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Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Review of KTM 1290 Super Duke GT 2017 Super Tourer


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KTM is not only the Best Dirt Bike Brand in the World, but it is providing some of the best sports bikes also. This year KTM Brand has launched KTM 1290 Super Duke GT 2017 super tourer. This bike is one of the best sports bikes of this brand. The engine is perfectly responsive, superb electronics, start-of-the-art ergonomics and extreme stamina. This bike features the V-twin engine that provides powerful roar and offers the best riding experience. Here is the review of KTM 1290 Super Duke GT 2017 super tourer along with the specification. This bike simply gives refinement, comfort, speed and final performance rule.

KTM 1290 Super Duke GT 2017 Super Tourer

KTM 1290 Super Duke GT 2017 Super Tourer – Specification and Pictures

Limitless Power, Bottomless Grunt

The newly launched KTM 1290 Super Duke GT 2017 super tourer features 1,301 cc engine, due to which they call it “The Beast”. This engine delivers the powerful punch for fully loaded tours; it gives massive torque and best gear shifting experience. It has newly designed cylinder and new cylinder head and crankshaft to provide an ultimate performance. This bike gives the power of 173 Horsepower with 114 Nm of torque, of which 114 Nm is already available at 3.250 rpm. This bike uses cutting-edge four-valve cylinder heads that combine with the twin-plug ignition, flow-optimized ports and the slick. New low-friction valve trains are combined with the cams from each cylinders twin-overhead camshaft driving DLC-coated cam followers. The new forged piston structure gives high loading capacity. They have extremely short and lightweight design. These disks are three millimetres larger than the 1190 RC8 R model, but the Pistons are this new model is 47 grammes lighter. So weight is minimised, and responsiveness and frivolous nature of engine are maximised. These new state-of-the-art and hard-anodized finish Pistons not only reduces friction but they have a positive impact on durability as well. It also helps for electronic sensors and it activates the throttle valves accordingly using the servo motors. It electronically translates the throttle commands from the rider into the optimum throttle valve positions of the current riding situation. The new slipper clutch opens when the back-torque of the engine becomes too high. It also contributions when rider opens the throttle. It also prevents destabilising the rear wheel chatter due to sudden brake. The EFI mapping efficiently transfers the power with little vibration, and it reduces the engine noise. It increases the smoothness of power train. The responsiveness and free-revving nature of this sports bike are due to the low reciprocating weight of its crankshaft. The flow-optimizes shape of the crank webs boosts the low-loss running of the crank drive. The new exhaust system is entirely made from the rustproof stainless steel and has EURO four homologated. This system is using new exhaust flap that contributes in smooth torque curve and first emission valves of the power twin-cylinder. The new twin-plug ignition system controls the two differently sized spark plugs in each cylinder heads. These cylinders heads are independent of each other and offer more efficient combustion and smoother, optimally controlled combustion. It features better and controlled power, lower fuel consumption and lower emissions.

Terrific Touring Stamina

This bike features 23 litres of a long range fuel tank. This bike features low consumption of 1290 engine which provides long and exciting riding. The fuel tank is excellently engineered so that it protects the lower body to a rider to protect from wind and weather. The standard cruise control provides an excellent experience of the long journey. Switched to the throttle grip and display on the VDO cockpit unit lets the rider to set and change the requested speed. The windshield gives the maximum protection to the rider. Moreover, its height can be adjusted with only one hand. Different mountings of the windshield bracket let the rider for a wider spread of possible positions. The bike is fitted with the heated grips. The panniers can be easily mounted to the integrated mounting system while maintaining the sporty and unique look of the motorcycle. This pannier can be instantly removed. The new KTM 1290 Super Duke GT 2017 super tourer is equipped with the race-derived quick shifter. It let the rider comfortable upshifting without using the clutch, which gains precious time that would otherwise be wasted in closing the throttle. This bike features unique and high-quality components combined with the fully developed engine. This engine gives long service intervals of 15,000 km.

KTM 1290 Super Duke GT 2017 Super Tourer Engine

Safe Travels

The newly launched KTM 1290 Super Duke GT 2017 super tourer comes with the safe deceleration. It features comprehensive Bosch MSC assistance package is the world’s first lean-angle sensitive cornering ABS. The new and high-quality 9ME modulator unites the talents of combined braking and lightning quick, efficient pressure modulation with the high-quality BREMBO hardware. When the front brake lever of the bike is applied, the rear brake is always applied purposefully to optimise the ride stability. It can be placed in Supermoto mode as well. The Supermoto mode lets the rider to block the rear wheel when required. The ABS function remains active on the front wheel in this mode as well. The Motorcycle Traction Control (MTC) with the lean-angle sensitive traction control system response immediately if the rear wheel is not proportion to the riding situation. This MTC smoothly reduces engine output in milliseconds, until the system has reduced slippage to optimum proportions for selected ride mode. MTC allows different levels of traction slip for various riding styles. In “Street” mode it is more than in “Rain” mode, while slight power sliders are allowed when exiting curves in “Sport” mode. Rider just has to concentrate on riding and leave the rest on this system. For those riders who want to enjoy free rider without any electronic assistance, the traction control can also be switched off. The new Automatic Turn Indicator Reset (ATIR) turn indicator will stop automatically after 10 seconds of movement and 150 meters of riding distance. If it is pressed Meanwhile, the will again count from zero. The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) monitors the tire pressure and alerts the rider in case of any pressure loss. It shows the tire pressure on display as well. This bike features LED cornering lights, which are integrated into the fuel tank. These cornering lights consist up of three segments positioned on the left and right of a fuel tank. Depending on the lean angle, the KTM cornering light uses up to all three sections; it offers the rider to have a perfect view. The optional Motor Slip Regulation (MSR) works in the opposite direction to the MTC. If the engine drag torque becomes too high, the rider-by-wire system opens the throttle exactly as much as is needed to prevent the rear wheel from drifting. This system is also lean-angle sensitive, thanks to MSC. The new and optional Hill Hold Control (HHC) prevents the bike from accidently rolling backwards. It suddenly applies brakes when it identifies that the motorcycle is moving back.

First-Class Handling

The newly launched KTM 1290 Super Duke GT 2017 super tourer features innovative WP semi-active suspension system that offers the new level of comfort and safety in motorcycle riding. The rider can select three spectrums of use i.e. “Comfort”, “Street” and “Sport”. The new Suspension Control Unit (SCU) adapts the damping rates based on the information provides by the set of stroke sensors and accelerometers. It also detects the vehicle load and makes the suspension suited for different weight. The front wheel features two radially attached BREMBO M50 four-piston Monoblock callipers with the floating discs of 320 mm. The space between handbrake lever and the handlebar is carefully adjusted so that rider can easily reach the brake. The front brake has the best support of disc brake on the rear wheel, featuring disc diameter of 240 mm with two-piston BREMBO calliper. The anti-braking system boosts the performance of the braking regime of the bike. The ABS work well even in Supermoto mode as well. The new laser-cut, chrome-molybdenum steel trellis frame is welded with the highest standard, offers the best chassis geometry. It only weighs about 9.8 kg. The Pirelli Angel GT’s on this new KTM 1290 Super Duke GT 2017 offers the best grip range and fantastic stability. The new tubeless sports tires are used on this bike; they are manufactured in the low-pressure die casting process. The new single-sided swingarm gives the best performance and is beautiful and light in weight. The rear wheel is fitted to the axle that is 50 mm in diameter and is bolted in place with the 60 mm central wheel nut. The high-precision, an eccentric adjuster, is used for tensioning the chain. This bike provides a reliable and sensitive WP steering damper.

KTM 1290 Super Duke GT 2017 Super Tourer

Control is Key

This new KTM 1290 Super Duke GT 2017 super tourer bike comes with the new performance standards. It features 173 horsepower engine. It weighs only 228 kg with fully fueled. The dynamics and ergonomics are mind stunning. The chassis is lightweight and has excellent geometry and suspension. The bike features improved ergonomics, lower foot pegs and bigger fuel tank to maximise the comfort of rider and passenger. The seat height is carefully adjusted containing the new seat foam. The handlebar can be adjusted in four positions for better control. The dashboard gives all the necessary information on the state-of-the-art clearly arranged instrument cluster for automotive manufacturer VDO. Core data is displayed on the central gauge that contains an analogue rev counter with integrated, adjustable gearshift light and LCD. This display has the digital speedometer with the digital clock, gear indicator and fuel level plus the display for the selected riding mode. The second LCD is positioned to the left of the central instrument that delivers relevant information right in front of the rider. There is a menu switch on the left handlebar grip that can be used to select the different riding modes with the help of switch.

KTM 1290 Super Duke GT 2017 Super Tourer – Specs


KTM 1290 Super Duke GT 2017 Super Tourer Specs

Design 2-cylinder, 4-stroke, V 75°
Displacement 1301 cm³
Bore 108 mm
Stroke 71 mm
Power in KW 127 kW
Starter Electric starter
Lubrication Forced oil lubrication with three oil pumps
Transmission 6-speed
Primary Drive 40:79
Secondary Gear Ratio 17:38
Cooling Liquid cooled
Clutch PASC (TM) slipper clutch, hydraulically actuated
EMS Keihin EMS with RBW, twin ignition


KTM 1290 Super Duke GT 2017 Super Tourer Specs

Frame Design Chromium-Molybdenum Steel trellis frame, powder coated
Front Suspension WP Semi-active suspension USD Ø 48 mm
Rear Suspension WP Semi-active suspension mono-shock
Suspension Travel (Front) 125 mm
Suspension Travel (Rear) 156 mm
Front Brake 2 x BREMBO monoblock four-piston radial fixed calliper, Floating brake discs
Rear Brake BREMBO twin-piston fixed calliper, brake disc
Front Brake Disc Diameter 320 mm
Rear Brake Disc Diameter 240 mm
ABS Bosch 9ME Combined ABS (inc. cornering ABS and Supermoto mode, disengage-able)
Chain X-Ring 5/8 x 5/16.”
Steering Head Angle 65.1 °
Wheelbase 1482 ± 15 mm
Ground Clearance 140 mm
Seat height 835 mm
Tank Capacity 23 liters
Dry Weight 205 kg

KTM 1290 Super Duke GT 2017 Super Tourer Specs

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