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Rocket 3 GT 2019 Triumph Naked Bike Review Price Specs

The new Rocket 3 GT 2019 Triumph Naked Bike is among those authentic motorcycles famous for their astonishing performance and fabulous presence. Incredible comfort and superb cruiser riding attitude are prominent features that make it better than many other bikes available in the market with the same line-up.

It is one of the class-leading riding experiences with the largest engine capacity ever seen on the production motorcycle. It has unparalleled world-leading torque figures and has terrific 71% higher than the closed competition and has an incredibly flat and rick torque curve that reaches a peak of 4,000 rpm and it holds maximum torque through the mid-range to deliver an effortless acceleration.

The Triumph Rocket 3 GT features a peak power of 165 HP at 6,000 rpm, which is about 11% higher than the 2018 Triumph Rocket 3 GT Naked Motorcycle. The new Rocket 3 GT ensures thrill riding pleasure with more power from a low 3,500 rpm and up to the new higher redline of 7,000 rpm. The motorcycle comes with advanced technology and the highest level of specification ever seen on Rocket. The full review of Rocket 3 GT 2019 Triumph Naked Bike with its price and specification is given below.

Rocket 3 GT 2019 Triumph Naked Bike – Price and Features

Rocket 3 GT 2019 Triumph Naked Bike

The new Rocket 3 GT 2019 Triumph Naked Bike is available at $22,600 only.


The new Rocket 3 GT 2019 comes with a 2,500cc triple, the world’s largest production bike engine. It is specially optimized to deliver 18 kg mass saving over the previous 2018 Triumph Rocket 3 GT. It ensures thrilling performance all day long with effortless touring capabilities. Thanks to the maximum torque of 221 Nm, the motorcycle is the ultimate muscle roadster built to go even further, plus it tour with even comfort. It is the world’s highest torque of the production bike, delivered across the entire rev range in one smooth and seamless flow. The fantastic combination of the engine power, torque delivery and advanced chassis set-up of the Rocket 3 GT offers an incredible acceleration and unparalleled performance.

Rocket 3 GT 2019 Triumph Naked Bike


The new Rocket 3 GT 2019 Triumph Naked Motorcycle is built to impress within an instant. Its overall appearance is highlighted with clean flowing lines, an unmistakable silhouette and a distinctive muscular stance. The dominating appearance of the World’s Largest Production motorcycle engine is accentuated with the host of signature design features. It contributes to the beautiful machine with dynamic and high-performance roadster capability.

The motorcycle has got an attractive and distinctive twin full LED headlight, including beautiful Triumph Maker’s triangle branding, where local legislation allows the bike to runs Triumph’s signature style LED Daytime Running Light (DRL). An all-new sculpted three-header exhaust is a signature style headlight. The new Triple Header setup is carefully and extremely innovatively engineered to ensure perfect exhaust routing. It flows from the header into the combined cat box and onto the triple-exit muffler.

All-new lightweight multi-spoke cast-aluminum wheels deliver a stunning contemporary design. The Triumph Rocket 3 GT displays exposed machining on both rim and spokes. An all-new Avon Cobra Chrome tires have been designed especially to ensure muscular appearance and incredible riding pleasure. These tires come with superb detailing and they contain tread patterns on the front and rear developed for both exceptional grip and great mileage. An all-new clean and compact minimal rear end of the new Rocket 3 GT has a beautifully engineered single-sided swingarm with offset mono-shock suspension that has high-valve finishing on the bevel box and an aluminum rear license plate hanger.

The overall style is further highlighted with the stylish custom look with internally wired handlebars that helps create the motorcycle’s muscular feel and commanding riding position. The Rocket 3 GT models have more laid back and touring-oriented handlebars to gain maximum comfort and control during the ride. The new sculpted rider and pillion saddle come with the cast aluminum finishers under the seat and it creates a superb flowing line through the bike. The overall setup of the Rocket 3 GT has been designed to change from twin to single seat easily and the addition of the optional accessory infill pad enhances the single-seat looks.

Additionally, it features a touring rider and pillion seat setup with a low seat height of 29.53 inches and it benefits from the brushed aluminum pillion backrest as standard. The motorcycle has adjustable ergonomics to deliver maximum comfort for every rider. It provides feet forward foot controls with three horizontal position settings and a height-adjustable pillion backrest. The motorcycle benefits from the class-defining level of finish and detailing contributing to its magnificent style. The beautiful features include;

  • Triumph’s Signature Design DNA
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Tank Strap
  • Monza-Style Coolant
  • Brushed Exhaust Heat Shields
  • Hidden Folding Pillion Footrests

Rocket 3 GT 2019 Triumph Naked Bike


The new Rocket 3 GT 2019 Triumph Naked Bike is known for its easy handling characteristics. It features premium brake and suspension components that include state-of-the-art ride-enhancing technology and it has been designed to deliver unbelievable handling and superior comfort. Every element on the Rocket 3 GT has been designed to provide an unparalleled new riding experience level. The new Rocket 3 GT provided an extraordinarily dynamic and engaging ride built significantly to expand the riding perception of how well the performance of muscle roadster can handle and how comfortable a ride can be. The Rocket 3 GT features high equipment specifications combined with the new electronic cruise control system being fitted as standard to reduce rider fatigue on longer journeys.


The new Rocket 3 GT 2019 Triumph Naked Bike comes with the latest and specially designed frame that features a forward-facing air intake with the premium cast and forged components. The engineers have used the engine as a stressed member in a frame, which saves the overall weight of 88.18 pounds, making it more than 15% lighter than the previous Rocket offering the new generation with an incredible torque-to-weight ratio.

The new Rocket 3 GT contains a fully adjustable Showa mono-shock rear suspension unit with piggyback reservoir and 1.85 inches of adjustable Showa front forks to deliver superior riding comfort, exceptional handling and touring capability. The braking system features the highest available specification Brembo Stylema calipers. They are lightweight, extremely compact and beautifully-sculpted high-performing calipers that have smaller volumes around the piston and brake pads that reducing the internal space occupied by brake fluid to deliver the more significant braking response. Additionally, this design helps increase airflow around the brake pads that allow the calipers to cook quickly for a more excellent performance.


The new Rocket 3 GT 2019 Triumph Naked Bike features the state-of-the-art full-color 2nd generation TFT instrumentation that transforms the functionality and riding experience. The stylish minimal design has two vibrant information layout design themes, which can be tailored, including an exceptional feature that allows the rider to personalize the start-up screen message with their name. The instrument angle is adjustable to ensure optimum visibility for riders of different height. Onscreen information is easily measured via the all-new illuminated switch cubes and five-way joystick.

Rocket 3 GT 2019 Triumph Naked Bike

The motorcycle comes with the state-of-the-art technology feature to ensure active rider safety with the help of optimized cornering ABS and Traction Control to deliver enhanced stability and improved straight-line and cornering acceleration. An Inertial Measurement Unit further supports the cornering functionality from Continental that enables an appropriate ABS and Traction Control response by evaluating roll, yaw, pitch and acceleration rates to calculate lean angle continuously.

The new Rocket 3 GT 2019 Triumph Naked Bike is available with four riding modes including Road, Rain, Sport, and Rider-Configurable riding modes, which adjust the throttle map and traction control. These settings suit rider preference and riding conditions and they can be easily changed via the intuitive illuminated switch cubes.

Moreover, the motorcycle features a distinctive twin LED headlight to ensure maximum visibility and has signature shaped Daytime Running Lights. Also, LED indicators, rear light and license plate light offer maximum performance, durability and power efficiency. Another impressive feature is the hill hold control that prevents the motorcycle from rolling backward to ensure greater rider confidence and full control. This system applies the rear brake until sensing the rider starts to move off and is activated using the front brake lever. The feature is switchable via the bike setup menu. One more convenient part that comes standard in the Rocket 3 GT is the proximity of the owner’s keyless fob to enable ignition via the start button. In addition to security, it allows the fob to be disabled anytime for even more peace of mind.

Rocket 3 GT 2019 Triumph Naked Bike

Rocket 3 GT 2019 Triumph Naked Bike – Technical Specifications

Engine & Transmission

Type Inline, 3-cylinder, water-cooled, DOHC
Capacity 2458cc
Bore 110.2
Stroke 85.9
Compression 10.8:1
Max Power EC 165 HP (123 kW) at 6,000vrpm
Max Torque EC 163 LB-FT at 4,000 rpm
System Ride-by-Wire, fuel injected
Exhaust Stainless 3-into-1 headers including three exit silencer / CAT box
Final Drive Shaft, bevel box
Clutch Wet, multi-plate hydraulically operated, torque assist
Gearbox 6-speed

Rocket 3 GT 2019 Triumph Naked Bike Specs


Frame Full aluminum frame
Swingarm Single-sided, cast aluminum
Front Wheel 17 x 3.5inches cast aluminum
Rear Wheel 16 x 7.5inches cast aluminum
Front Tire 150/80 R17 V
Rear Tire 240/50 R16 V
Front Suspension Showa 47 mm of upside-down 1 1 cartridge front forks, compression, and rebound adjuster, 4.7 inches (120mm) travel.
Rear Suspension Fully adjustable Showa piggyback reservoir RSU with remote hydraulic preload adjuster, 4.2 inches (107mm) rear-wheel travel.
Front Brakes Dual 320 mm of discs, Brembo M4.30 Stylema® 4-piston radial monobloc calipers, Cornering ABS
Rear Brakes Single 300 mm of disc, Brembo M4.32 4-piston monobloc caliper, Cornering ABS as standard
Instrument Display and Functions All-new TFT multi-functional instrument pack including new digital speedometer, a trip computer, digital tachometer, gear position indicator, fuel gauge, ambient temperature, service indicator, clock and rider modes (Rain/Road/Sport/Rider-configurable) – Triumph TFT Connectivity System can be added including accessory fitted Bluetooth module

Dimensions & Weights

Handlebars Width 34.8 inches (886mm)
Height Without Mirror 42 inches (1066 mm)
Seat Height 29.5 inches (750mm)
Wheelbase 66 inches (1677mm)
Rake 27.9-degree
Trail 5.3 inches (134.9mm)
Dry Weight 648.2lb (294kg)
Tank Capacity 4.8 US gal

Rocket 3 GT 2019 Triumph Naked Bike Specs

Fuel Consumption

Fuel Consumption 6.82 l/100km (32.43 MPG)
CO2 Figures EURO 5 Standard: 158g/km

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