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Test BMW F800GT: Great light Tourism


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Without making noise, BMW most renewed road of F800: in 2013, the F800ST gives up its seat to the new BMW F800GT. A careen-age which is lengthened, a part cycles which evolves slightly, and of new options and electronic assistance… All will that be enough to offer this to the 2013 BMW innovation success it deserves which?

Test BMW F800GT: Great light Tourism

Impetuses in 2006, BMW F800S and F800ST never really found their public, in spite of undeniable qualities and a beautiful will of opening on behalf of BMW. With 119 specimens sold in 2012 against 864 F800R and 509 F800GS, the F800ST clearly to it stage coach missed.
Today, it makes – 2° C, I am with the orders of the new BMW F800GT, and I find him a beautiful versatility, frankly optimized compared to his elder. Taking into account the weather conditions, the BMW news demerit not.
Sheltered behind the careen-age, I adjust have a very effective optional heating handles to the maximum, I return the feet, I find the good position on the saddle Comfort (also in option): I could cut the road towards the large Far North at speed V so much the directional stability proves to be free from criticism.

Test BMW F800GT: Great light Tourism

Wrap GT, cuts roadster

In theory, name GT is synonymous with big-engine car, gauge of steamer and gigantic weight. In the case of the BMW F800GT, BMW modified the BMW F800ST to offer a more comfortable position, a higher protection, a more velvety engine and a polished behavior to him. In its orange dress, the GT has a pace classical and more dynamic than ST
The round careen-age is rather harmonious, even if he points out old the Sport GT. The gauge contained of the BMW F800GT competes with that of Honda CBF 1000 F for example. One appreciates the superb one in addition will monograms out of aluminum and the secondary transmission by belt. Rather resting, ergonomics points out a roadster, with a broad handlebar and almost dish.

Test BMW F800GT: Great light Tourism

The saddle Comfort – to 820 mm of the ground – remains sufficiently narrow not to obstruct the average gauges: with a small 70meter, one manages to pose a foot flat on the ground. The standard saddle to 800 mm will make the access even easier.
The parallel twin-cylinder of 798 Cm3 diffuses a known sonority: F800R, F800GS, F700GS are equipped with it. The catch in hand is carried out without concern: the orders are soft, the control units with the Japanese standard, the BMW F800GT directs sufficiently well. At most one finds this a little firm selection under 3 000 tr/min.
The shock absorber of direction does not slow down the handlebar during the operations. Deprived of adjustment, it is sufficiently discrete of everyday usage. And taking into account the lengthened footing of the BMW F800GT, it is also useful only on the BMW F800S, more unsteady on the bumps.
The vice of circulation is tightened and the cousin BMW R1200RT who precedes me cannot pass any more, blocked by her bulky careen-age. I wait as good gentlemen without hooting, whereas the F800G would have largely the place to thread. With red light, I remain the hands posed on the handles, signs that the support is not awkward: an asset for the urban motorcyclists.

Test BMW F800GT: Great light Tourism

A wise but sufficient power

On the motorways peril-, it is necessary to compose with a flow of changing traffic, of the drivers in a hurry and agitated, of the radars automatic placed “for your security”… and BMW F800GT combines agility and stability and made watch of healthy qualities to express itself in this environment. The operations of avoidance or the goings beyond flash clarify the high degree of accuracy of the frame.
Admittedly, the BMW F800GT requires more arm or thighs that the F800R and F700GS to be placed firmly at the place wanted on the roadway. Angle of the more open steering column and the weight all full facts higher (15.4 kg more than the F800R) of it are partly responsible.
On the other hand, one appreciates the vibrations from now on contained and the cream of the engine, more conciliatory than that of F800GS, between 3,500 and 7 500 tr/min. The useful beach of this twin-cylinder is thus rather vast, with flexibility in bottom and a lengthening-piece more than sufficient.
We however remained on our hunger on the level of promptness with mid–mode or acceleration. The 90 horses are more to classify like useful fun. It is especially a question of feelings, because side approval of solo use and current, one exceeds without sorrow in sixth, even on secondary road.

Test BMW F800GT: Great light Tourism

An irreproachable road behavior

Arrived on bad coating, the optional ESA on the mode Comfort, to benefit from history the best deadened. Even if the system is shown less sensitive than on a BMW R1200RT, the modification of hydraulics allows the F800GT to remain comfortable in all circumstances. Who more is, the small road one of BMW is played of the sinuous one: precise direction, handling in impeccable curve, facilitated placement and Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact, which proved its qualities during our test tires Sport GT, assembles origin from there.
In fast control, the BMW F800GT is not divided, and its relative lightness will give balsam in the middle in the alpine collars. Equipped with the ABS of series, braking is above any reproach. Even the rebound in the pedal is not awkward: it occurs tardily, authorizing serious decelerations upstream of the release of the anti-locking one.

Test BMW F800GT: Great light Tourism

And then, with the wire of the changes of route, one always ends up taking again an end of motorway. There, one would have liked to be able to go up the bubble after a good meeting of turns in low position. But not: it will be necessary to make with and it is damage because certain gauges will not find their account there.
It is all the more regrettable as total comfort is to go with: position, saddles pleasant, few vibrations, there is what to endure the kilometers of rectilinear ribbon. And taking into account the appetite of bird of the engine, which consumes seldom more than 6.5 l/100 km, the 15 liters of the tank placed under the saddle authorizes an autonomy visitant the 300 kilometers.

Test BMW F800GT: Great light Tourism

Assessment: A cocktail to be enjoyed without moderation

Without starting the agitation of a GT barded of technology or equipped with a very expressive engine, BMW F800GT achieves with brilliance all the missions that one proposes to him. It is a motorcycle full with “sober” qualities, which make a machine attaching the daily newspaper to it, sufficiently powerful, but which does not give the shiver on a simple acceleration.
It is true a sport GT, proposing a remarkable versatility: city, road, motorway, sporting use, it can do everything and the fact well. A concept which is done finally rare, manufacturers betting more and more on expressive models, developing, but with the more limited versatility.

Test BMW F800GT: Great light Tourism

Side rate, the news BMW F800GT 2013 begins with 10 550 €, but climbs with 11 910 € for our motorcycle full options (pack comfort, security, saddle comfort, indicators with LED).

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