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Raptor 700 Yamaha 2021 Sports ATV Review Price Specs

The new Raptor 700 Yamaha 2021 Sports ATV, based on the famous R model, provides large-bore performance for budget-conscious enthusiasts.

Raptor 700 Yamaha 2021 Sports ATV – Features and Price

Raptor 700 Yamaha 2021 Sports ATV

Top Features

The Raptor 700’s aggressive design makes it seem as threatening as it is. Whether it’s for the dunes, the trails, or the track, the powerful Raptor 700 is ready to go. This large bore sport ATV is powered by our most potent 686cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected Raptor engine ever, producing enormous torque right off the line, moving into a fat mid-range and monster top-end.

The Raptor 700 comes equipped with immense power and is lightweight, a combination that makes any ATV rider pay note. This combination of a hybrid steel aluminum frame, Controlled-Fill aluminum sub-frame, and cast aluminum swingarm results in the strongest and lightest ATV in its class. The twin counterbalancers, electric starter, and reverse make things nice and civilized when they’re required, but when it’s time to draw the trigger, the large bore Raptor 700 stands tall.

The Raptor 700’s YFZ-inspired handling is fantastic to see when tearing through the woods. The trail bumps are smoothed out thanks to the 9.1 inches of front travel and 10.1 inches of rear travel while the rider maintains control. This bike must be experienced to be genuinely understood, with its mix of power, good handling, and excellent suspension.

Engine Features

The 686cc engine’s forged lightweight piston, connecting rod, and crankshaft are light and robust for a hard-hitting, quick-revving motor that revs to 9000 rpm while being kept smooth by twin counterbalancers.

In various situations, altitudes, and temperatures, the Yamaha Fuel Injection (YFI) delivers consistent and outstanding engine performance. For consistent performance and excellent throttle response, the digital TCI with a 32-bit electronic control unit regulates fuel injection and ignition systems. Electric start with a press of a button in any gear adds to the convenience.

With the Raptor 700’s enormous powerband and race-bred five-speed gearbox with reverse, there’s a gear for almost any scenario. The heavy-duty clutch includes a strong basket and plates intended to harness the power, while the YZ-spec ratchet shifter guarantees smooth, resistance-free shifting under authority. A tool-free air filter and an easy-to-reach oil filter add to the convenience.

Chassis/Suspension Features

The cutting-edge chassis has a steel front tube and a YZ-style piggyback rear shock with preload adjustability and 10.1-inch wheel travel. Front disc brakes with dual aluminum pistons provide excellent stopping force. Drilled discs assist decrease unsprung weight for better suspension compliance, while a twin-piston rear brake offers optimum stopping force.

With a specifically developed tread pattern, high-performance front 22×10-9 and rear 20×10-9 Maxxis® tires provide excellent, class-leading traction for razor-sharp handling in various terrain and situations. Aluminum wheels are lightweight and assist in improving suspension performance by decreasing unsprung weight.

Serrated 45mm footpegs, inspired by racetracks, offer exceptional boot traction. The lightweight Controlled-Fill aluminum subframe and composite front grip bar are both robust and light.

Raptor 700 Yamaha 2021 Sports ATV

Additional Features

With excellent sport-riding ergonomics, the long, YZ-style seat provides maximum rider comfort and mobility. Set back in the front cowl, multi-reflector 30-watt Krypton headlights offer the ideal, no-compromises sporty flair, and an LED taillight provides excellent visibility.

More time on the trail between fill-ups thanks to the large-capacity 2.9-gallon gasoline tank with Yamaha Fuel Injection (YFI). The smooth-shaped thumb throttle lever provides a comfortable feel for riders, reducing tiredness at the end of the day, while the handlebar-attached flip-type parking brake lever is easy to operate. The Raptor 700 is Yamaha Diagnostic Tool-ready for enhanced serviceability. The Raptor 700 is proudly made in the United States.

Raptor 700 Yamaha 2021 Sports ATV – Price

The new Raptor 700 Yamaha 2021 Sports ATV is available at $8,499 in Armor Gray color option.

Raptor 700 Yamaha 2021 Sports AT

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