There remains only the feeling of the clutch to be re-examined. And favors recognized mill Yamaha WR-F: it is reliable.

Test Gas Gas EC 300 F Racing 2013: The excursion-enduro 4-time according to Gas Gas

et us be very very clear: Gas Gas EC 300 F will not be the ultimate weapon to go quickly into special. But to cut way in excursion mode, this new Spanish motor bike of enduro does not miss any specific qualities. With a convincing list of equipment, Gas Gas EC 300 F Racing is available to the tariff of 8,690 € (at the 10/20/12), which appears as the least expensive motor bikes of this category. And for those which have certain interests, the motor bike of our test is on sale at Atomic Motor bike with a preferential rate.

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